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  1. I don't understand how some of you are 30+ and still virgins

    Best decision you've ever made
  2. I don't understand how some of you are 30+ and still virgins

    I've fucked a lot of mentally ill chicks....I'm not hearing this
  3. I'm not here to ridicule you, I'm legit confused. Like in my adult life I've fallen ass backwards into sex several time...Not looking for it, not even thinking about it but before the night ended I just wound up in a vagina. I mean I feel like you have to actively refuse sex to not have had it....It's not that difficult a thing to find. Sometimes it finds you. Now I do understand you few who just don't want it....It's a choice and I respect that. But haven't you at least been offered it, even if you don't want it? Like I don't give a shit about Ghostie....I'm pretty sure he just doesn't want it.....But Sponges, he was pure until like maybe 8 years ago (Don't remember the exact timeline, just know it was around when my son was born).....How did it take that long. And Doomer.....I'm not too sure about Doomer...I don't want to make any assumptions, but I mean being in a band pretty much means you've been around at least one drunk chick who threw the pussy at you. I'm no Adonis, hell...I'm not even sociable....But I have just ran into a cheap thrill on accident. Why does god hate you.
  4. raise your hand if you love ass

    And this is why you're a virgin
  5. I finally know what a baby shower is

    I've been to several, and there were other dudes there.....We got drunk and ate the free food. There was food, but not man food.....Cupcakes and veggie trays and shit like that.
  6. What does BBC stand for? (wrong answers only)

    Bitch be calm
  7. i want find some one to date

    I would send you some quotes, but then you'll just act ornery and tap out.....I'd rather just let you have a good day.
  8. i want find some one to date

    That's the way I feel when you champion racists but I don't get all uppity about it. And defense....You mean defense.
  9. i want find some one to date

    LOL, triggered
  10. i want find some one to date

    Not today Sandstone
  11. i want find some one to date

    No....You're not. He'll get some pussy one day
  12. i want find some one to date

    Shut up ghostie.
  13. This tom meme is getting out of hand already

    People who meme but can't spell infuriate me.