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  1. But it happens. Thought this was interesting enough to share with y'all.
  2. The site will go down for security and software upgrades around 12:30AM EST, Friday morning. I estimate these updates will take no longer than 10 minutes, but the downtime could last up to 1 hour in the worst case.
  3. I haven't been around in a while, regale me with tails of your individual adventures.
  4. The site will will briefly go offline tonight around 1am to install system and software security updates. I estimate the total downtime to be less than 20 minutes.
  5. We are about a month behind on payments and the IPB license is expired at the moment as well. I keep the payments on my credit card so it wont go down or anything though.
  6. Katt's estimate is super close. Server runs around ~$92 a month right now, adding up to $1100+ tax. Email service is about $14/month, adding up to about $170+ tax. Another $20 or so per year to renew the domain. $25/6 months to keep IPB up to date, adding up to $50 +tax, so about $1340 give or take depending on our traffic and email usage. Throw in $12 for the couple red bulls I gotta buy whenever I do security updates. 😩
  7. Charity Pool status: With a 50/50 split, that's almost enough to pay for a month of server time already, and enough to neuter like... 3 or 4 animals or buy a couple video games for sick kids or something.
  8. I wish I made that much. Even if I didn't pay any rent it'd still take me 7 months to save up that much extra.
  9. No, the vet hospital told us to keep his diet the same and just increase his Methimazole dosage.
  10. Yeah. There's pictures of the diagnosis and quotes in there. $4000-6000 to remove the tumor on his thyroid, and another $5000 or so for chemo for the lymphoma. We've already spent ~$8000 or so to get this far.
  11. My wife's cat is very sick and we need a ton of money to get his treatment done. Even if you can't donate, if you could share this on social media or among friends I'd appreciate it more than anything. We're trying our hardest to save his life. https://www.gofundme.com/f/corey-cats-medical-fund
  12. The idea isn't so much to create an extra force but to replace existing forces. Remove the ability for wild actor states (say, one temporarily controlled by a criminally insane moron) to lash out unilaterally and harm the others.
  13. Only if the mechs contain the souls of their mothers.
  14. A friend and I were recently discussing our mutual hatred for the US military industrial complex and how to resolve the issue of the need for military force without it. Obviously the idea has been floated around a lot and there are tons of criticisms for existing plans - what do you think would make it work or what do you think would keep it from ever working? We were imagining some base rules like A committee of 1 appointed leader from each member nation must have a 70/30 majority approval for all campaigns/operations. All campaigns must be publicized transparently as immediately as is possible without risking the lives of members involved. Forces must be comprised of only volunteers. Service members would only be deployed to regions they do not have ties to. Member nations must all provide for the mental/physical well being of service members during and after service. We think that those rules would cover the majority of complaints about such a system, but what do you guys think?
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