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  1. I've never seen it. >.> To be fair there are a lot of movies that I haven't seen.
  2. 😧 You're not ignoring me are you?
  3. I've been playing a lot of Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled. I honestly have a new favorite kart racer.
  4. I just played that recently on the Capcom Beat em Up collection, it was so much fun.
  5. I've been waiting for Banjo-Kazooie in Smash. I don't have the game yet, but I need to pick it up before they come out
  6. I can't really give too much advice that's already been said, but you should definitely talk to her. From our past you've always been a really nice person, and I always enjoyed reading what you had to say. I'm sure if you two talked a bit something might happen, if not though, at least you tried. I do really hope things go well though.
  7. Happy Birthday. I hope you're having a wonderful time today. =3
  8. I haven't seen a balloon in years. D:
  9. I could probably do that, but I have such a backlog of games if I went and did that I would never finish what I have. Also Mystical Ninja <3 That's Goemon's Great Adventure game over screen if I'm not mistaken
  10. That really doesn't surprise me at all, but I'm sure you can. Also if I ever could, I would love to get, and play the version with Mike Tyson, and the other games in this series, I've honestly always been interested in them.
  11. Bob's Burgers for me actually.
  12. I still haven't seen that movie. D:
  13. But is it too many, or not enough?
  14. D: I'm later than everyone else but happy birthday.
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