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  1. There's also how back around 2010/11 or whenever, all the talks about making an American movie based on Bleach. Think they even talked about Naruto
  2. I thought the movie was pretty alright. From what I heard though the lead actor Emile Hirsch really took a big hit to his acting career with how poorly the movie was received. That reminds me of that Speed Racer cartoon they released around that time... I kind of liked that one at first, but it became so cheesy and stupid in no time at all.
  3. bonus points to anyone that gets the reference.
  4. WHY YOU GOT BAD TASTE MAN. It's basic common sense that something made in America is inherently better than the original.
  5. What are your plans for your refund? For me, between Fed and State I'm getting $1030 back. I am somewhat annoyed, it being the same amount as 2019 refund, which was around $150 less than 2018 refund despite the big T in office promising that refunds will be double. I'd like to do something fun or buy something nice, but considering I'm looking to buying a house in the next few months I'm forced to sit on the money. So if anything will probably just buy 1 or 2 games
  6. I do think the SG premise could work well, but given the track record Hollywood has... I'm assuming it will be something similar to the Death Note series in the sense that it will take place in an American setting with American characters. It could work but realistically it probably won't.
  7. So how long until we all end up inside the Matrix? I need to start brushing up on my kung fu.
  8. Have you considered starting a Patreon? If the answers no, could you support my Patreon?
  9. You make sure to slap him next time you see him to remind him who's the top dog.
  10. Tell @Quackers to get off his lazy bum and fix it like the man of the house that he's meant to be.
  11. Everyone should take into account that lupin has the attention span of a millennial that watches Fortnite videos everyday and is unable to read anything that takes more than 3 seconds to finish.
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