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  1. I knew the manga was too popular to leave alone. Hoping for but not expecting Madhouse.
  2. Meanwhile tonight’s AEW is sponsored by the GOT prequel House of the Dragon.
  3. I’m also convinced that a fairly large amount of people are enjoying Primal via HBO Max as well now that the releases are next day.
  4. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/business/business-news/cord-cutting-second-quarter-record-analyst-1235199686/ I’m sure DeMarco is taking it well. This also aligns with streamers making increasingly notable bids for sports programming, like Netflix bidding for Formula 1 rights.
  5. That ending was definitely something. Brings it all full circle, and now we’re done. There’s an irony to Saul, or should I say Jimmy’s…actions at the end.
  6. Tonight’s the final episode - “Saul Gone”, and maybe the last thing ever set in the Breaking Bad universe.
  7. https://disneytvanimation.com/post/692164035493380096/the-top-most-streamed-animated-shows-on-disney Apparently Disney + is airing Spy X Family in international territories, and it’s so popular it’s in their top 20 animated worldwide despite its limited reach. So Disney + getting Bleach in certain territories could happen, or that could be the impetus to expand their offerings.
  8. I saw this on HBO Max, and let me just say…Genndy would make a great Bloodborne adaptation.
  9. Because the idea of DeMarco cursing out Disney is pretty funny? Look, if it is Viz, and it’s not a worldwide distribution deal, we know that Viz still does business with Toonami since their contracts are non-exclusive. Then it probably ends up everywhere, Toonami and Hulu included (on top of Crunchyroll). We won’t know till someone formally announces the status.
  10. It's not clickbait if it's happening. But it could simply be a case where it ends up on Hulu in territories where Hulu is a thing, because Lord knows Disney would pay a metric ton more cash than Toonami could.
  11. It’s still a very bizarre license for Disney of all people to pick up. Odds are locally it will be on Hulu, at least till Disney fully guts it and integrates it with Disney+ which won’t happen for years. For context, Prey, the new (fairly good actually) Predator movie, is on Hulu in North America and Disney + internationally.
  12. It’s out and it’s basically a short prequel. Think Better Call Saul with more horny schoolgirls and less cartel murder.
  13. Netflix got that one. That’s okay though, Primal is really giving a master class on letting the visuals do the work.
  14. First direct adaptation of something they’ve done in a good while. Usually Trigger just adapts concepts.
  15. This is the writing equivalent of Impossible Mode just because he made a good Sonic script. Time for Mr. Williams to git gud (at writing).
  16. Not from Crunchyroll. Netflix oughta cancel the rest of the Western cartoons they didn’t can and just make Exaxxion.
  17. It also may be the only original to get it given what’s going on with Shenmue.
  18. Unknown right now but the implication is that HBO originals will have their budgets capped, which wouldn’t affect a show like Succession. The GOT prequel is probably boned though.
  19. Prey - 8/10 Really solid horror/thriller that GETS Predator, formidable humans completely outmatched by the alien big game hunter and having to use smarts to win. Between the solid acting and understanding the premise, it’s probably the best Predator film since the original, and I liked Predators. (That was a 7/10).
  20. Gundam is on a lot of channels, but I kept getting the sinking feeling they’re about to throw their lot in with Netflix for airing their materials given that’s where both Hathaway and the (admittedly terrible, horrible, no good, very bad sounding) live action movie are.
  21. That looks pretty kickass.
  22. He laid out his multimedia plans pretty succinctly yesterday. Scrap a lot of the kids programming, a lot of animation that doesn't make cash, a lot of movies with lesser known characters, and go back to promoting big franchises. He considers Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman the big three of DC, which is why a lot of spin-offs and replacement projects have been dumped.
  23. Spy X Family 3-4. Komi Can’t Communicate 2. (What? I watch it on my tablet while I cook).
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