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  1. Separate entity. I'd imagine if your brain was controlling both at the same time it would be like trying to fuck a mirror. All your bits would be bumping into each other unless one fits into the other at least. Imagine going for boob but the other you's hands go for yours so you are eternally trapped in a game of hand slapping.
  2. I worded this poorly. Allow me to clarify. You are still you. The one you are making sweet love to is a separate entity. They are physically whoever or whatever you want. But a copy of your brain has been made and placed into their body. So it's another person, but that person is you. I'll be kind and say they don't somehow have your voice at least. Still wouldn't, though.
  3. I should clarify that I mean the body can be any form you want. But it's your consciousness inside of it. No. I would not.
  4. I was thinking about boobs but now I'm wondering how Tennessee plans to stop the LGBTQ+ agenda by marrying kids.
  5. I read over my post about four times before posting it and it looked right. Yet I was still willing to believe that happened and checked it again with irritation because that happens so often anyways.
  6. Gonna be a diet green tea and probably a cold hamburger patty left over from what was grilled earlier yesterday.
  7. Doing math here stand back ... I'm imagining very efficient quick hands managing 5 pennies per second. 3 dollars per minute. 180 dollars per hour. $4,320 per day. $129,600 per average month. $1,555,200 per year. $87.60 to pay one child in a penny per hour. $438 in total over five kids. Assuming my math isn't absolute shit even with a calculator ( which is absolutely possible ), a million per year is easily possible. EDIT: There's also the consideration that you'd have a free source of whatever metal is used in the pennies. Which, according to those in the US who are currently hoarding them, will be worth more than the penny itself when pennies are officially legal to melt down and sell for the materials themselves. This isn't even considering which type of penny comes out. I maybe should have clarified that a US penny comes out.
  8. I genuinely enjoy that this has become a small discussion. Also you anti-penny people overlook the utility of hiring orphans to sit in a circle around your magic penny wallet taking turns to maximize efficiency of penny pulling. You can pay them a penny an hour each and if any of them get sticky fingers you can tell their handlers to put "thief" on their adoption papers to ward off any potential parents.
  9. Why hasn't there been a remake of Howard the Duck yet?
  10. ::checks to see if the dumpster is still on fire:: ::checks this thread again:: ::back to the fire:: ::back to this thread:: ... ... ... oh.
  11. I do not have cable and did not watch any of this but it seems like a pretty solid bait and switch business technique. Cry or pay. This is the world we live in. Now if you don't mind I have to go put some stickers on the bottom of me peg leg. Been going off balance a lot more lately.
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