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  1. Float power should be used for announcements only not discussion threads its a true cluster fuck just in this folder alone We're not adult swim we're fighting from threads it's a small section of the boards
  2. you can only vote once with this current system you're better off making a new thread for the second poll
  3. I'm so happy about it never listen to the radio until christmas music is on it
  4. Mr Owl

    Happy November 1st

    It's turkey in the snow!
  5. No its salt @Odd Man Rush did they use a brine last year by you?
  6. Lansing already has 2 inches of snow and traverse city has 6 inches This is going to be a good one
  7. I regret googling that That's extremely depressing I'm sorry
  8. Have you tried a weight gain formula for him just to keep him stable?
  9. I hope you get a foot of snow and an inch of ice
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