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  1. It's kind of a win for progressives more than anything. Pelosi had to acknowledge and embrace them as members of the party in order to defend them. It isn't good democratic leadership, sure, but it's not really all that great for the right either because it helps us shift the nation back to the left so that "center" won't be right wing policies. Keep in mind that forces at play here work in a variety of ways. Trump was proof that most Republicans are cool with racism. Not only was he used to equate the party with Nazis, he pulled the whole party to him and now he does represent the party. Highlighting the far left as representative of the Democratic party pushes it in that direction, and the constant vilification of socialism, just like the constant vilification of Trump, will backfire when people get tired of hearing it. Trump might win, but that's going to set the stage for the pendulum to swing left hard. And it will.
  2. I hope it's real. It's the day after my birthday. A bunch of dumb fuck conspiracy believing mistakes no longer walking around wasting good air would be a nice birthday present.
  3. I know people who need to know this and it makes me sad.
  4. Take your point and move on before i take it back.
  5. I can't argue with any of that. Credit where credit is due, I guess. Still not going to forget you wanting to march immigrants to the gas chambers.
  6. Look you Nazi piece of shit, please register Democrat if your state has closed primaries and vote for her. I'm not gonna stop hating you for being a Nazi piece of shit but I'll take what i can get politically at this point. You can still vote for Trump in the general if anyone else wins the nomination.
  7. Yeah what the fuck? I like her. Conservatives liking her too is weird. She's not conservative at all. Am I missing something? I know she grew up in a conservative family that hated gay people but I believe she has been able to grow from that and is not a bigot, but if I'm wrong someone correct me.
  8. Felt these ones, yeah. I'm about 100 miles south of the epicenter. It wasn't destructive but it was strong. And it freaked my dogs out. They didn't need that after all the fireworks
  9. If you raise minimum wage, prices will go up, and hours may be cut, but not like that. Businesses have record profits. They can afford to pay more and keep everything else the same. They employ who they employ not just because they can afford it, but because they have a need for that labor. A minimum wage wouldn't chnage that need and may actually increase it as more people would have disposable income for buying stuff. But if you really want to fix things? Restore the power of unions. Make it possible for every worker to join a union. Give them teeth. Wages will rise accross the board. Want more? Co-detrimination policies that allow workers of larger businesses to vote for almost half of who serves on the board of directors work really well in Germany and other places. We could do that too. Add to that a program to help people start worker cooperatives, and a lot of your problems are solved.
  10. Ranked choice voting is ideal, I think, for fixing that. But there are other issues. The two current parties have built a myriad of laws and procedures to prevent any third party from gaining power and then have turned politics into a team sport. We need to lower the barrier of entrance for third parties as well. Finance reform would also be a great way level the playing field, as would open primaries.
  11. Kill a man. Nothing really brings the appreciation of life like watching it fade in the eyes of another.
  12. Please use his real name: Mitch the Bitch or Bitch Mitch.
  13. I shut down anyone trying to sell me on literally anything. If I want something, I'll make that choice on my own.
  14. Yeah, that's not a problem with immigration. You have a shitty job for a shitty company. Be mad at them for their shitty policy, not people who are only trying to make a better life. You should have an option to note that the customer can't respond to the question due to language barriers. Your company is retarded.
  15. I live in a majority Hispanic area. I meet all kinds of people who don't speak English and it really hasn't hurt me at all. Not sure why it's a big deal. I mean, I know why (xenophobia), but it's not founded on anything legitimate. Immigrants provide a net benefit to the societies they join, even if they don't speak the language, even if they send some of the money they make home.
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