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  1. sucks that toonami caught up to funimation and we didn't get a topical promo for this episode
  2. I'd Find it hard to believe that #1 they'd kill off a character they named after a historical pirate #2 make them the only pirates we actually see and have us question how exactly Fena is A Pirate Princess when she's traveling with Some Samurai Warriors not pirates but samurai warriors they don't seek to loot anything or anyone nor do they just travel for the sake of being badass rule-breakers who wanna be free they are more like an actual army and less like...pirates
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grace_O'Malley which when you think about it...again seems really weird name a character after a real pirate then kill them off after just a few episodes with them having little to no impact on the story plus the rose pirates were the only pirates the goblin knights are an elite samurai squadron so i don't know why they are being treated as Fena's Loyal Pirate crew when that's not what they are
  4. although honestly for a show with "Pirate Princess" in the title there's not really been much pirate action And Fena Isn't What I'd call a pirate princess not yet anyways so i have to wonder when does the title come into play The Goblin Knights Are An Elite Squad of Samurai So I'm not sure how they qualify as Pirates(Although they are treated as Fena's Loyal Pirate Crew for whatever reason)
  5. although i was informed that she was named after a real historical pirate...so honestly if they were just gonna kill her off like that why do that?...why name her after someone that actually existed and not do anything with that
  6. Tonight At 11:00 PM(CT)/12:00 AM Eastern On Toonami And Crunchyroll!
  7. Get Ready For The Beginning Of A Villain Themed Adventure Focused On Shigaraki and the league of villains....tonight Only On Toonami At 11:30 PM Central/12:30 AM Eastern
  8. because it screws up a lot of people's DVR scheduling when this crap happens it doesn't just affect that time slot it affects the entire block and makes the schedule TBA
  9. it's also because Demon Slayer has a lot of children that enjoy it in Japan gonna be awkward when they watch season 2 and are introduced to the world of brothels
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