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  1. Do you sleep with a balloon?

    I haven't seen a balloon in years. D:
  2. What are you playing?

    I could probably do that, but I have such a backlog of games if I went and did that I would never finish what I have. Also Mystical Ninja <3 That's Goemon's Great Adventure game over screen if I'm not mistaken
  3. What are you playing?

    That really doesn't surprise me at all, but I'm sure you can. Also if I ever could, I would love to get, and play the version with Mike Tyson, and the other games in this series, I've honestly always been interested in them.
  4. do you sleep with the tv on?

    Bob's Burgers for me actually.
  5. I missed most of Predator on AMC.

    I still haven't seen that movie. D:
  6. Poof is my girlfriend.

    But is it too many, or not enough?
  7. happy day of birth, in a belated kind of way.

    D: I'm later than everyone else but happy birthday.
  8. Poof is my girlfriend.

    That's so many girlfriends.
  9. Halo night

    I need to get that soon. I didn't realize I could actually play it on the Xbone.
  10. What are you playing?

    Started playing Punch out for the first time through about an hour ago on the nes classics thing on the Switch. Made it to the third circuit and got completely destroyed. I'm enjoying it, and I will beat it soonish.
  11. Halo night

    I would hope not.
  12. Halo night

    I really want to play both of them honestly, but yeah they will never be brought over to modern systems.
  13. Gaming clips

    I still think you were just trying to blow me up that one time.
  14. Halo night

    Halo 3 is fun, but I really want to play Burnout 3, or Revenge.
  15. I love Blast Corps but

    I have a few platinum. I have no idea if you get anything for it, but they are rough.