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  1. Working, life. My wife and I are getting ready to move about 300 miles so things are busy.
  2. But when I do, the first thing I see is something about horse fucking. Keep on being unique.
  3. To quote a former ASMB member: "I feel sorry for the poor horse you stole that thing from"
  4. In his goodbye video he literally talks about how making the voices is tearing up the inside of his throat too.
  5. OH YEAH someone tried to tell me his label was white supremacist bc they thought the "88" was code for heil hitler lmfao
  6. Yeah I'm glad he stopped doing his meme videos before his voice got ruined. Despite how much I miss them, his music is amazing.
  7. The milk from the breast of the bourgeois is sweet, but it will dry up quickly.
  8. No, because I'm not a scab. I don't buy from or work for companies under strike.
  9. Cluster headache. I had one once that lasted 16 hours. About 12 hours in I was sitting in the closet with a .45 pressed against my head trying to psych myself up enough to blow my brains out so I wouldn't have to feel it anymore. Luckily these days I have handy little pills that dissolve under my tongue and end it within 15 minutes. It's still extremely painful and horrid, but short at least.
  10. Ads are being removed shortly. This experiment is over.
  11. FourScore64-1146629709075079168-20190704_000000-vid1.mp4
  12. Throbbing veiny dick
  13. Learn to speak another language. There are few harder to learn than English - maybe Mandarin Chinese and some lesser spoken dialects of proto-slavic languages.
  14. I stream raids sometimes but basically only so my team can review our performance. I've never really promoted it.
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