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  1. I am very drunk in this picture on both whiskey and beer
  2. when you post about some dead man you think is going to come to save you (Jesus) I don't come fuck with you, because I respect the beliefs of others even if they are averse to mine. bur Christians and atheists don't show me the same respect. that's why I hate you all and want you to be destroyed Like
  3. Mini_ghost420

    Poor baby.

    yeah I know. they call my on my phone and tell me "do you know how cute Cau is?" and I'm like "What? who even is this?? STOP CALLING ME"
  4. get your butt up on time go get them. it's worth it.
  5. I'd pay money to see Zeni get beat up by a two year old
  6. that would be hilarious
  7. maybe. I'm usually dominate but I can be docile if the conditions are right
  8. I hope Zeni gets beat up by someone's dad
  9. it also could have been some mix tape of Cranberries songs someone made
  10. yea I know but these fries.. just give them a chance. the sandwiches are typical but the fries are a diamond in the rough
  11. yeah cheery sounds good to me also. but strawberry isn't don't bother with it
  12. alright then, I guess it's alright in that case
  13. I'm surprised by how good they are. they're my new favorite fast food item now!
  14. holy fuck!!!! someone did a video about him?????
  15. what? you have angered feminism
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