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  1. Exactly. @CountFrylock, would you please change the thread title already? The block is NOT shrinking! In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if it expands to 10:30 (10:15 for one week to allow gen:LOCK a 45-minute timeslot) in order to give AOT S3 a full rerun at 3:30 AM. But for right now, we know it's staying at AT LEAST 10 shows until August 10th at the earliest, when Fire Force Episode 3's status becomes questionable.
  2. Yeah, I realized that so I changed the OP. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/review/lupin-the-third-part-5/episode-6/.131347 Grade: "A". I thought it was a fun, if not way too silly, episode! Damn, it was silly! But this was also significant, since this is the first time Pink Jacket Lupin has EVER had an English Dub!
  3. I think she's actually younger, but perhaps was born as Ymir when the current founding titan died without naming a successor?
  4. Do Japanese TV schedules show episode 3 airing this Friday night?
  5. So now we know the new show is Fire Force--but there's a problem. It had 2 episodes, then went on indefinite hiatus due to the KyoAni tragedy. So, how will Toonami remedy this the next time the "Huh?" Midnight timeslot opens on August 10th??
  6. It depends. Sometimes they are, and sometimes they aren't. Some are self-employed freelancers, while others (like Chris Sabat and Colleen Clinkenbeard, or Kirk Thornton or Tony Oliver) are employees of a particular studio (FUNimation, Bang-Zoom).
  7. Sacre bleu cheese!! I'd probably have given it a "B+", but I'm a bit generous, I guess. Perhaps it got docked for the squid tentacles thing at the end? The "please the unpleasable" teacher trope has been done better in other anime, but somehow I'm still a sucker for it!
  8. So when we have an Italian food episode, will Soma put the "pasta" in "creepypasta?" So yeah, this episode kinda put me to sleep last night, but then I woke back up just in time for Gundam and MHA, and still couldn't sleep so I actually watched it on the West Coast feed, and I kinda enjoyed it! The over-the-top "foodgasm" reactions usually make me chuckle at least, but this time, I'm pretty sure I LOL'ed!!
  9. What was on the box cracked me up!! "Lovely Mascot Robot"
  10. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/review/attack-on-titan/episode-58/.148237 Rating: 4.5⭐!! Turns out there's even more to this Titan power than we ever dreamed--and only one episode left until the LOOOOOOOOONG wait for Season 4 next year!!
  11. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/review/my-hero-academia/episode-59/.136223 Grade: "A". Yeah, I don't get why Toonami buried this show at 3:30. It's just too good!!
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