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  1. They interviewed trump today and he said it hasn't been decided if hes inviting the team to the white house.
  2. Trump talking about he doesn't know if hes inviting them to the white house as if they wouldn't decline if he did lol!
  3. Are you a better board than this one?
  4. Sad. But most Americans can't point out most of the continental states on a map.
  5. Haha i forgot about that! Now that little girl was humongous!
  6. I was so excited all week that i was getting off work @3pm today. Was gonna have hours of daylight with my kid today which is rare since working so much. But my mom is off somewhere with her and im home by myself. Sitting here crying. I dont wanna BE that person and demand she bring Madison back. Next time i guess ill have to remember to say something.
  7. Where was race mentioned? FAIL Arent there some more elementary kids out there you can diss? I think theres schools on fb. Go have fun.
  8. How when i said nothing about race. If anything it was nationalistic
  9. Youre fucking hilarious
  10. Isnt there some kind of powder i can use?
  11. Why would i give my address to stillme when shes nothing but nasty to me? I never gave her my address ever because buddy already did. Now you guys can add nasty liars to your horribleness. Now you are sitting here soliciting for more addresses and im reporting it!
  12. But i didn't have time to find socks this morning and my feet feel amazing wtf lol
  13. @little_girl_lost Here is buddy bragging about giving out my address in order to harm my kid.
  14. Wrong buddy did and he even bragged about it and stillme confirmed she got my address from buddy
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