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  1. and when i say that....I Mean It's promoted and propped up like this massive blockbuster series but then once it ends and transitions into say assassination classroom it feels awkward....I Don't care as much for black lotus as some of the other stuff on toonami but that doesn't mean I don't see it as this dramatic hollywood like series i do and that makes it's position on toonami bizarre when you look at what's around it
  2. looking back at this video with today's announcement is just weird.....the vibe was that one piece wasn't returning and that they couldn't justify paying toei's asking price for a show that was filler on the block not even sure if things will be any different now it's been five years and that's enough time for any one piece fan to just say "Screw it...I'm gonna watch this on funimation's service"
  3. still...does this mean everything funimation has dubbed will be slapped with a covid-19 disclaimer? this didn't happen at the latter half of S1 so this change is confusing unless it's just something they are doing for the sake of people who think funimation is a brand new company and everything they've dubbed recently came out
  4. yeah... i don't think it really builds interest and hype for most people if you just showed them this
  5. yeah this promo feels very rushed...which makes sense for a promo put out 3 days before the series begins on toonami
  6. weird that they made a facebook update about the hours changing only for them to not....
  7. with the last show airing at 3:00...so probably one of the bebop airings got cut off for this upcoming saturday
  8. probably but in that case It won't be much of a thing moving forward if it was a honest mistake then again Dr Stone S2 Aired entirely with the Opening missing the logo...so who knows
  9. I'm just mostly confused because i don't get the reasoning behind pretending even stuff they dubbed years and years ago was dubbed today....there's covering your bases and then there's just lying for no apparent reason whatsoever this never appeared at all while AC S1 aired on toonami so why start now?
  10. at the same time though....there's very little time to promote these new shows unless they are announced monday or tuesday....any longer than that would be cutting it close to a last minute schedule change again
  11. or not at all...few people seem to think this is something worth complaining about and it's just a normal funimation process moving forward
  12. it's just weird this never happened to AC during the first season but once it came back for season 2 on the block...there's a covid-19 disclaimer
  13. well whatever the case is....Jason Demarco doesn't know why the disclaimer is there and he couldn't care less honestly(doesn't see the issue)
  14. i don't think there's anyone working at the station....it's just on auto-pilot
  15. yeah the fact there was no show promo tonight disappointed me....can't have every week be a last minute schedule
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