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  1. Quite a lot of exposition in this one! Only the Quirkless shall inherit the ultimate responsibility!!
  2. What the hell!? There is no "opportunity to cut an hour"! If they cut one, it's as a last resort! So shut the HELL up about that! We're sick and tired of hearing it!
  3. My town is having a hardcore music festival this weekend, and Shoegaze is one of the sub-genres!
  4. It was mentioned in the Production I.G. Talkback from Episode 2...
  5. I fell asleep before Puberty started, dammit!
  6. Weekly numbers are out: https://www.spoilertv.com/2023/03/top-400-cable-shows-week-ending-26th_01602488462.html?m=1 Fooly Cooly: Grunge landed a 0.093 in 18-49 and 189K viewers overall (but we already knew that) in Week 2. So that means so far FLCL: GRUNGE has averaged 198K and 0.0895 in 18-49. Will tomorrow night's finale push it over 200K and 0.09 18-49? We shall see!
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