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  1. if there's one female character in black clover who deserves major respect it's mereoleona vermillion after all how many women in anime/manga can you name that never showed a sign of fear or worry when the odds were against them like in this case she was up against 5 elves and still acted like an ultimate badass at no moment did she start thinking "I'm So Dead!" or "I'm Such An Idiot!!!!" instead she kept that same fiery attitude of hers as if she wasn't in a handicap match
  2. let's just hope the dubbing stays consistent so there's no awkward breaks other than that....i do wonder if all of the black bulls are gonna go through major changes(much like what happened in one piece)since that's what a time skip usually implies
  3. all of this is why I'm surprised there are people here who think black clover is some mediocre series that's comparable to tenchi gxp
  4. there was a theory that some of it could be chalked down to a relevancy bias for the japan poll meaning that if the character had not done anything relevant in awhile they wouldn't be getting much in the way of votes(there does seem to be exceptions though here) which could explain mereoleona's absence on japan's poll where as the english readers poll doesn't really care about relevancy which is why we have zora in the top 10
  5. yeah but so soon? i was expecting them to double up on fire force mid-way through october
  6. although if toonami did run out of black clover episodes i know some people here would rejoice as they see it as some unholy plague on the block and a show that's a crappy rip-off of naruto I'll honestly never understand that....
  7. Heard that(this isn't confirmed but best guesses online)we'll return to canon at around episode 150 or so with everything before then labeled as filler
  8. black clover 134 wasn't announced maybe it'll be uploaded next week
  9. it's gotten a lot better than it's early days that's my opinion anyways....but it's the opinion of someone who still watches black clover i think anyone who dropped the series super early and acts like it's some mediocre dumpster fire that's a plague on the toonami block doesn't have much room to talk
  10. on the upside there isn't a mountain of black clover filler to stomach like there is with naruto there's not been too many moments i can think of where the filler became unbearable annoying? yeah but since it's not in my face all the time It's not that much of a problem
  11. damn you gave up really early......no wonder you think there's too much filler you didn't really get to experience the best this show has to offer
  12. you do have to remember it wasn't that long ago that we got out of the elves resurrection storyline
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