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  1. You think Floridians haven't tried AND FAILED to live at one of those Disney attractions time and time again? They stopped tasing people in '05. They just shoot 'em now. You're gonna get found and you're gonna get shot. That's the best case scenario, btw. You could end up being lobotomized and placed in a Mickey suit.
  2. On a train this is a Tuesday.
  3. Waffle House A lot of shit happens there and I don't know if i'm just missing it or what, but there's never any damage control on social media or through the press. They don't give a shit.
  4. i'm crying laughing right now 'cause I used to do what nabs is suggesting and I got THIS reaction a lot....pretty much every time.....ahh, the memories @Doom Metal Alchemist A lot of this is trial and error, dude....life experience sorts out a lot of the road blocks you come across and you can't fear failure to the point where it paralyzes you. What you do here all the time, starting these group discussions where you put yourself and your troubles in plain view for everyone to pick apart, that's way harder than talking to girls. Perspective is a bitch and it's distorting your view of these "problems" and their ultimate impact on your life. Anyway, what I mainly came here to say is if your music career takes off and you're suddenly bombarded with pussy, don't make the mistake of tying yourself down to the first hot girl that touches your dick. It's going to feel amazing, she's going to tell you everything you ever wanted to hear, but you stay strong dammit. In fact you don't even take your pants off for the first couple of years. You're going to be a zipper down, bang, get our of there, type of guy. For the first couple of years I want you to focus on putting up Wilt Chamberlain numbers. Then after, when the touring ends and you've dropped off your drummer at the rehab facility for the final time, then and only then, can you consider settling down. Trust me on this. You won't regret it.
  5. That's going to need to change. Scrubs will never hold a gun holster.
  6. Lmao, my sister tells me these old guy creep stories all the time. I'm going to tell you what I told her...."play rap music as loud as you can. It's old guy repellent. Also, stop dressing like an old lady. You're confusing these old fucks."
  7. That's a mouth-full, I know. It used to be called something else, but never mind... I read they're doing studies on this now. I was surprised to learn it was actually real. I thought it was some bullshit leftover from Mice and Men. I started thinking of a scenario where they figure out how to give athletes increased physical capabilities because of this, but the down side is a downgrade in mental acuity. There's just a coach in the locker room with a syringe yelling, "YOU WANT THAT GOLD MEDAL OR NOT!?"
  8. Did you just describe the robots that make up voltron?
  9. ...just to keep his tigers. You're gonna tell me flying a rocket shaped like a dick into space is more gay than that. I mean the only other people in the mansion tiger game at the time were Siegfried and Roy. Yeah, I lost an argument earlier today and i've had time to think about it and i'm going for round two here. What's gayer, rockets or tigers? Make your arguments.
  10. You just gotta get drunk first and then chill out with a glass or three of this...what.....alcoholic grape juice? It's fantastic! i'm kidding, obviously, this shit sucks....I'm out of anything else and I haven't drank in a while and i'm dead set on blacking out right now... If only I still had my motorcycle....riding drunk is even more fun than driving drunk....everything is so much more tactile
  11. Happy Birthday kinda goes without sayin', 'cause how can it not be a happy day for you....balloons everywhere, i'm guessin' enjoy, my guy
  12. Mix

    Jesus fuck

    I guess it's not the worst origin story
  13. Every apartment has a view of the Eiffel Tower. You can't ask for a better artistic catalyst for every painter, author, or film maker in that city. Also, a great place to jump off of when all those dreams come crashing down.
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