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  1. I’ll show you a seabiscuit. *pulls down trousers*
  2. Here is a pic does anyone want to cut it out for me? I’ll pay you.
  3. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EkRYuMqw-B0&pp=ygUcMTYgdG9ucyB0ZW5uZXNzZWUgZXJuaWUgZm9yZA%3D%3D
  4. I don’t care no mo…. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4JKvfdZwytc
  5. Lemming

    Steam Deck

    Arrrg. Yowwwlll. Now if I want a pro experience from the master chief collection, I have to buy a steam deck? I guess it’s good to know it’s available.
  6. i am getting tested for allergic reactions later in the spring. I almost died when I went in the hospital for back pain and they gave me contrast and morphine 😄
  7. Gooooood question. Nighty night.
  8. If you say so. I’d be happy. You’re American middle class. You have access to medicine, right? And internet. I’m glad though that I made you sad, I think 🤔
  9. That’s another 3 I didn’t play thanks to uncle sams greediness.
  10. What if you’re a horse? That my friend, has boggled minds for ages. Or a couple hundred years. Anyways, remember this?
  11. Do you need to fire inside the internal furnace to be considered a man?
  12. Ok, you got me. I fux kids. Why? Because it’s fun
  13. This is what they listen to So not very kinky, ya dig?
  14. They are made out of silicate fibers. How you like something like that asking you if you want to grind down another pound?
  15. Don’t talk about them! They’ll attack me while I sleep 😱
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