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  1. Have a free listen to this epic..masterpiece as a token of my appreciation. :420: :brownbottle: :beer:
  2. Well 7 zip works.. If I'm going to freakin keep rappin though.. and actually make ANYTHING WORTH A DAMN in my life time.. I'm fuckin gonna need some damn tech support or something I'M SORRY... /RANT. I record off an outdated DAW that an outdated DJ probably cracked to put on my computer anyway.. every verse or audio bit I record has all these different files that end up getting saved to my computer. When I'm finally done I can export the final track and convert it to mp3 or what ever I want, but still.. SO MANY FILES. So much work just to get the lame stuff I get. I have a terabite hardrive, and atleast 10gigs of ram but damn. 1 WAV file is..to quote my dj friend that sold me 36 in a row... Huge.RAR
  3. I googled my question and 7 zip popped up... I just don't want one of those "the program is free, but have all this extra garbage because they sponsor us crap" I'm very weary of downloading free shit with this computer...Thanks though it seems your not the only one that uses 7 zip. O0
  4. So apparently the problem is I dont have a program that can open RAR files. Winzip was good when it worked.. and when it was working it saved the wav files to it so I dint bother moving them onto my drive for space reasons.. and I have like 20 something beats still in RAR form. I think I only moved a few of the WAVs I extracted from the first of three monster files homeboy gave me entitled "huge 1-10" S: So course of action.. Uninstal this lame ass program that wants me to pay to view MY shit, when it can't even figure out if I have internet connection. -_' Then FIND A BETTER PROGRAM FOR EXTRACTING ZIP FILES AND VIEWING THE CONTENTS OF "RAR" files. I vaguely remember a program I used in the past.. winRAR, but I think it came with a bunch of unwanted, and potentially unsafe shit with it.. >(
  5. Whats the best free zip file extractor I can get for windows 10? I installed "Winzip universal" when I bought all these beats from this guy because he gave me them all in fuckin wav files.. apparently he couldn't even fit them all in 1 rar file so I have like 3 big ass packs of rar files..and the point is it's my birthday and I hate computers and fuck!! Winzip says my 20 day free trial has expired and I have no internet connection.
  6. I think murder would be the appropriate course of action.
  7. Future you sounds like a real dick. I hope you don't turn out that way..
  8. If you are serious about rap which I'm sure you're not... anyway I made this on my phones notepad when I couldn't sleep last night. Kinda lost it around the end where I said "perfectness". I kept trying to switch up the rhyme and getting stuck on the I sounds though. Whatevah.. Guess I shouldn't 've been 's ignorant. Is it really any wonder why I'm in this Predicament? Riddle me this Batman; you ever feigned innocence? Pigeon shit, fiddlesticks; bent little pencil dicked; insolent fools; pretendin' to befriend ya so that then they can lift yer shit. Era! I guess I've been jipped again..Time t' hit the Ritalin; spit the rhyme like Eminem. Switch it on da fly before I get sick of it. Shic-chica- chic! This shit it isn't pencil-wipped.. the story of my life..as if you really give a shit.. I'll just stop there I'm trying to get away from that rhyming those same sounds and keep it fresh.
  9. This shit seemed more lit yesterday. Umm. ..
  10. In a round about way.. Funny thing is I'm doing way better financially, and spiritually even than these people. :420: :brownbottle: :beer:
  11. I'd probably do it given the chance. At least eperiment with it.
  12. Bingo. Now buy me a drink and get it here as fast as you can. I'm the newest member you know. :brownbottle: :beer:
  13. Shit sucked I probably would've been clean in another day, but they caught me fair and square.. Though I don't think violating someone's urine without probable cause is fair, but hey.. That's legal and :420: isn't.
  14. Man I thought this community was as good as dead.. I'd already given up on it.
  15. Me to though I guess I've kind of had one, but not a fun one. I got fired from my job working security because of :420:
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