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  1. I figure they can just make up a reason too. Promote all this stuff airing on Amazon now or wherever the hell it’s getting shipped off to now. Neither of them really synergize with each other outside of being DC, but that’s no reason they can’t promote Shazam. I mean, last night they used random comedy pilot shorts to promote Knock on the Door, this would at least be more fitting.
  2. It really isn’t, and never would have been but during the Covid content drought they dumped it’s reruns on the block so it’s treated as pseudo Toonami now. Thankfully this is just a one and done episode, so hopefully this is the last time it’s used as a cheap crutch for the Toonami schedule.
  3. It may not be obvious now, but I do feel like TOM will tie this into some event at the start of the night on these two weeks. Hard to believe DC just decided to play ball after years of not doing so.
  4. So Rubicon isn’t even a premier apparently, this schedule looks a lot more sucky stallish now. And I feel the need to reiterate this every time it happens, I am so tired of those R&M shorts being listed as part of the block when they never are. Idk why they are so obsessed with tacking those onto the schedule every time.
  5. I did not. However, technically these are not proper replacements, and more just one night covers, so the question of what replaces Yashahime and MiA still stands. With this new information in mind, I’m ready to revise my speculation. I now believe that FLCL Grunge is a strong possibility in March. Maki was tweeting about it a few days ago, but they didn’t come off as “2 more weeks” types of tweets. They do however, feel like a month from now tweets. I recall other discussion that the dubbing process was under way. So I’m gonna say Grunge at 12:30 in March. Prior FLCL seasons did not lead the block, and given the rocky road the other originals had, I’m gonna say they keep MHA at midnight just to give the block a fighting chance. As for the other slot, given the fact that they are stalling as early as February, I’m gonna stand by them having nothing else and it just going back to One Piece.
  6. You beat me by a minute. Anyway, not really sure how to feel about this. I don’t think this is a panic stalling technique, as Demarco did seem to have some stuff on deck to announce which was probably this. But, it’s still a form of stalling and makes me worry about their prospects for the normal schedule. This means we have to wait another damn month to know what is joining the regular lineup which is the most frustrating part of this.
  7. Nobody had these on their bingo sheet. A little concerned to not have proper new show announcements though
  8. I highly doubt a dead of Saturday night run of 10+ year old episodes of One Piece will have any effect at all on the audience for the Netflix adaptation. I figure there are two audience brackets for the Netflix version. 1. People with very little knowledge of the source material. These are the people they will loop in with advertising. And almost all people in this group probably don’t even know Toonami exists. I’d also say most people in this category don’t even have cable. 2. People well versed in the source material who are going to hate watch. People in this category are either keeping up with the subbed release of the anime, or are keeping up with the manga release. Maybe some of them watch Toonami for the novelty, but Toonami isn’t selling them anything they aren’t already well versed in. I have no clue what caused them to cut OP down to one episode. Perhaps it was never the plan to leave it doubled up and they simply didn’t have enough episodes last year to keep that up. Or maybe the speculation that Toei just wanted it on the block to promote Film Red held some truth. Maybe Toei doesn’t think Toonami is doing enough for it to succeed. Whatever the case, one of the last reasons I could see it leaving is due to the Netflix adaptation. It’s a total non factor for that project.
  9. I can’t even make a guess honestly. A week ago, I probably would have put my chips on Witch from Mercury, but as we know now, that’s not gonna happen. I will bet that at best, we are only getting one new show. The other slot will be given back to One Piece. Just to leave a shot in the dark here, Dragon Quest The Adventures of Dai. That seems like something that would pull Demarco’s attention.
  10. Wow that’s a solid night. When was the last time we saw 0.10 way down at One Piece? A weird thing that seems to happen a lot, a show can be an absolute blight on viewership it’s entire run, then the few weeks leading up to it leaving, it does solid. We never saw such tight retention from Yashahime any other time. Now the question is, can Demarco keep this momentum going with some decent replacements?
  11. Is no show allowed to just rest in peace? This would make the most sense. Lucky was not a well liked character, so it means little if he doesn’t appear. They can have Peggy open a holiday card or something from Lucky and Luanne who got a house across the country after Lucky got more peepee money.
  12. Vic would probably still be voicing anime if he did hire a circus clown to be his lawyer. Shit, he may have actually faired better with a circus clown, or a monkey, or a brick he found on a stroll. Is it? Vic never had any charges against him. His entire situation was he said/she said. Many of the stories that came out against him were walked back or admitted to being exaggerated. Vic was the fujo dream of the 00s. It’s very believable that some clout chasing girls of the time spread rumors that stuck about their exploits with Edward Elric. The only thing believable that came out about him was he doesn’t understand appropriate personal space. Unlike Roiland who has felony charges hanging over his head which are quite obviously the reason he is out on his ass, Vic was a very clearly dog piled by people within his own industry that wanted him gone for their own ends. The fact that Todd Haberkorn remains employed despite similar allegations only further supports this.
  13. I don’t think the nature of the charges are the issue. It’s the fact that they are very public and on everyone’s headlines. They had no issue with him being a creep at the office because that was a mostly private matter they could keep a lid on. Now that he has something major public, they don’t really have a choice but to cut him lose to try to save face. Imagine you are the head of advertising for Wendy’s. Are you going to keep up your expensive deal with that show that has the guy with felony domestic charges working on it? Probably not. That’s the kind of thing Adult Swim is trying to salvage here. They didn’t fire him because it was the right thing to do, they fired him because he was becoming a greater liability than he was worth financially.
  14. Given his connections at Sunrise, I’m surprised Demarco wasn’t able to seal the deal on this. The timing is perfect for it to have started on 2/18. Best case scenario is they blew their wad on something of greater significance, and Gundams rough history on the block made it second choice.
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