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  1. Well, MHA IS returning on 4/18, so maybe they worked it out? There was one episode that got recorded BEFORE the hiatus. If the last 6 episodes of the season will indeed be dubbed from home, then I guess that means Toonami gets them only a week after FUNimation Now, like Fire Force last year?
  2. Wow, well the good news is we DO get to finish Demon Slayer. The bad news? Yeah, we just lose a half hour. To be fair, it's JUST a half-hour. We didn't lose a whole hour. On the other hand, the ratings lately have been DAMN good. I wonder if this means we'll go back to a repeating block like we had in 2012? Would hate for the Samurai Jack Season 5 rerun to be cut off, but if it has to move elsewhere, so be it. Frankly, I would put it at 9 PM if they've got to leave it on Saturday nights.
  3. Apparently, the last dubbed episode of MHA to be produced, and the ONLY one that's available on FUNimation, but not yet Toonami/[as], is episode 83. Whether or not that episode will premiere on April 18th is as yet unknown. It does not seem like its dub has gone back into production yet from the actors' own home studios. I suppose it's possible that it does before the end of the month, leaving its potential re-debut NOT a one-off. Now I wonder, with MHA's timeslot temporarily blocked, and SAO having just ended its most recent season, if they might actually try to blow off Demon Slayer in a mini-marathon of the last 3 episodes in one night, right before moving everything up? After that, MHA would still start the block with its last 5 episodes, and then we'd have Black Clover at 12, JoJo at 12:30, Food Wars! at 1 (LMAO Food Wars won't go anywhere), and Shippuden at 1:30 before an hour of reruns at 2. Might as well bring back The Promised Neverland and Attack on Titan for that! Of course this all depends on a lot. How far into Demon Slayer and JoJo were THEIR dubs produced, for example? Apparently Black Clover has another 10 episodes left to go to catch up, and Food Wars and Shippuden have enough episodes left for 6 full months at least. It seems to me like making new deals for temporary replacements for the block SHOULDN'T be as hard as airing programs that haven't been dubbed yet, either way. Hopefully we get some clarity as to what Toonami plans to air beyond the DBZ Kai marathon soon!
  4. Well, Week 3 of what unfortunately turned out to only be a trilogy, at least for now: http://www.showbuzzdaily.com/articles/showbuzzdailys-top-150-saturday-cable-originals-network-finals-4-4-2020.html SAO sunsets with a 2nd week over 500K, and all 5 eligible shows make the Top 50. MHA wins 18-34 and SAO ties for 2nd. I really hope they've got whatever "classic" show they're airing in place at 2:30 AM starting April 18th so after this DBZ Kai Easter weekend interlude we can go back to normal long enough to finish off Demon Slayer at least. But I also wouldn't mind a Demon Slayer marathon at some point if this pandemic hiatus has to continue. It is worth noting that IF it's one of the FLCL remakes, it would carry us through to at least Memorial Day, and so would MHA, if they resume production. But as they didn't do a marathon in 2019, it's not a given they'll do a Memorial Day marathon in 2020, especially if that's one of the first "back to normal" days.
  5. He was in quarantine for a while, so this year that might have been crass!
  6. Yeah, IF we can survive this pandemic! God willing, catch ya next week! As for me, it's way past my bedtime, so good night!
  7. "We're gonna run out of food in a few days!" Why does THAT sound familiar?
  8. WOW! And I thought the Evangelion movies were awesome! BTW, I have all 3!
  9. It seemed that he had a change of character in the late stages of the episode. He was preaching patience to Ashi, but he decided to go with the ghostly samurai before they had a chance to wake up, an uncharacteristically impatient move!
  10. She's also able to take on a lot more electricity than the average human woman!
  11. This is our first clue that she might not quite be human. A normal woman's body wouldn't be that stretchy in the vise grips!
  12. It's kinda interesting that Season 5 never got a full weeknight strip on [as] but seasons 1-4 did, at 8 PM and 5:30 AM.
  13. And now for the return of the Scotsman! I think he's 84 in this scene? And DAMN has he been BUSY!
  14. Just one episode. It came on at Midnight and was followed by a whole bunch of other sneak peeks!
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