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  1. *screams into the abyss* why the fuck did i come in here?!
  2. I have to agree. I was not anywhere near old enough to be on but it was so much fun. I definitely upped my childhood vocab because of those boards.
  3. I feel bad that i kinda just stopped coming online for a bit. Finals have me stressed. For anyone interested in any kind of ending to this story well, he didnt come to class that week. But i saw him in the park after class. He was in class tonight and the week previous. He has been posting about me on their website. Thats another really shitty thing i found out. But im not shocked, i mean i posted about him here, so fair is fair. I hope that when the semester ends he will eventually get bored and stop lurking around where i hang out. I felt bad after verbalizing (or in this case typing) my desire to harm him. I really wish he would just go away.
  4. Its such a lame default insult and usually the sign that the person probably doesnt have legitimate reasons to be talking shit
  5. Quit farting. Everyone knows its you.
  6. those are good. I was just gonnna throw little plastic dinosaurs at him, but this is much bettter
  7. Look here, sub8. My roastie ass will do as it pleases
  8. Sometimes i just want to antagonize him in bizarre ways to keep it interesting
  9. Oh, god no. My bad. I should have explained it better.
  10. This was the post I tried being nice to him in the beginning. I really did. I used to sit next to him. I have free time before class and he would come and sit near me and ask me about what i liked to watch. Presumably because i wear an oversized Cowboy Bebop/ Fooly cooly hoodie over my work clothes at school. He seemed nice if not a little pushy about talking to me But he got really fucking weird towards one of my friends who is also of the same ethnicity as him. Found his profile on tinder (i have no fucking idea how) and started prattling off shit that my friend had put on his profile. I started avoiding him after that but then i started seeing him around where i hang out more and more often for a few months after that. He would stare at me in class. Tried telling another classmate that i was a "whore who fucking for ketamine in chinatown" So yeah the dude fucking bothered me.
  11. I did make a post about some of the ways he bothered me, i will admit i have been a bit lazy on explanation due to the other things im doing while posting here. I didnt get into specifics of the more fucked up conversations that happened between him and i that led to him lurking and like intensely hating my friend and that being the last straw in the "friendship" between him and i. But there were a small handful of them. Beyond that pointing out to an entire classroom full of people that he is part of some weird hate group after some of the trash things he has said in class would be the equivalent of socially throwing his ass to the wolves. While I'm not the nicest person in the world im not a complete cunt.
  12. On some level i feel bad for the little shit. But i really dont have the patience for people who want to continuously bother me and hate women.
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