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Is it bad that I lowkey want to get injured at work just so I don't have to come


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Just quit and get on welfare.....Anything to stop these threads


That's a little dismissive and mean, don't you think?


There are hundreds of thousands if not millions of people unhappy with their job or their station in life.


Moreover this is just harassment. It's not constructive criticism, or baseless criticism.


How helpful would it be if the next time you made a personal problem thread (which you have done on several occasions) and I just told you to stop whining, or do something unrealistic (i.e. just quit doing whatever so I don't have to read your shitty whiny threads anymore)?


Statements like yours are antagonistic and unhelpful.


You can argue the efficacy of statements like "Just keep your chin up.", but just because you think that wouldn't help you don't have to resort to dismissiveness and shaming.

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