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  1. If they have to go to the Japanese side to coax them into giving them a show, that means Crunchyroll is blocking the traditional path of acquiring the show.
  2. You can repeat this over and over again but all evidence we see shows Demarco still has significant involvement when it comes to actually acquiring the shows. He has even outright admitted to it. If the bumpers aren’t updated or someone airs the Dr Stone promo early, that’s not his department anymore. Show acquisition is. If they don’t fit his extremely narrow parameters, he won’t touch them. The proof is in the pudding, or in this case, lack of pudding. We are officially at the halfway point of 2023, with a whopping two shows under our belt. Both of which are Crunchyroll owned sequels. Sure looks like Demarco is only going for the known Crunchyroll properties to me. I’d love to see him prove me wrong though. Maybe when Food Wars ends. And let’s say you are right, Gill really is fully in charge. Nothing about what I said changes, then it’s Gill that wants a Lamborghini when he can only afford a Honda. It’s been this way for years, they are terrified of risk, even if the only options available are taking a risk or cutting slots/reruns. I fear the rare wins like Dr Stone just validate this tactic to them. Crunchyroll keeps them on the hook just enough, nothing too popular, and most definitely nothing that isn’t a sequel. But occasionally something so they feel like CR is still a willing source of content. Ratings are meaningless at this point. Especially with adult swim expanding. It’s gonna become a norm for patches of AS to do shitty, so why not play around and try to find some new things that work?
  3. They have the funding. The problem is Demarco wants a Lamborghini when he has the budget for a Honda. Rather than accept the Lamborghini is impractical and unobtainable under the current circumstances, he would rather just walk over being seen in something that isn’t a Lamborghini.
  4. I have no doubt he was a regular in those /co/ threads in the early years. You don’t just roll up to an unfamiliar website and just assume the people there talk about you like that. Once his snarky misspelling became a permanent nickname is probably when he stopped hanging around. I will give him the benefit of the doubt that back in those days, he was doing genuine research for what direction various groups wanted to see the block take, rather than just searching for stuff to be angry about. Like it or not, the /co/ threads had always been the most unfiltered opinions on the block back in those days, where most other places were just agreeing with everything that happened. I think the only time Toonami fans of all walks banded together was against GXP. Not to say all their opinions have value though. They have been saying the block is on the brink of cancellation since probably day 1, and while I haven’t browsed those threads myself in a couple of years, I have a sneaking suspicion that sentiment is still going strong.
  5. Nah, he has been acting like a clown on twitter for years, Elon is just something new for people to be angry about. Demarco is one of those type of people who say they are totally going to leave twitter forever because Elon ruined it then never leave because he is addicted to the attention and validation he gets from it, and it’s too hard to farm that back on a new platform. Remember around this time last year when he claimed he was closing up shop on Toonami discussion for good? And then a week later he was hosting an AMA. I have my doubts that he actively follows here, but I do think now and then if he is bored he might pass by and scroll through. There are only a couple of active Toonami communities left on the Internet, so it’s not too big of a task to check on them now and then.
  6. I wouldn’t count it out 100% because Sentai is known to loop back to an old show and dub it years later, but if it’s BD is coming out, they aren’t planning a dub anytime soon.
  7. We could all benefit from that advice. Social media is designed to agitate you to you will engage with it longer. I’m cool with that, after last season I’m feeling major Lupin fatigue. I’d really like to see at least one show this year that isn’t a sequel. Demarco did say Eizouken would be on his radar immediately if a dub was released, so that’s not a bad guess. It may not be new, but it’s dub is, so that would explain the extra legwork.
