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  1. I'm Surprised toonami has an official facebook account but not a official twitter account....
  2. I Wouldn't really call it minor annoyance when he seemed shocked and surprised that anyone would censor his shirt because "Yeah No One ever uses swear words during a panel right?..." a minor annoyance would be "Man That sucks but i respect they're decision none the less"
  3. I Never said they were a charity but with the pandemic the way it is and toonami's budget in a terrible position reruns are all they can really muster in the long run
  4. which explains why dub studios aren't giving toonami some sort of discount in these difficult times they realize toonami needs them way more than they need toonami
  5. not only that but he's prone to flipping his shit on social media as soon as anyone criticizes him or the block and let's not forget his recent meltdown when he complained that A virtual convention blurred out his shirt for having a swear featured on it
  6. Man If The Adult Swim Con Arrives and toonami's announcements are terrible I can only imagine demarco's twitter will be spammed with angry replies roasting him
  7. shouldn't that mean He'd be a Perfect Hype-Man/PR Champion? not knowing what you are dealing with means you'd just be making stuff up to praise and compliment having all the details available to you means you should know the best way to promote it and discuss it with the toonami crowd
  8. that last part is what worries me....the longer this pandemic lasts the harder it'll be for toonami there are so many things they can rerun before they've exhausted all options
  9. shouldn't be too surprised I Suppose Funimation probably had it's hands full with the recent virtual convention and making sure fire force is consistently dubbed
  10. it just doesn't fit on toonami at all and I'm surprised that this seemed like the best option to fill in for Jojo to demarco and pals unfortunately despite tonight being the conclusion of S1 for ballmasterz We've heard no word on if Jojo's back next week or not so i think it's safe to assume Ballmasterz S2 will be here on toonami next week
  11. i find it funny how hard demarco tried to sell people on ballmasterz by telling them how they'd love it if they gave it a chance and watched it
  12. nobody said "what does that mean?" It was brought up on the toonami sub reddit discord and one of the mods claimed that doesn't prove anything it simply means his lines were finished I Know the dub's finished but they'd rather Ballmasterz continue airing for another five weeks cause they don't think it's ready yet for some reason the people on there refuse to believe the dub for Jojo Part 5 could be finished at all and would prefer to claim we won't see it until august 22nd(Yes You Heard me right....august 22nd)
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