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  1. RIP Luuv. I keep paying the bill for this place mostly for his memory.
  2. Oh god what didn't I get banned for? Being a pervert, flaming, and "hacking" mostly. Ironically never got punished for the one time I actually participated in some hacking.
  3. Hi all, This forum will now be regularly going down for maintenance every two weeks on Monday nights around 1AM EST. These maintenance windows should generally take between 5-10 minutes.
  4. Tonight at midnight EST, the site will go down for an expected 30-40 minutes for a security and software upgrade.
  5. Most people wont get any, and that's fine. But when you click the "notify me of replies" checkbox when replying to something, you will get emails for those. Most of the issues we've had with bad emails have been those - and private message deliveries. (To be clear, I can't see the contents of those - but when an invalid email bounces back I do see the subject line in the notification)
  6. To prevent spam, email servers will blacklist other email servers that send bad emails. So if we try to send a bunch of emails for replies to posts you get to [email protected] and that email doesn't exist... we get flagged as spam and cant send emails anymore.
  7. I'm receiving too many complaints from our mail handler about messages bounced back from invalid email address or email addresses that have marked our emails as spam. I will be implementing an automated process that will remove these emails and by result, disable the accounts they are registered to. If you do not want to lose access to your account, please ensure you are properly receiving emails from us immediately. This process has not yet started. I need to write a small program to handle it. When I get around to it, I will update this topic with a 72 hour warning before putting it into operation.
  8. I've been trying to get a research paper published for a few months, other than that I had a poem published in a magazine when I was 7, that's about it. I'd really like to write a nonfiction book about my research and methologies, but given that my field is technical and established methods change in weeks to months, printed medium isn't the best place for it.
  9. No cases here yet, which is surprising considering my wife works in a public facing job, but we're doing our best to stay sanitized and safe. A couple cases in the family though, and 2 dead friends earlier this year.
  10. This shit broke my heart. I was looking forward to seeing him act for decades.
  11. Not crawlers, but likely mostly automated scripts looking for amateur hour stuff like unsecured wordpress or phpmyadmin.
  12. It could be that, or it could be people just scanning blocks of IP addresses.
  13. No clue, I don't see anything in the error logs. Must have been a hiccup on the server provider's side.
  14. But it happens. Thought this was interesting enough to share with y'all.
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