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  1. Way to go, Toonami!! https://showbuzzdaily.com/articles/showbuzzdailys-saturday-3-18-2023-top-150-cable-originals-network-finals.html A 0.13 in 18-49 is almost unheard-of in this modern era for [as] at midnight, and then the rest of the block did better than that timeslot does sometime. Food Wars with its boob-jiggling antics brought up the rear, but that's OK, as its 5th Plate debut might have been the rising tide that lifted the other boats. Not to mention it still triumphantly returned to the Top 50. The lineup will be fairly stable for a couple more weeks now at least, so let's hope it can keep it up!
  2. So his full name is "Franklin French Frylock?" Because that's just too perfect!!
  3. Did Tiffany Haddish worm her way into this!?
  4. Alright! Carl's some kind of weird creature!!
  5. This is where it goes off the rails and to her fantasy...
  6. This isn't the Karin I know. The one I know is helplessly thirsty for his ass!
  7. That may have been my "oops". I think I mistook it for last week's discussion.
  8. COULD BE!! I think we might actually get Dr. Stone Season 3 later this year! Of course, we need to get the AOT special first!
  9. Whoa, ONE PIECE has a Crunchyroll vanity plate too!? What the heck is going on!?!
  10. Like, I get that the transponder snails are this show's long range communication devices, but it's still kinda funny when they talk! *Ca-LICK*
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