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Tiger and Bunny Season 2 is a Netflix exclusive


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Realistically speaking, I see nothing wrong with turning to other methods to view this series, especially considering the likelihood of it getting a sequel is close to zero regardless of where its viewed. The fact that it's getting brought back after being wrapped up for like a decade is surprising enough.

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7 hours ago, Top Gun said:

It is morally justifiable to pirate any and all things Netflix. 

Ironically, I'm more willing to watch something on Netflix than take the piracy route with it, if only in that I have access to a legit account that, alongside Toonami and home video releases, makes it so I'm not watching anime via dubious means 100%.

(Speaking of piracy, you'd think Elfie would've called the internet police on all of us by now.)

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It's a fun ride. I know we have a couple of big anime-does-Western-superheroes franchises now, but what I liked about it is how depressingly realistic its premise feels. If people with superpowers started showing up today, of course someone would try and spin a reality show out of it, and of course everything would be plastered with corporate sponsorships. It's incredibly refreshing to have a protagonist that's an adult single father as opposed to the standard hyperactive teenager, and the rest of the cast is full of colorful personalities who each get at least a bit of time to shine.

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It was an awesome show. It was a novel idea to have it focus on a world where superheroes are stuck doing a COPS-like reality TV show and have Pepsi logos plastered on them in order to be taken seriously.

At the same time, each character was dramatically different from one another, making it so that you have young adults, teens, and elder statesman sharing the spotlight as they brought their own experiences to their struggle to work with their corporate overlords while also fighting crime and domestic terrorists on TV for entertainment. 

The show also had awesome standalone character-specific episodes because most of the characters managed to bring their own personalities to the table. 

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