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  1. We'll have to deal with this for a year since it's unlikely this will clear up anytime soon
  2. i can see Kai And Super being back on the block to take up the missing slots
  3. honestly i fully expect kai and super to return to the block full time due to this
  4. you think Covid-19 will clear up sooner than anyone thinks?
  5. am i the only one who expects toonami for the rest of the year to be A Series of Kai And Super Marathons at this point....
  6. and right now everyone is craving some normalcy....but they can't get it
  7. i think many people here disagree for some reason
  8. and many people don't understand this....we're in a damn crazy pandemic right now yet a lot of people still aren't taking it seriously and just shrug it off as if it's no big deal if there was anytime not to pull the "everyone's overreacting card" it's now
  9. i assumed flattening the curve/social distancing existed so as to not collapse the hospitals and put too much strain on the healthcare system i don't see how that can happen if most people think covid-19 is a hoax and are continuing to gather somehow a small minority can't really flatten the curve there's literally a judge in my state whose frustrated that there are more people disobeying the guidelines than following them and is considering A Mandatory lockdown in his county where people can't leave the house at all not even for groceries or a simple walk
  10. except I've heard that nintendo doesn't really trust it's employees enough to send them home with content for future games so working from home isn't really feasible for them honestly indie games probably won't be affected too much but anything bigger will be in trouble
  11. since most people seem to be ignoring social distancing....toonami may need to figure out a long term plan
  12. without any income coming in for most people.....where's that leave the video game industry? they can't really keep going if most people can't even afford to buy them
  13. 8 cases in my county and never ever talks about my town.....
  14. do you think cowboy bebop or ghost in the shell will take over this time slot after black clover runs out of dub episodes?
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