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  1. Its coming in the mail today. Im going to get it and come back tonite lol
  2. I lost my license and the waitress has refused to serve me alcohol. I NEED A FUCKING DRINK...IM ALMOST FUCKING 40 YEARS OLD! l ol l!udjidjjdjd
  3. O ok dang hush mr. Car man jeez
  4. My 1st car was a hyundai elantra...but i had won a settlement in court and that bought my 1st car
  5. Two double paychecks double double dollah bills 🤑🤑
  6. I think imma get drunk before i go to work Or a little tipsy at least Waiting for ruby Tuesday to open I shopped, showered and wrapped one present
  7. It never misfired. Just was trembling and it stopped. Probably some bad gas. Dunno.
  8. 2015 Bought with 5 years payments Paid off early 2019
  9. I own my car, too And no teenagers do not drive crossover suvs lol they drive all kinds of kia sedans tho
  10. I just bought $100 worth of stuff. I have a problem.
  11. Got both direct deposits. Was only expecting one. Im rich, bitch.
  12. Accurate! MH messing with my fucking head again!
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