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  1. So we have to wait a week and half to be let down.
  2. Follow up article from the Guardian detailing the accusations against Ellis. Netflix, if you have any standards, you’ll cancel Castlevania if Powerhouse doesn’t fire him. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2020/jul/13/women-speak-out-about-warren-ellis-transmetropolitan?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  3. https://www.tvguide.com/amp/news/the-official-2020-comic-con-at-home-virtual-panel-schedule/ Meh.
  4. While he does the Two Heroes film earns millions at limited release. That falls on Toonami no longer being a primary source for material.
  5. Because the guy has focused a lot on what he doesn’t like, without convincing you why you should like what he does. Most Toonami stuff is a case of Follow the Leader, with its hype established elsewhere. The work is done. DeMarco doesn’t need to convince you to watch MHA, the audience has decided it’s the new X-Men. Black Clover has been hyped by Crunchyroll throwing its whole ass into it. Etc, etc. This is why DeMarco having shit taste is a meme.
  6. So...crap. It’s not hard, is it? Even Crunchyroll seems to get it. “Oh shit, people really like our shounen tournament anime but won’t stop sending death threats over our woke shit! Let’s make more of the former and more Shield Hero!”
  7. I’d sooner sell the lot of you on airing AEW reruns at Toonami’s tail end. (Note - I don’t want that).
  8. I want to be optimistic, but at least the Random Netflix Executive’s tastes seem somewhat closer to the average viewer these days. Ok, Poke, (I’m not saying this as any form of criticism, mind you, I honestly want your opinion), what type of show, irrespective of IP, do you think he wants to make?
  9. It being an original concept...that excites DeMarco has my enthusiasm at -2. There’s only so far they can go if it’s made for Toonami and not a premium service or channel. Not to mention the stuff he likes. The Exaxxion joke is old, but what do you think DeMarco would make if given the opportunity and no restrictions? (Then again, I’m pretty sure people would have preferred Crunchyroll made Cannon God Exaxxion instead of Dumbass Aztec Avatar Knockoff).
  10. It’s a timed exclusive to try and get more viewers onto the website. Had RWBY not exhausted all its goodwill years ago that show would probably do the same. God of High School, in an ideal world, airs a few weeks behind its dub premiere to entice more hardcore fans to CR and drive casuals to Toonami the same way Baki and Kengan do to Netflix. And since DeMarco hates Avatar, all the little pseudo-Avatar shows have no chance of airing.
  11. Rumors are circling about the cast (probably set to be revealed during the anniversary week for OP) including Lewis Tan as Zoro and Emily Rudd as Nami. Rudd is particularly noticeable as both the OP Netflix account and the showrunner are following her. This is going to be one hell of a debated cast.
  12. IIRC gen:Lock was a publicity play, since putting it behind the Rooster Teeth paywall crippled its ability to get an audience (and pay for those A list actors). God of High School probably won’t have that problem. This is all hypothetical, given Netflix’s massive success with underground MMA anime. (It bears repeating, Baki was in their top 10 for the entire country, something Voltron, She-Ra, Dragon Prince, etc couldn’t pull off). God of High School fits that requirement to a T.
  13. It’s the 80’s, we thought martial arts tournaments held in bars really did decide the best in the world. Netflix knows it works. Toonami could easily follow suit.
  14. Kengan’s a Netflix exclusive, so that’s right out. Kind of expecting them to license Dumbbells between seasons TBH.
  15. Anyway - SAO and Fire Force S2 are pretty much guarantees. Uzumaki is probably coming Halloween time I bet. Production IG has a new co-production (not a sequel to a previous thing they did) with no set release date. That’s still a fairly anemic lineup. If I’m DeMarco, and I’m not, I ask for God of High School. I mean, GenLock got over, and that looked visually meh (please let Season 2 improve the animation), plus Netflix consistently does well with anime in the mold of Best of the Best and other MMA tournament shows. Luckily DeMarco hates Avatar knockoffs, otherwise we might end up with Onyx Equinox.
  16. Yeah, that’s about right. If they get shows with fanservice it’s in spite of, rather than because of.
  17. It sells. There needs to be a balance between idiotic Puritanism and blatant LCD.
  18. When does Toonami ever get fanservice laden anime? Tamaki doesn’t make it a fanservice anime. The few times they did, because it was a package deal, the ratings destroyed everything else.
  19. They’re willing to work with DeMarco. Also, it is apparently not a sequel to a previous Production IG product.
  20. Before you get too excited, remember their last collaboration was the FLCL sequels. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/daily-briefs/2020-07-04/production-i.g-plans-to-announce-new-collaboration-anime-with-adult-swim-at-comic-con/.161458
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