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  1. If it wasn't for Covid Season 5 probably would have come out last year...instead after Season 4 concluded it was just a longer wait until the next season
  2. Yeah that's a pretty random decision(not exactly an anime you can dump the average joe into at Episode 275)
  3. We'll See...You are probably right but then again adultswim sometimes makes decisions nobody can understand or explain..... they always do what they think is best for business and that doesn't always mean what's actually best for business
  4. who else agrees with me on this?...I Remember struggling to stay awake just to watch those episodes and i really shouldn't have had to do that but somehow i guess at the time toonami saw MHA as a declining series and dumped S3 near the end of the block.... Nobody was happy about that decision and I'm not convinced it won't happen again with S5....
  5. feels like it's been several years since MHA Aired on toonami...i know that's not the case but it just feels like it anyone else have that vibe about this?
  6. but considering there are people still fawning over 2 year DBS Episodes on toonami that have no clue anything else exists can we really say it'd be unexpected?
  7. honestly i think they've dialed back on this commercial...it's been awhile since i saw it on television haven't seen it while watching adultswim
  8. some chalk this up to people who don't have cable anymore and watch everything via streaming services
  9. yeah the one Demarco and crew have access to but nobody else does
  10. not that i know of....someone just decided this was a good idea for a commercial and there seems to be nothing it's connected to no clear reason for the monster theme whatsoever
  11. noticed adultswim uploaded the MHA S5 trailer to youtube and looking at the comments there were several actually surprised to see my hero academia on adultswim at all some even confused by it
  12. i think it happens because those are the only numbers we have access to and some people like to know how the shows they enjoy are doing because You can't really think if a show does horribly that toonami would keep it around unless the cost to air it is so cheap that they don't care
  13. which seems odd...as stated before this seems like an ad You'd run closer to halloween but that ad was posted on youtube by coca cola in march....
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