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  1. Yep. I tend to only catch it every 4-5 years but when I do it's generally REALLY nasty so I've started getting the shot in the case I do catch whatever prevalent strain is going around and hopefully don't have to suffer too bad.
  2. Sometime late tomorrow afternoon I will be installing a patch to the IPB forum software as well as regular operating system updates. The site should be down for 30-60 seconds at most during this time.
  3. I had to apply a quick update to stop an ongoing memory leak on the server. The site was down for a few seconds while I restarted the web server and the issue is now resolved.
  4. K_N


    Control the means of reproduction. Cock for all.
  5. I will be installing security updates to the servers tonight at 11:00PM EST. The site may become unavailable for around 30 seconds at most.
  6. millions of people dead from smoking FDA: "i sleep" 6 people dead from vaping FDA: "REAL SHIT"
  7. Narak Naraku works in a similar field to me. Making well over $40k a year in our industry is pretty common unless you're bad at your job.
  8. So it says no left turn and you turned left? I'm not seeing how that's a trap... it didn't say "No left turn, but slight left turns are OK".
  9. Reads like "you're an amazing author but we don't know if you'll make us money" to me.
  10. The upgrade has been completed.
  11. The site will go down sometime around 1:00AM EST to install security updates and should be back up within 15 minutes.
  12. Working, life. My wife and I are getting ready to move about 300 miles so things are busy.
  13. But when I do, the first thing I see is something about horse fucking. Keep on being unique.
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