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  1. Well I was hungry. Also I feel like I should have wittier for this.
  2. Especially when you forget literally everything about it. Not even a chance to try to remind yourself. I've done this more often than I like, and it's never fun.
  3. The real question though: does that count as a threesome? I'm thinking no.
  4. Oh. Well. Then I'll simply quote Jay here. "I'd fuck me hard." Honestly it's more fun to think of the other you as the same consciousness from a different perspective. Although pretty sure navigating two different bodies with one consciousness would make the actual sex about a hundred times more awkward than two virgins going at it...
  5. That would be a mindfuck inside a regular fuck. So I'm me, having sex with someone else who is also me, and perceiving both mes at the same time? *dies*
  6. I come back after however many years and y'all are weird. I've become a stranger in a strange land.
  7. Replaced with so many Chernobyls and Fukushimas, and just enough inhabitable space to make that a problem. Heck, there's still a handful of Japanese sticking it out at the edge of the Fukushima fallout zone rather tham uproot and relocate. And circling back to the original problem: how much heat does an ionized atmosphere trap?
  8. Recently picked up Beat Saber and Final Fantasy XIV. And... holy moley have I been missing out on not playing XIV sooner. Ten years after its release I honestly expected it to die off like XI -- only, XI is *still supported and updated*. Also Yoshi P is a superstar. I suppose Beat Saber is nice too.
  9. Why do I feel like Japan only got the "fourth wall break" part of Deadpool and not the rest of him?
  10. You know she could just lick it clean first...
  11. Then I'm playing Nessa from Sword/Shield. (That's right, picking before we even have enough interest, whatcha gonna do)
  12. What theme we talkin? White Wolf stuff, Dungeons and Dragons, random sci-fi... or hell if someone's got a Paranoia storyteller book sitting around let's get a game of that going. Or -- actually, bring back the old-timey silliness -- we all make characters and decide the theme after, playing round-robin with ST/GM every session. Just wreck everything.
  13. Well ya did good. I am duly informed and properly sad. ....man I miss Incoherent Babbling.
  14. I laughed. Then I checked the date: not April 1. Then I read further. Then I stopped laughing. That's not a joke is it. *goes to find an all-black outfit to mourn properly*
  15. ...okay that's just a mild bit eerie. I found my way back here, so did I leave a fetter here unresolved? Oh dear. Re: the official AS media though? I'd bet significant money they don't want to acknowledge any official message board type entity in connection with them. For whatever reason.
  16. Soooooo business as usual? (And yes, this is a reply to all of the above posts, at once. Pretty sure the boards have been dying since they started up.)
  17. So how was the testing swab? Did you cry like a weenie? Cuz I did. Really freaking badly. All to learn I did not have the COVID after all. Yay?
  18. So it's been... I dunno, three years? And you guys are still going strong. I honestly thought without [as] itself backing things, we'd all just be dispersing into the wild, but guess not. turns out with just a little bit of actually giving a crap it's possible to run a forum, and it really sucks that this isn't attached to the main site anymore. So, uh, what the hecky have I missed?
  19. I'm sorry I've been gone for a while what the heck did I miss?
  20. Can't you just, like, stick a toe in to see if it's swimmin' weather? 72 degrees is warm enough for a swimsuit if you're not in water, but no idea for actual swimmin'.
  21. Wow I haven't played in forever.
  22. Well then time to voice my opinion that Sona is a terrible support! Too squishy.
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