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  1. Uhhhhh, DBS DID beat or at least tie cornhole, you cornhole! https://programminginsider.com/saturday-final-ratings-macys-4th-of-july-fireworks-spectacular-delivers-nbcs-second-largest-total-audience-in-saturday-two-hour-slot-for-non-sports-telecasts-in-three-years/
  2. This thread was for last night only. From now on we'll be using my marathon thread. [oh yes we will]
  3. If you were wondering how the DBS marathon last weekend did, well, wonder no more! DBS draws, and it retains, yo! Also, you can compare it to the worst-rated lineup of all time a year before! NOW maybe people will shut up when I say 4th of July weekend should be almost always be marathons-only! https://toonamifaithful.com/toonami-ratings-for-july-4th-2020/ And finally, 5 years ago Kill la Kill and SAO2 were of course still kicking ass!
  4. Last night, Lil' Slugger met his match! I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this fight was actually better than anything UFC had to offer last night!
  5. Apparently, Toonami has secretly expanded back to 3:30 AM, and that means Season 5 of Samurai Jack returns for yet another encore at 3. So watch it on Toonami and discuss it here. *watch out*
  6. I made the marathon thread specially to cover both it and the rerun, but thanks for showing your ass anyway!
  8. This episode blows. And by that, I mean a pretty mean flute!
  9. Boy, this might be the weakest regular Toonami block we've had yet: 4 reruns, a recap episode, and a filler episode. It was like a full house of junk!
  10. I'm still awake too, though I was at a party during the first half of Toonami tonight and only saw bits and pieces and didn't comment. These jackasses are back!
  11. LEPTONS WIN!! LEPTONS WIN!!! "I want a beer!" LMAO!
  12. Yes, we get an 80's-style insert song!
  13. Ironically, I may be giving up drinking for a little while! Gaz Digsy's insults are the best!
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