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  1. oh i guess we have watched TTGL, just seperately. i remember watching Black Lagoon on [as] ages ago, but i never finished it much like every other naime i start on my own lol Lain is one of his favorite, and i forgot to add it on the To Watch list, same with Paranoia Agent which is one of my favs and ofc we've seen Bebop, i for one grew up on it in my teen years. it's too much of a classic imo
  2. here's what i'm currently watching with my boyfriend Currently Watching; LWA, Violet Evergarden To Watch; Guilty Crown, Noein, Spice and Wolf, Nichijou, Katanagatari, Haibane Renmei, Wolf's Rain Anime we've finished; DAHLING in the Franxx, Konosuba, all of Monogatari up to Owari II, Kill la Kill, Kakegurui and XX, Death Parade, Goblin Slayer, FLCL, Ergo Proxy, Tokyo Ghoul and Root A, Dragon Maid, Zombieland Saga, Hellsing Ultimate so taking an suggestions for us to watch together!
  3. i used to be a part of the old ASMB, then it got removed and didn't know where everyone migrated to. i went by the same name, and i'm not sure if anyone i used to know comes here or if anyone remembers me. regardless, hooii i'm moonmaster3!
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