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  1. makes me think of the scarecrow's minions from the gotham tv show
  2. probably cowboy bebop didn't they say reruns would return eventually?
  3. at this point one should expect most animes on toonami to be like that
  4. is Naruto Still as popular as it once was in America? i feel like it's dropped off quite a bit
  5. were the celebrities really worth the cost? i mean when someone has never done Voice work in their life you can tell after awhile...
  6. so looks like fire force will air without any issues then
  7. do you honestly think the anime's gonna be back on track before toonami even airs it? it might as well be shit canned if it's down for several months that's enough time for toonami fans to completely lose interest
  8. unfortunately i doubt after the first two episodes we'll be seeing it again on toonami they'll need some AOT Reruns to take that spot afterwards and by the time it can return...should it? several months is too much momentum lost for a series that only had 2 episodes aired on toonami
  9. Oof toonami just can't catch a break
  10. well i thought it would be shrinking because they said nothing on the matter until now
  11. but i mean it feels like we've had the start of toonami screwed around with too much....
  12. at this point you have to be following Jason Demarco to know anything...because otherwise You'd be out of the loop and wondering why toonami isn't on yet this saturday at it's usual start time
  13. https://twitter.com/Clarknova1/status/1150387321797316608 good god i feel like the schedule changes so often that it's hard for anyone who isn't glued to twitter to keep up with it
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