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  1. still though toonami doesn't really gain anything from this marathon....it's just to lead people to HBO Max and that's all
  2. and i just don't think that's gonna work.....hbo max really doesn't have the original content to say it's as great as Warner says it is
  3. Most of the darker stuff adult swim has aired in the past had some downtime of some kind and wasn't just non stop misery even attack on titan wasn't just titans eating people and there were moments where the characters weren't in peril
  4. i dunno it just seems like HBO Max didn't become as popular as Warner wanted it to be and now they are trying to make it sound like it's better than it actually is
  5. Crafting Wasn't in previous AC Games as mentioned by this comment and crafting is where the grind comes into play tools that break so you have to craft new ones before you can craft anything else.... events are all about collecting materials and crafting them to make more items... before NH....Crafting didn't even exist in AC so I'm not sure how the holiday events were always like this
  6. Did i watch a different show or something? because the primal i watched wasn't happy or an enjoyable romp it was depressing and tragic with very little break from the madness most of the shows you listed weren't constantly going nuts there was downtime it wasn't just nonstop titan attacks or children being devoured by demons all the time
  7. except the transition from what airs now to something like samurai jack wouldn't be as much of a mood whiplash as primal would be Imagine going from assassination classroom straight into primal.... and then afterwards it would be another mood shift as there's no way what comes after it would be as dreary or violent nobody can deny that the tonal shift from anything toonami airs now to "Primal" would be hard to ignore
  8. another thing there's gonna be a boondocks marathon on friday which will also be advertising hbo max with another qr code for a trial ......this marathon really feels like toonami was told "Promote Our Flawless Streaming service and tell people to sign up while they watch this marathon!" which doesn't really help toonami in anyway....it just takes the regular break off in favor of some shameless advertising to beg people to sign up for hbo max so this wasn't done because toonami wanted it but more likely because ATT/Warner Media wanted it and toonami had to deal with it because a thanksgiving marathon when thanksgiving isn't exactly the big traveling holiday everyone's used to this year and without anything to really need to stall for it comes off as more than a little odd
  9. I've Noticed How Desperate ATT/Warner-Media seems to be in getting people to subscribe to HBO Max but why is that? i haven't noticed Disney going to the lengths of screaming "Disney Plus Disney Plus!" all over every show they own and then making a Disney Plus Themed wrestling ring
  10. so it's now confirmed that this marathon is nothing more than one big commercial for hbo max and that's the main reason this is even happening so they can talk about how great hbo max is and flash a qr code for a trial so that the viewers can experience the wonders of hbo max
  11. no need to get so upset....I"m just voicing my opinion and my opinion is that i think people really paint primal as more of a toonami show than it really is feel free to disagree with me that is your opinion and i accept that but my opinion cannot be changed
  12. regardless i guess my problem is that Primal's more of a depressing horrifying tale of tragedy than what toonami typically airs on the block Yes Primal Has Action but it's not the "Action" you think of when you think toonami and this is just my opinion but given how depressing this year has been i don't really need an entire marathon that makes me feel like shit because the entire atmosphere is hopeless despair
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