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  1. With these new Batman tie-die t-shirts! Available now wherever you see the Batsignal! Now in blood red, joker green, midnight blue and crowbar!
  2. How much whipped cream will you go through on a daily basis that you need 240 canisters of the stuff? Paintball guns I didn’t know about until recently.
  3. But you tell me what else someone’s gonna do with 10 boxes of 24-count nitrous oxide cartridges if not to huff the ever living fuck out of them. I’m not even saying it’s a bad thing; sounds like a fun time to me. But no one needs a fuckton of those.
  4. True enough! I’m certain there are plenty of monogamous couples on OnlyFans. Then I suppose it is the confidence issue I have, and projecting that onto another person unfairly. Body positivity is something I’ve been working on for a while. I do think I’m okay looking, but I suppose the solution to that is to work on myself, haha. Maybe I’m just more of a prude than I though, then!
  5. For me it’d be relevant because it’s showing a level of self-confidence in their body that I don’t have for myself and I’d be insecure about that. Additionally, I am mono-amorous and mono-sexual, so I would want to date someone who would give me that kind of attention exclusively. Full respect to the person if it’s their career or hobby and/or it pays well. It would be a huge relationship obstacle for me, is all.
  6. And it was, like, pretty successful. With videos and stuff. I don’t know if I would if I were single. Like if presented with the opportunity and all. I’d have to really like the person.
  7. Completely. Married and not in Hawaii anymore.
  8. Hello! Yes we still live in this hellhole. How goes the outside?
  9. You’re not supposed to pee on the floor! Pee goes on the pee pee pad! 😡
  10. I mean, I’m not quite caught up on forum drama, so I don’t know if it’s a bad take or not. I’m just not invested like I used to be and, like, there are bigger issues in the world rn.
  11. Seeing as it’s a thread I made, sure, this place is made for me to reply to things.
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