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  1. Songs can be nice allusions to better days, but when you break things down you’re almost always left with a pile of legos that are seemingly interchangeable and lack all means of uniformity. I have tried living my life by song and it’s harder than one might think. It can also get you in trouble if you start singing Gregorian chant at a VGM expo. I may or may not have personal experience with that.
  2. It is now your duty to go forth and populate the Earth with little versions of him and you
  3. Yes. I’m shaqin’ and booty quacking. It’s not funny.
  4. You have a doctorate in mathematics? What the hell are you even doing here? 😛😜
  5. If you ever achieve the level of PhD in any pursuit of science than I will gladly accept your advice. There are more naysayers than you can shake a stick at on both sides of the fence. I am only pointing out a GRAND ineptitude in society in that when one addiction is given up, another inevitably takes it’s place. A sick duality.
  6. The object I was pointing out was that speaking to an addiction specialist or aa member about a medication issue is going to have different outcomes than that of a psychiatrist or pharmacist. Maybe getting high shouldn’t be the message, the video and it’s admirable hooks aside. But I like not feeling bad so bottoms up.
  7. Yeah, I’ve heard that from people in support groups for addiction. It’s really just a matter of choice if you are anxious or depressed.
  8. I need a camera to my eye, to my eye, deciding which lies that I’ve been hiding, which echoes belong
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