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  1. You always do this. U feel like u always ahead of all the trends. Stfu old junkie ass
  2. We've been talking for a while. He was my high school crush. After all our talking and flirting for months..we hang out irl first time today. Boy he likes to talk but he had me laughing the whole time. He is so smart and cute omg lol Annnnd he likes the same music i do. It was awesome getting freaky to my favorite music! Abt to go to the movies. It sucks i have to drive a hundred miles to see all my favorite people but it is what it is. What'd you do today?
  3. Patti labelle. The 1st concert i paid for and wanted to go to on my own was nine inch nails and a perfect circle in atlanta,ga. I loved the show so much i called out of work, brought tickets to the next show and followed them to charlotte,nc. Man i cant believe i had the money and time off work to do that but i was sooo in love with nin!
  4. Being all a good fuck, reliable and well off
  5. Hes my age. Most of the people my age are looking like him. I just look young lol. Youll see in 10 years if u still with your white guy.
  6. Use aloe vera moisturizer so i never get blemishes
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