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  1. Nice to see where you stand on the political scale.
  2. muh feelings. I just think they're incredibly full of shit. Rial is the main one of the two that I despise tremendously, Marchi just being annoying as all fuck. Also with the way they hyped up Vic to be this Bill Cosby x Harvey Weinstein lvl of a predator I call complete bs on, cause if that was the case there's no reason for them to have not made a criminal case out of it. As for Rial, it's complete double standard, where she wants to make all these accusations against the guy, when she's a proven whore. I'm not just saying that to diss her, she's been just as out there as Vic has been, it being a running joke of everyone that she worked with to joke about how much of a whore she is. Hell, people wanted to throw shade at Vic for misbehaving at conventions, but there's a video where Rial forced this random guy at a convention to start spanking her ass.
  3. Who said I liked him or was a fan of him? I just thought he was a good VA.
  4. Making a full anime series has always been expensive, with a lot of time invested. I imagine they spent at least a year or 2 working on this, so too much time and money spent to just scrap it.
  5. As someone that played through the game in the first week that it came out (PC), I thought it was a pretty good game. Not the second coming of Christ like many hyped it up to be, but I thought it was good. It was insanely buggy when it came out. Even background items were acting like they were on crack, acting like they were having strokes. I remember one common bug was when I was riding bikes or cars and my character would randomly pop up doing the T-pose while driving. Their dick would also frequently clip through their clothes. That said, in the entire time I played it then there was only one (probably counts as two?) major bug I recalled that forced me to reload. It being after V gets shot (anyone even care about spoilers? This is act 1 stuff in the game), and you're supposed to switch over to Johnny, during the one flashback session of the game. The beginning of that bugged out and didn't load the section right. Also at the end after Johnny's been captured and about to have his mind stolen or whatever, I think after that the game bugged out and I had to reload and replay the last few minutes. I ran into other bugs that got in the way, but I was able to work around them and not have to reload. The game has come a very long way since release and I have replayed it a couple of times. It's miles ahead of where it was at launch. I know it received new content in a free update earlier this year. Some of the AI is still mentally retarded though, at least as far as peds in the city.
  6. This. Honestly my opinion of Vic has gone down some this past year, especially when he tried partnering up with some people over NFTs. Pretty sure his only source of income though is from conventions, him not having a VA gig since Broly. As for Marchi and Rial, that whole fiasco if nothing else showed how much they're both pieces of shit. Vic's case reminds me of Depp's UK suit where the judge was very biased against him and tossed out a lot of his sides evidence with him losing that case outright. I know Vic ain't no saint, the dude even mentioned in his deposition that back when he was engaged long ago he cheated on the woman, but I feel the judge in his case acted in biase against him, disregarding nearly everything his side put forward. If his case was post-Depp's US case I feel like Vic would have stood a better chance.
  7. In other news, when the inevitable Funi dub happens two of my most hated VAs will be getting work.
  8. That's typically where I go. Not that I don't want to support the anime industry, but I honestly don't watch anywhere close to enough to justify paying for a subscription. Also I detest both CR and Funi, especially Funi, and don't want to give either my money. As for anime, I typically only watch on average 2, maybe 3 new anime series a year (and mostly just rewatch shows I watched 1-2 decades ago). And when I say new, I'm referring to shit that's new to me, even stuff that came out like a decade ago. Also I typically only watch TV for an hour or two while lying down for the night. I am actually looking to find either a new or "new" series to start watching at night. I recently rewatched all of the Tiger & Bunny stuff also season 2. Before that I rewatched Code Geass (I really wish they'd crank out more of that series...). I remember spending a couple months (1-2 hours each night) rewatching the YGO series, from the OG one all the way up to 5D's. I'm not against watching a 100+ episode series, but I have no interest in shows like Naruto/Boruto or One Piece. If I ever were to watch One Piece it'd probably be up to around Skypeia, since the Water 7 and Enie's Lobby arcs left a really bad taste in my mouth with how bad the series can drag on, that getting worse as it goes. I imagine someone will probably recommend the Demon Slayer series but I'll pass. I'm not a fan of series that seek to kill off every single character of theirs.
  9. I give Toonami like one more year tops before it's either completely done away with, or dissolved into something far more simple, like with the AS Anime days before Toonami returned.
  10. Did you know that a bill was proposed to boycott products from China that were made in literal concentration camps but Coca Cola along with Apple, Nike, and probably some others lobbied against it, cause of course they would.
  11. I've been wanting to rewatch MO for awhile now. Also the original Aqua Teen series, those two were the shit back in the day.
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