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  1. I was hoping they'd drop a Shippuden and air Cowboy Bebop Jupiter Jazz 1-2 in one night, but I guess not.
  2. It wouldn't be a dub premiere if it did, but that's fine. Still, which time slot would it occupy? 12:30 is taken over by Shenmue starting February 5th so if it did show up there, it wouldn't be for long. But at least it didn't end up in Netflix hell like JoJo, so at least there's a possibility of it showing up on Toonami at some point if not sooner!
  3. Well, it will be gone or at least in reruns at like 3 AM in a few weeks and then I guess you'll just have to find something new on the block to bitch about... [probably shenmue]
  4. That's my guess. If so, it wouldn't be the first time Toonami doesn't lead off the block with an original, as FLCL 2/3 did this as well, behind Dragon Ball Super and DBZ Kai for Progressive and a whole bunch of stuff for Alternative.
  5. As long as they're covered in flashbacks going forward, I think it will probably be alright. As for this show's permanent timeslot, I believe it will be 2 AM when something else knocks Ass Class down to 1 and maybe Made In Abyss down to 1:30 on 1/29. The 1:30 offering is most likely just a one-time thing. Toonami is wisely airing Toys In The Attic alone, but Cowboy Bebop is likely to re-expand to the whole 3 AM hour for the Jupiter Jazz saga next week, even if just for one night. If I'm right, we'll have 6 premieres of different shows from 12-3 AM for the first time since early October!
  6. Post time skip is probably the best spot for One Piece to return. This will be kinda like "One Piece Shippuden!"
  7. I wasn't ready for this! No, really, since I dropped streaming sometime in the low 400's after it went off in 2017, not ready to come back at 517!
  8. Well, the ratings for 1/15/22 are in, and Made in Abyss did indeed escape the abyss and make the top 50, as Toonami actually did relatively well in 18-34, with only the last Shippuden buried under the Top 50: https://showbuzzdaily.com/articles/showbuzzdailys-saturday-1-15-2022-top-150-cable-originals-network-finals.html As you can see, Blade Runner just barely missed the Top 25, but the most annoying thing is the whole lineup got beat in 18-49 by a damn trump rally. Oh well, at least it's not the days when LivePD ran the table, as NFL is rightfully king for the last time on a Saturday for about 6 months. Oh, and unlike this point last week, we STILL don't know the damn 1/22/22 lineup. By this time a week ago, Made In Abyss had already been announced and the lineup released. Not so this week, as we continue to wait for news from Toonami while our DVR on-screen guides show a 4.5-hour American Dad... 🙄
  9. Boy, I thought they might play less James Taylor later in 2022, but I was wrong!!
  10. Never mind your epic plan, Orochimaru; Karin is totally gonna kick Sasuke's ass!
  11. Imagine getting your dream, then getting sand in your vag and just deciding to come back and destroy it all! That's Madara...
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