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  1. Thursday At Midnight isn't much better honestly if anything I'd say Thursdays at midnight is worse because it's a work/school night and the amount of people who'd be interested in watching it would do so later instead of when it premieres as such I Have My Doubts most fans of the series even watch it on thursdays
  2. Getting people to stay up late on a thursday night (when they probably have school/work in the morning)is a lot harder than getting them to stay up late on a saturday night though
  3. anyone remember capt.taco?(the weird dude with a carl profile picture)
  4. Not expecting much but hoping to see summer camp island return since it was spotted on a screen during a WBD Presentation discussing Max(along with another removed show Tig N Seek) I Hope The Cartoon Network Hub has more content added to it overall...right now it's quite lacking who knows maybe adultswim will get plenty of content tomorrow too on max
  5. If all they plan to do with that is just air more king of the hill then i wouldn't exactly call getting more time for the block something to be happy about
  6. it's becoming less and less of a night owls block with each of these time slot changes
  7. for my time-zone Adultswim will start at 5:00 PM and at that point is it even adultswim?
  8. The Writing Staff is gonna need to really improve for season two because i can't really see these characters carrying a franchise even it's best two characters are starting to either get really annoying in the case of Theo or just really stale and boring in the case of Matt(I Feel like that character only exists so they can say We Got Naruto's VA To Say Weird Things!)
  9. Since Viz Media is co-owned by two companies I don't think having one service would work too well... The WSJ Content would greatly overshadow the Shonen Sunday Content
  10. That was last week's episode(Surprised nobody talked more about it last week honestly) Something I Don't get about last night's episode...despite Theo's failure he managed to get the girl and they were kissing by the end we know they probably won't be together in the season finale and she probably won't be mentioned again which makes the decision to have him win her over by the conclusion of that episode bizarre speaking of season finale adultswim didn't air a promo for that so it seems they wanna keep it a mystery
  11. Didn't He Say The Japanese Production Company is the party that makes the decision? They Got MHA Most Likely due to that and not because crunchyroll felt generous
  12. feels weird to see this now when adultswim seems to be moving away from live action projects
  13. toei probably wants one piece on toonami so i doubt they'll price the show out of toonami's budget again there isn't anything better they can put in that time slot and more reruns are just gonna send the wrong message so they'll come to some kind of agreement for more episodes
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