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  1. random music video that has nothing to do with anime
  2. yup next week is the last one for awhile...wish people would keep acting like this is a similar case to one piece it isn't...if it was we'd have A Farewell to boruto video
  3. Freeform Network Promotes Iron Man like it's a halloween film
  4. i feel like boruto's existence makes Shippuden old hat since it basically just spoils bits and pieces of that show
  5. https://kotaku.com/blizzard-suspends-hearthstone-player-for-hong-kong-supp-1838864961 just wow.....
  6. i feel like even advertising for halloween has been on the decline for several years you don't really see companies heavily promote halloween edition products anymore or do halloween style commercials like you used to
  7. Adultswim Responded back with "Well Maybe we plan to replay it someday and that's why we didn't make A BFD About it Okay?!"
  8. i didn't ask people to defend it....I'm not expecting someone to come charging in here at the shows defense it's a no brainer question to ask with one answer.....anyone who says yes people would be pissed or people would care about it's removal just don't think about the problems with Shippuden just sticking on the block
  9. why the crap would anyone honestly try to defend Shippuden being on the block? it's gonna be here for another four years and by that time most people who wanted to know how it ends just binge-watched the rest of it...
  10. and before someone chimes in to defend shipp...don't just don't it isn't fresh or new in anyway anymore it's only on toonami now due to the legacy naruto has with the block but by the time shipp comes on I'm not even paying that much attention anymore because boruto is one big spoiler for it and i rather pay attention to that than this
  11. it's not gonna end for another four years or so....by that point toonami might not even exist anymore so it's highly unlikely we'll even see the show's conclusion on the block
  12. At Some Point The DBS Reruns should start to dip when people realize there's nothing new coming anymore.....if the reruns still get fabulous ratings for months on end then it paints a poor picture of the toonami community that if it isn't dragon ball we won't consume it
  13. they usually have dub premieres and if a dub can be found elsewhere and it isn't on toonami for an extended period of time why bother? not everyone wants to watch the subs especially if the subs are a little iffy in some regards
  14. and freeform sucks if you look at the list they have for halloween stuff
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