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  1. You ever been in a hospital when a patient with advanced autism takes a blast of primo? I am not suggesting you provide cannabis to people with low tolerances.. but still bbbbbbbrreee
  2. i sowwy. Pig maeks water. So intense.
  3. If language were an indicator, I would say hiatus is like a finely tailored mead
  4. Yes! That’s the stuff I used to buy. 🫰🤙 now I get dha omega 3. I have some oat milk though. no shortages here
  5. I hear you say that wistfully. Is Circle K bad?
  6. I know, it’s a waste of bandwidth.
  7. Waited til near zero hour to come out with it. Planarians, fibrous tundra, thc gummies
  8. That’s some impressive gnar you got there
  9. Please put a silver bullet between Rigby’s somniferous almond eyes. If you gotta know, he was my best bud :’(
  10. The powers that be want him condemned to death! But I am a passionate war lord. He’s just gonna have to pay a hefty fine and maybe make an appearance at Valero every few months. Darned Koch brothers. I will get you yet!
  11. ✨🎃 sprites have come a long way. But not long enough
  12. Prenatal pondering Casual Conjecture Serendipitous Slander Xenophobic In-Zecutus there might be a spelling idk i could go on but the limelight is fading
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