  8. True, but unfortunately the garbage still leaks in sometimes. For example, this entire conversation started because he cracked a joke about Uzumaki to a response to an unrelated tweet. That’s one of the only signs of life we have seen of Uzumaki in quite awhile, so it was worth sharing. But it came attached to one of his weird takes. You might be on to something here. Even just 5-7 years ago, he was a lot more chill. He would still lash out, but it was a lot rarer, and now and then was actually justified. Now he is one of those dudes that has to wear all his personal politics on his sleeve for all to see. Another thing it could be was Toonami was a lot more alive back then. So he had block work to keep him off twitter, and the block was always doing something fresh for him to talk about. Compare to this year, it’s June and we are only starting our second pickup of the year. Can’t really talk about Toonami when Toonami is barely doing anything
  9. I doubt it, he makes an ass out of himself on this account too frequently to believe he has a separate account. If you think some of his takes are spicy, look at some of the dumb shit he responds to. He is one of those guys who thinks it’s an epic own to say someone pays for twitter. Not that I’d ever pay for twitter, but I’m also not wasting my time responding to people who do. Demarco is just really oblivious to the world around him. His opinions are always right, if you challenge them in any way, it’s a personal attack in his eyes. Remember that time he went on an industry stream, representing both Williams Street and Production IG, with a shirt that said FUCK RACISM and was shocked and upset that they censored it? He is like that kid we all knew in high school who would spread messages and wear shirts with a sentiment that isn’t necessarily wrong, but is presented in the most inappropriate way possible so they make it a big deal when they are forced to change or remove it. It should come as no shock that a Japanese company, with Japans much different approach to business, doesn’t want a circus clown with FUCK on his shirt in massive letters representing them. Of course, Demarco tried to flip the script and claim since racism is bad, he should be able to do whatever he wants. Shit like this is why I’m not super shocked Toonami doesn’t have a whole lot of allies to call on in our time of need if this is how he always is when dealing with Japan. I really wish Toonami news was properly conveyed via the Facebook page so I could just never look at this guys twitter, or twitter at all for that matter. But it’s not, so we are forced to wade through this ocean of shit to occasionally find a nugget related to the block.
  10. He has been doing that for years. Sometimes he will respond to something everyone forgot about from weeks prior. And it’s not like these are noteworthy people, just random sub 100 followers who are just talking about Toonami. I could see responding if it was someone more significant, let’s say one of the Toonami Faithful crew, but when you see him seek out comments from nobodies to defend himself against makes him come off as really insecure in his own opinions. A couple times I have even seen him comment on statements made on entirely separate websites. For a guy who claims to not have any free time to research anime for the block to air, he sure has a lot of time to hatescroll twitter every day.
  11. Is he suggesting he doesn’t like Transformers at all, or just that he doesn’t care for the films? I don’t think he is completely anti Transformers. I mean, it’s his personal twitter account. He can shitpost on it however he sees fit. I feel like the only reason a lot of people follow him is now and then he drops a snippet of Toonami related news. Without that, he wouldn’t be worth following because he would just be another rando spewing random drivel no one has any reason to care about. I’m not gonna see the Barbie movie either, nobody should care because it doesn’t matter.
  12. He actually answered that question in an interesting way. Ultimately, the choice is not his decision, but he did admit at the same time that he is consulted about where it airs. He could say, preferably not on Toonami, and the schedule team could tell him to kick rocks. But, he did win that Emmy, so if GT want a non Toonami premier, GT gets a non Toonami premier. Now, something way above everyone’s pay grade like CN getting chopped down and UWE moved to AS, I doubt anyone asked for opinions on that move, so can’t fault him for that. I would be interested to hear if other AS creators are given a voice on where they think their shows should air, or if that is a special luxury that is only afforded to Genndy. Considering almost every other premier in recent years on AS has been at the same time on Sundays, I have my doubts other creators get a chance like that.
  13. Let’s be real here, Genndy could think Toonami is a wet bowl of diarrhea, but he isn’t gonna say that in an official AMA with Adult Swim’s reddit account. Personally I always found “hate” to be the wrong terminology for his opinion on the block. Instead, he simply believes his material is too good for it. And his response there only further supports that. He wants his shows to stand on their own and not carry Toonami baggage. In a way, I can see from a creator aspect for why you would want that. But at the same time, I feel he undervalues how much Toonami and it’s fanbase elevated his career, and the Toonami audience rightfully feels slighted that we are only good enough for reruns in his eyes.
  14. I think it’s two things 1. Thursday is a straight doodoo time to premier anything at midnight. People are tired from work and probably gotta go to work in the morning. Genndy’s hateboner for Toonami really harms his own projects. 2. Overexposure. It doesn’t matter how good or popular a show is, beating people over the head with it breeds fatigue as well as apathy. UWE isn’t popular enough to see rampant spoilers, so people see no urgency to show for the premier. If Thursday is no good, catch it Friday. Toonami fan? Just watch it during the block you are going to be there to watch regardless. Or, tune in to one of the multiple marathons sure to happen. Too many options fragments ratings, though AS may like that if they don’t value one high performing premier slot over multiple mediocre rerun slots.
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