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I've decided not to watch the news till 2021


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3 minutes ago, PhilosipherStoned said:

I've decided to get drunk and watch the votes come in.. then pass out some time later tonight to wake up tomorrow morning wondering what the fuck happened to the numbers I'm seeing now.. 

I stopped reading after "I decided to get drunk..."

This was a wise decision on your part and one which will preserve your sanity for many hours to come

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13 hours ago, tsar4 said:

I'm already set to wake up tomorrow and call "Shenanigans"!

Yay, I don't have to after all.  My lone reason for voting (an Illinois constitutional amendment) failed.  However, I'm now considering selling my future votes.  Since nobody I've voted for in the last 5 elections wins, I figure the parties will pay me to vote for the opposition candidate!


Dear FBI - it's a joke, get a sense of humor.

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