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  1. Or else you’ll feel compelled to unnecessarily share embarrassing moments from your teenage years. And the alcohol will say “sure buddy, that will make a good meme post”
  2. I’m too drunk, why did I write this
  3. I once jerked off with my ex’s wool coat while everyone was out for PE and I was pretending to be sick. I accidentally came on it a little and wiped it off. She never found out. I’m still riding that high.
  4. Probably plastic. A lot of faux-animal shit is just a form of plastic.
  5. Thanks! That looks like it. Unless there’s an identical more poisonous version.
  6. What the fuck is up with this guy? There are a few in my yard. Safe to eat? Safe to trip? Safe for animals? Is it cordyceps? (I know it’s not cordyceps)
  7. It’ll be more beautiful once we get to the parking lot 😡
  8. The entire climax of the show of Ace proving it would never have made it to theaters.
  9. Lois Einhorn. Einhorn being German for “unicorn”, referring to the fact that she’s a trans woman. Ha ha, funny stuff. 😐
  10. Adultery is easily and frequently villainized, and while it’s definitely bad, no one wants to think about the deeper questions about why adultery happens in a relationship.
  11. With Chris’ history of doing just that, I wouldn’t be surprised that he was aiming for this dog as well. Never seen Good Hair, but I’ve heard that movie being levied against him.
  12. Bro, it was a bald joke, recontextualizing it as anything other than a bald joke is pretty foolish. It would’ve been a good joke, if GI Jane was in any way relevant.
  13. Now I’m into them, but only if they have some kind of supernatural or sci-fi theme. Sweet Home was good if a bit repetitive musically (one can only listen to so much Imagine Dragons), The Silent Sea was great, Squid Game was excellent, and School Nurse Files was cute. Black and A Korean Odyssey I’m still on the fence about.
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