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  1. She is having dreams of being either a bunny or a t-rex.
  2. She is adorable and broke her leg and had surgery. Send her your power a la Spirit Bomb method.
  3. Like everyone else who has a mental crisis, I have done dyed my hair.
  5. I just had to bring it up that you randomly hybridized two gimmicks of the same guy and it made me glad.
  6. UM, ACTUALLY The Booty Man/The Disciple AKA Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake.
  7. I think you'd enjoy it of you're a fan of Pepsi. It does indeed have a strong marshmallow taste.
  8. I pride myself on having tried every flavor of Mountain Dew, but I couldn't even finish that one.
  9. "Ah yes, I do so desire doritos, cheetos, and funyuns, but how can I get those flavors in a mere potato chip?" "Just... eat the doritos, cheetos, and funyuns?" "Poppycock!"
  10. If I did have one it would mostly say "participant." I can't really say I have any major accomplishments boardwise except I was the inciting actor in fan club night in IB and also malonloveslink named me as the propagator of the "sophistry is terrible" meme although I really just rode on KaptKrunch's coattails there. Stolen Valor, if anything. Although I was proud of my SwimMod Fanfic series.
  11. I didn't believe it, but the video still makes a good point. Why other flavors of oreos to begin with?
  12. Where have all the good men gone, and where are all the gods?
  13. It wasn't so bad when sipping, tastes like a frosted cola cake. But taking big gulps was bad news. I'm not a fan of peeps to begin with so the full marshmallow flavor instead of the low key sugar flavor was too much.
  14. They really dropped the ball with the labeling. Like, we all know it's Peepsi, but they're like "no, we have to say both brands and portmanteaus hurt marketing blu blu blu" or some shit like that.
  15. Ever since I was 16, the vehicle I have driven has been named "The Sexmobile." Currently I drive a Jeep Renegade, and it is The Sexmobile Mark V. That is the official name.
  16. Aka the limited edition flavor thread. Here's a nice Peepsi Cola for everyone.
  17. Clue. Perfect cast, perfect writing, perfect performances.
  18. If consequences exist, I'd stick to something really mild. Like just a really basic kind of spell of protection. Ward off any kind of evil juju at the expense of people thinking I'm a weirdo.
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