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  1. Here we go, episode #27 (203):Call From The Dead!
  2. We're beginning at the end...of the Frieza Resurrection saga! 3:30 AM TONIGHT (9/18-19/21) ONLY TOONAMI!!
  3. If this is filler, it's really good for filler! MUCH BETTER than your average filler!
  4. 358. Well, that's good. But this filler HAS to be related to the main backstory, right? This feels more like "embellished canon" than filler.
  5. Yeah, there was. It was Shippuden that didn't get one until the West Coast airing, when I made one!
  6. The Kakashi/ANBU flashback saga continues! See Part 10 of Kakashi's origin story tonight at 2:30 AM!! ONLY TOONAMI!!
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