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  1. I know, I know. But Lotus has blood at the corner of her mouth now. She’s a space vampire. This is the best!
  2. Fought a big ass pumpkin king on Warframe, got yelled at by an old idiot... nothin much
  3. Get him fixed. I have a fixed male that wouldn’t dream of spraying
  4. I’m trying to fix a PS4 for her.
  5. This remind me of “can I lick the science” meme
  6. I wish! I still don’t have all my frames and guns. Haven’t really been focused on that. I’m MR17 but I just now started really working on it. There’s no ranking up fully. There’s always more guns and frames to level every year. The max is MR25 but even that isn’t set in stone.
  7. I’m looking forward to this update.
  8. Putting those Mormons and Catholics to shame!
  9. I get 5 min to do whatever I need to do for me. Even if it’s just a shower. We need those moments.
  10. Unfortunately I’m always busy! I’m folding laundry as we speak. I’ll be in the kitchen next. Then the bathroom. At least it’s taco Tuesday! 🌮
  11. NOT A SINGLE BERRY FOR A SMOOTHIE! *slams the freezer*
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