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  1. Being better than Kekkaishi is a low bar to clear. At least the animation here isn’t dogshit like that show.
  2. How is that different from their other shows?
  3. I love how the top story in the sports world was the UFC’s middleweight champion having a full Summoning Jutsu inspired entrance while Toonami can’t attract viewers. Does everyone have Crunchyroll accounts?
  4. If they don’t, Netflix will jump on it like white on rice, so here we are.
  5. It’s setup. The problem is they never animated WHAT it was setting up, a remake of the original series.
  6. Israel Adesanya’s ring entrance tonight with a full on Naruto homage. Meanwhile Toonami ratings for this show are meh. Proof Adesanya has a Crunchyroll account.
  7. Spanish TV got the good shit while Saban was editing shows. Also they got Hajime No Ippo, which resonated in Mexico because boxing is the national sport along with soccer. Also you say that when so many American athletes go “yeah, DBZ got me into working out/martial arts/etc.”. It’s crazy.
  8. The only people surprised by this verdict bought into a conspiracy theory. Which the judge clearly did not.
  9. Having seen the first episode, this is a definite recommendation. Very moody and atmospheric with zero dialogue but a lot of action.
  10. She’s playing Chopper in the Netflix show isn’t she?
  11. Stop...oh no...come back.
  12. It lost to college football but that’s about it. Also I will never get how live PD is so popular.
  13. Of course not. He clearly believes he’s in the right. Man, FUNi’s panel is Friday. That’s gonna be fun to see.
  14. MHA has a Comic Con panel...in Madison Square Garden. If they’re going to announce the news for Toonami, they’ll do it there.
  15. Proving that gen:Lock isn’t anime. Also even the author hated the anime.
  16. I saw it. Interesting visualization of the album. Same people who did Batman Ninja.
  17. Sound and Fury, which is essentially someone doing the Interstella 5555 thing.
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