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  1. Opinion on ads?

    I'll swap to a smaller banner.
  2. Opinion on ads?

    this is the only thing that should have changed, layout-wise
  3. Opinion on ads?

    I'm gonna try it out. Ads should maybe start appearing only in the header of the page in a day or so.
  4. Opinion on ads?

    It depends on the type of ad, some are pay per impression, some are pay per click and some are only pay if the user clicks and buys something/signs up. In order of low to high from the value we'd get from each.
  5. Been thinking about adding a single banner ad to the site so we don't have to rely so much on donations. How do you guys feel about it? I feel like most of you already use ad blockers so it'd only matter for the randos we get anyways.
  6. Ranch dressing on pizza

    I dip pizza in ranch sometimes. Usually if it's leftovers and has gotten a little dry from being in the fridge overnight.
  7. Door to door sales are a scam. The only exception is lawn care services.
  8. Kind of a tall order

    I mean, it would be easy to add sort of but not really that functional for a few reasons: Most browsers either already have or will start blocking autoplay audio this year. Very few people want to hear audio playing on a webpage. You would need to link that audio from somewhere you're legally allowed to stream it or we risk copyright strikes. We have no real way to enforce/check #3.
  9. Lets trip balls today

    Yeah I used to use Linux as a desktop OS. I would if I didn't play a lot of Windows only games. I do use it on all my servers though.
  10. Mine means "Salmon" if you go back a bit and "Sea owner" if you go back far enough. I'm guessing we owned a lot of coastline at some point and then eventually just became fishermen or something.
  11. cock

  12. It's not flawed to point out that your views are shared by others, especially those who publicly share their views to manipulate and spread unethical opinions. "Guilt by association" doesn't apply when you aren't being accused of something. Your opinion is what's under fire, and the fact that it is the same as the opinion of unethical, morally reprehensible, downright evil people is absolutely appropriate to point out.
  13. Whether you realize it or not, the views you've expressed here are exactly those of right wing neocon pundits. If the fact that I called attention to it makes you upset, perhaps you should evaluate why you're in agreement with such disgusting and reprehensible people.
  14. As someone who was molested and abused as a child and didn't have anyone believe me, I fully support this movement and support attacking creepy fucks who try to touch people who don't want it - regardless of how far it goes.
  15. I rarely get high

    Something makes me think you've got better ideas on how to chill than just smoking a bowl.