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  1. Cannon Busters 2-6. This show is REALLY testing the limits of homage vs plagiarism. Fire Force 4.
  2. Masters of the Universe (@MastersOfficial) Tweeted: Get ready for Masters of the Universe: Revelation, an animated @netflix show from @ThatKevinSmith that will pick up where the 80s show left off! #MOTU https://t.co/enQyRjGDjs By the Power of Grayskull, please don’t suck.
  3. I’m getting a similar vibe to Cannon Busters, since that show DESPERATELY wants to be Trigun to the point you just kinda want them to fire the guy after one season and just make a proper Trigun Maximum anime. Everyone has pointed out the cliches present in the show, but it makes you want to watch the show it rips off. And again, they have failed, completely and bafflingly, to leverage the greatest asset the show, its cast.
  4. Well they’re idiots then. Just having animu isn’t enough when everyone has the stuff!
  5. You have someone from THE GODDAMN OSCAR NOMINEE FOR BEST PICTURE AND THE GIRL FROM GAME OF FUCKING THRONES! You aren’t competing with Fox Kids anymore! You’re competing with FUNiNow and Netflix!
  6. Weird considering that’s the BIGGEST DRAW OF THE SHOW.
  7. 48 hours. Crunchyroll 🔜 Crunchyroll Expo! (@Crunchyroll) Tweeted: How'd y'all like gen:LOCK?? https://t.co/Gm9hz5sxRf
  8. There was a Crunchyroll Tweet about the show and everyone IMMEDIATELY shat on it, said it looked like shit, that it didn’t belong, etc. Should have gotten Shield Hero...
  9. Cannon Busters 2. This show wants to be Trigun so badly. But if they cancel it after one season in favor of a proper Trigun Maximum anime I will have zero sympathy.
  10. Same reason they pick up JoJo. Keep it off competitors like Netflix.
  11. Well it had a huge push...to be watched online. And they are seriously behind. On the plus side, it’s a good show.
  12. Cannon Busters apparently hit today, and it looks like it wants to scratch the same itch as Samurai Champloo.
  13. Polygon Pictures continues to fail at animation. Why did someone give these clowns the Pacific Rim anime?!
  14. You should have given this advice to Adult Swim circa 2005. They’d be on it like gravy on poutine.
  15. That’s one way for FUNi to get people to watch the shows on its own service...
  16. It’s Jordan’s production company that’s a co-producer. I’m sure he would sit down if it meant getting a Season 2 greenlit, and DeMarco could be arsed to set it up.
  17. I am still convinced High Guardian Spice doesn’t exist and is merely a scam mentioned to make fan service heavy or controversial shows more popular with faux outrage. That’s why Goblin Slayer will return and we will assuredly be getting more Shield Hero. gen:Lock is apparently getting tie-in comics from DC as well. The fact that no one is leveraging these resources remains baffling. Seriously, have TOM interview David Tenant! It’s better than a speech!
  18. IIRC, the ulterior motive behind this was to hype up for a season 2 since they made the boneheaded decision to premiere it as a RT exclusive. Of course they didn’t count on DeMarco’s legendary lack of any kind of promotion. How the hell do you have all those A listers (Michael B. Jordan’s film, regardless of what you thought of it, was nominated for goddamn Best Picture!) and not mention them once? Because this is Toonami, where we’re building you baffling decisions because someone still thinks it’s 1999 and their biggest competition is Fox Kids. If season 2 does debut, it will likely be around the launch window of the HBO MAX streaming Ultrazord, which will give it a big boost.
  19. As we all know, DeMarco’s shit taste and Toonami’s lack of promotion are both legendary. It’s why the idea that gen:Lock will get more popularity via Toonami is laughable. No one knows about it! None of the actors have said a damn thing and Toonami doesn’t promote. Meanwhile we had a freaking Dr. Stone billboard in Times Square.
  20. That still doesn’t explain how some of these shows middle on Toonami and somehow become hits when on Netflix. The first two seasons of JoJo trended next to freaking Infinity War. Just think about how hard that is. “Yeah, I’m on Netflix for three shows. Stranger Things, Fuller House, and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Not to mention you have stuff trending without them, like how Demon Slayer apparently trended on Twitter this weekend (which means I have to watch it now). It does explain the inability of the block to shine a light on lesser known shows. People don’t trust the block to show anything outside of the shounen bubble so stuff that is outside said bubble inevitably falls through the cracks.
  21. It seriously feels like these jerks are hired to get people mad enough to watch the show. I mean, it’s a good show.
  22. So we’re introduced to a new bad guy and a woman whose powers let her assume the mannerisms of a cat who also gets groped. Yeah, this explains the latest rant from Crunchyroll writers about how the show is totally sexist and how High Guardian Spice is coming for all their boobies with potato shaped women and LBGTQ+ relationships. Also Shinra is clearly a Kamen Rider fan.
  23. It wasn’t an original concept, it was a light novel adaptation.
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