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  1. I fucking hate the santa baby song. Filthy slut trying to sweet talk father christmas into giving her a bunch of swag.
  2. Seems to me honey wheat would just be sweetened wheat. So basically shit with honey mixed into it.
  3. https://www.thekitchn.com/whole-wheat-might-not-be-healthier-than-white-bread-252828 We've been fed lies.
  4. No situation with men can't be solved with an apology boob pic.
  5. I'm gonna have already put my tit in the punch.
  6. One of my socks disappeared when I fucked the washing machine lady. I fully believe her vagina inhaled it somehow despite my feet not being anywhere near it.
  7. Happy day of birth, bearer of molars. In my time zone I still have 11 minutes to say happy birthday without it being late.
  8. And FUCK EVERY SINGLE FUCKING BUSINESS ASSHOLE WHO WORKS TO EXPLOIT FUCKING DOUBLETALK TO SQUEEZE MONEY OUT OF PEOPLE WITH FUCKING "LEGAL FALSE ADVERTISING". These people need to be taken out to a desert and shot in non-lethal* parts of their body, and then taken to the nearest hospital**. * - feet, hands, arms, legs, ass, dick, through the cheeks. multiple times. ** - abandoned stuffed animal hospital
  9. Since Windows 7 is going to be officially a security hazard at the beginning of next year, moving on from it is moving from recommended to somewhat mandatory. No sane person likes Windows 10. It's a resource hogging piece of shit that tries to stick ads in the fucking explorer windows, locks tons of functionality out "for the good of the confused and mentally soft user", pulls personal data and sends it away to MS with no way to disable it, updates without warning and with little testing so waking up to a busted piece of shit that won't run your favorite japanese porno game isn't uncommon, has the most fucking hideous user interface where most things are fucking impossible to find, takes everything that worked in past windows versions and buries it under fucking bullshit or just outright removes it to make the system more accessible to newbies by doing all the thinking for them and shitting down the throat of people who want actual control over their computer, it rapes babies, it takes picture of you while you sleep, it drinks out of the milk carton, doesn't account for people on metered internet connections and just downloads whenever it fucking feels like, and just in general waves its dick in the air and laughs at you for being offended because it knows you can't do shit without it. I hear 8 is a piece of shit, too. But not nearly as worthless as this fucking abomination. I'd probably have to settle for it, but the stuff coming out of my ass due to my meds is diarrhea, not money. Plus how long do we even have before 8 gets dropped, too. I don't wanna do Mac because I can't fucking afford a new computer. I'd rather not do Linux because I don't wanna play the "is this program going to even fucking work now?" game with all the obscure shit I use. Fucking microsoft is a bunch of fucking smegma-smeared dildos.
  10. What, does this man just buy pizza and take a nibble like he's sampling wine and spit it out? The dude says it's not made with the same quality ... I'm pretty sure they didn't roll out entirely new techniques on how to mash dough into a plate and dump stuff onto it. Also if he's eating all those he's going to become the fattest of asses. Also Papa John's can only do breadsticks right anyways. Well, they did when the things were shaped like a rounded stick and not a pointed turd. Their pizza is a frisbee.
  11. I won't join but I will watch. From my room. In the walls.
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