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  1. I once flipped a roll of toilet paper from the toilet I was on, about 6ft from me, onto a towel rack. And promptly not a single soul believed me. Edit: after getting constantly made fun of for practicing my new form for disc golf, I managed to perfect it, and with the snap of my wrist, I went from about a 200 yard throw to about 400 yards. I got a hole in one on a 350 yard shot and on a later basket, I skipped the disc off of the ground and under some exposed roots for another hole in one.
  2. Maybe like 1/2 or 1/4 of that... or someone to eat it with
  3. Kill you with kindness
  4. You always have us 🥰
  5. Ok, I just formed a wrinkle in my brain reading this
  6. Murder weapons, fecal matter, haunting and cryptic videos on thumb drives
  7. I think the hackers use vpns setting their location to the Ukraine
  8. Looks like the United States needs to up their hacking game
  9. 1. Well, until recently I barely posted at all. Can't say I didn't break any rules. 2. I can't think of a single thing aside from making some people laugh. 3. I feel like this is asking a lot of commitment for a message board, we've collectively known each other for roughly 20 years, give or take a few for some people... yeah we've all had our differences, but I genuinely am glad we're all still here. I look forward to interacting with everyone.
  10. Man I say that all the time, people look at me like I'm retarded
  11. I hope they come here honestly. Their lunatics don't hold a candle to our lunatics.
  12. They're stains from drinking my morning Chef Boyardee straight from the can
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