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If life were an RPG, would you be happy with the stats you rolled?


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Endurance- 53

Strength- 48

Agility- 36

Speed- 57

Personality- 71

Intelligence- 65

Willpower- 40

Luck- 82

I kind of wish I put more points into willpower. It would help a lot with all the drawings and stuff I start and never finish. Agility is my lowest stat, but I tend to rely on luck to prevent me from falling over all the time so it balances out well enough.

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endurance: 50

strength: 70

agility: 30

speed: 60

personality: 50

intelligence: 80

willpower: 40

luck: 50

perception: 20 (+40 with glasses)


without having a base guideline of what these stats mean in context i tried to best fill it out. like a speed stat of 100 means youre a world class sprinter and a stat of 10 means you move  like a 90 year old grandma on a walker. 

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