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  1. does toonami even do convention appearances anymore?....doesn't seem like it
  2. someone came up with a theory as to how toonami got MHA S6 the theory was that maybe sony realized they couldn't reach more people with the current approach....otherwise it wouldn't be on toonami the block doesn't have the funds to just pay whatever price sony wants
  3. so turns out toonami really can't afford to promote more than one show weekly there was no promo for the next episode but we did get one for MHA S6 Episode 2
  4. I Haven't seen this promo on television(instead it's been the generic toonami promo)
  5. If i had a dollar for every time someone acted like social media was the root of all evil these days I'd be rich
  6. I Doubt there will be any "Gill Austin is Killing Toonami Memes" since he doesn't really have much of a social media presence to speak of(Something Demarco Praises Him for)and because of that he's a man whose opinions are unknown unlike Jason Demarco so you can't make any jokes about him either....You'd need actual material for that which there is none to speak of not gonna have somebody with A Gill Austin Avatar with the entire online persona being that they cry about Gill all day everyday so what i see happening is Demarco continues to be the guy people like Toonamifan yell at because the real head of the toonami table cannot be reached online
  7. I'd have no brains if i did think that because that would require me forgetting made in abyss exists and had it's second season debut on the block no what I'm saying is that it's weird toonami wouldn't look at sentai again or viz for the lead spot but instead approach the company Jason Demarco has vented about in the past and several months ago tweeted about how unlikely it was that anything sony owned would air on the block moving forward(he did say never say never but overall he didn't seem all that confident in Sony cooperating)
  8. did toonami forget MHA was under crunchyroll/sony?....Sentai is clearly an option and yet they decided to waste time trying to convince sony to let them have my hero academia
  9. My Problem is at this point if MHA S6 is announced then It'll only be marketed by The Toonami facebook page and if you don't keep up with that or toonami fan accounts who do then You'd have no idea MHA S6 would be coming to the block very soon
  10. once again....we find ourselves wondering what next week's toonami lineup will be tonight's lineup was a last minute mha marathon and since there was no promo for anything except that MIA Promo from last week it seems like we might get another last minute marathon....i know made in abyss's promo said it comes on next saturday but that's what it said last time and we saw how that turned out
  11. Yeah i agree...because as it stands We just went through what was obviously a last minute marathon(there were no bumpers for the next episode after the credits...which makes it more apparent)that wasn't promoted aside from facebook so I'd imagine many people expected to see the regular lineup only to be smacked in the face with a marathon they had no idea about
  12. Yeah...that didn't happen sadly and no promo for anything aside from that made in abyss promo that aired last week(before we knew there would even be a marathon)
  13. so no commercial whatsoever to promote the marathon on air before it even airs...
  14. a lot of people are gonna be ready to watch toonami thinking it's going to be a regular lineup only to be met with a Marathon....
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