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  1. trying to make the joycons work and it's a pain in the ass....
  2. i agree but it sucks that right now The Only Animated Junji Ito Content happens to be the much disliked Junji Ito collection anime there's also the live action junji ito movies but i never heard anything good about the uzumaki movie and I'd imagine all the tomie movies are of varying quality
  3. has anyone else been watching this or tried to?
  4. FLCL Alternative(Episode 3) I've been watching a lot of anime recently on crunchyroll but this is what I'm watching at this moment right now Once I get through SpyXFamily I Don't know what I'm gonna watch in it's place....
  5. nothing wrong but there's no order it's pretty much the inmates running the asylum
  6. I'd Prefer not to deal with sketchy websites anymore when watching anime
  7. Oh Please....don't act all high and mighty when we're on a message board devoted mostly to incoherent shit-posting Another thing what did i say that was repetitive...because anytime i say anything You Read it as "I Want toonami to die! Toonami's Doomed!" and act like i hate everything which says more about you than it does me My Annoyance is with with the Big Wigs at Discovery thinking they know what's best and putting toonami on hold i don't think toonami's doomed or going to die so quit acting like i scream that to the heavens everyday
  8. I'd really like that but as previously stated the streaming wars seem to have killed any hopes of toonami expanding into other nights Sentai's Catalogue isn't as big as Crunchyroll's so expanding to other nights would probably result in them breezing through the Toonami Suitable Shows quickly and I'm not too sure if there's much of an audience for Romance Anime On Adultswim
  9. What Does WBD Want then from toonami? they can't do anything until WBD has discovered it's purpose for this new merger and how it can increase profits for them only then will the holding pattern conclude and toonami can go back to acquiring content
  10. what is a sentai show they could grab that can draw a crowd to toonami and make WBD Proud?
  11. now that we've had time to get used to sony's anime domination nation and the Funimation/CR Merger what are everyone's thoughts?
  12. is it fair to say this year is pretty much done for toonami?...especially with them being in a holding pattern enforced by the new discovery bosses where they can't exactly do anything right now and the budget is almost non-existent
  13. Yeah I Don't really think The Casual Audience is going to be all excited about retro shows and reruns if that's all the toonami brand has to offer them.... maybe toonami could make One-Piece like deals for stuff like MHA And Dr.Stone but those probably don't seem as likely(it all depends on how many Japanese Companies still value American Cable TV for promotional purposes like toei does) regardless we'll probably have to wait until next year for anything to come from toonami judging from how tight money is right now according to demarco and discovery pausing all business preventing them from doing anything until discovery finds out what toonami's purpose really is
  14. if i had to guess(once discovery allows them to resume business as usual)they'll focus on cheaper retro content and originals but there's no clue how successful that plan would be....if toonami had simply been a retro anime block right from the get go with some originals spliced in what would have changed?
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