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  1. Not like Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan is underrated.
  2. Should I steal them for myself? I have no friends.
  3. I didn’t, there was too many to count and I forgot all the emails associated with them.
  4. You can’t leave forever… o_o
  5. I just eat how I normally do. If they’re good they’re good.
  6. I’m brown skinned bro, I’m sure I’d get more trouble from a red city regardless of my political affiliation. 🤣
  7. Yeah, actually, and everything worked out! Damn, good memory on you.
  8. Thanks man, I’m hoping to see more of the US once I get my bearings too. 😃
  9. 40F would definitely be cold to me! I have been training though, working in the freezer section of a large warehouse store helps.
  10. I bought the full collection of Kingdom Hearts soundtracks when 2 came out. Without my parents knowledge, with their card. I was like 14.
  11. My wife and her family decided it’s too expensive to live in Hawaii, so we’re going to live near Seattle where they have family. I’m pretty excited, I love the cold and I can’t wait to get off the island. It’s heaven for tourists, but locals are slowly getting priced out, especially with all the shipping delays and price hikes of goods. So what are cool places to go in Washington? Either food or physical activity-wise. I’m sure I won’t have a lot of time to explore once I get a job so I’d like to have at least an outline of what to do when I get there.
  12. We followed COVID guidelines, 6 feet apart with masks on.
  13. On the right! I wish I was as beautiful as my wife, haha.
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