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  1. The year is going to fast to even deal with the holidays. Can't we just skip them so no one gets stressed out this year?
  2. I got depressed with the pandemic, so to have a little bit of fun and just leave my surroundings I started gambling. So now I've been finding myself at casinos with all these seniors. 😂 I try to make the trek to the different casinos either late at night or very early morning. If I get there by midday, I see the busses that bring in the seniors. But even though I'm significantly younger, this activity made me feel old old for some reason.
  3. I was planning on avoiding the new until the election was over, but I can't help it! I've been loosing sleep and falling asleep at random moments because this has been so stressful.
  4. When did this happen? How come I miss all the important news?
  5. Wooo! But yeah, phones don't last more than 3 years without it having serious problems. I've had my current phone for more than a year and the battery life isn't what it used to be.
  6. Wow....just wow... I thought Zeni was gone, but who knew he'll forever haunt the internet. 🤣
  7. Kitty wearing clothes? That's just adorable!
  8. Who knew that an old sour orange getting covid and his mail order Slovenian bride would make me so happy? 😂
  9. I bet they are all the same guy.
  10. I somehow I think I wouldn't be as productive as you. But I'm glad most of your crop pulled through. That's good, older people tend to visit libraries the most and they don't like to change their routines. One of my libraries is partially closed to the public. We are doing curbside pickup now. I think we are planning on opening latet this month. I still have to figure out Summer reading. I have a felling our numbers will be low.
  11. Well this is a sad way to wake up. He was a great actor.
  12. It sounds like you're depressed. Maybe try to talk to a doctor. Its weird, I didn't realize how depressed I was. I was just extremely exhausted all the time to the point where I was having trouble staying awake. Actually, I'm still dealing with depression, but now I'm medicated. I now can get myself to do things, but without the pills I just want to sleep.
  13. It was a decent movie. I wouldn't say it was amazing... I guess I would give it a B-.
  14. Don't eat it all at once or your teeth will fall out. Incidentally I once bought Tricolor 5lbs of gummy worms. That was a mistake 😕
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