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  1. It's like, rain on your wedding day.
  2. They really censored the fuck out of Megiddo. It was bloodier in the manga.
  3. We should all do a one-shot one day.
  4. Anyway, the show is fun after the first episode, ya'll are just boring. Hooray for s2!
  5. Or else these will be the most expensive food-related mistakes I’ve ever made.
  6. The first episode is out! As an avid fan of the Light Novel, I had a lot of faith in the story adaptation, but was very skeptical of the heavy CGI use. But it's actually not that bad! Definitely not barf-inducing like other shows (unless you have a fear of spiders, but that's another thing entirely). We get the main premise of the show and we're also introduced to the other generic anime protagonists that would be the main protagonists of a generic fantasy show, but hopefully they get into fuller depth on those characters next episode. Looks like it's not just Spider-chan, but the entire classroom was reincarnated into this new world! And Spider-chan isn't just a fluke, at least one other person has been confirmed reincarnated as a non-human creature.
  7. I missed your bday??? Damn! Happy belated bday bro!
  8. 1979-2021 Damn man, I’m shocked. He and Children of Bodom were an early metal favorite of mine and my friends.
  9. You know what I'm doing. *grabs a beer or 10*
  10. “Everything zen.” Everything zen? I don’t think so. 😒
  11. If someone cooks for the house, who’s job is it to clean up? I was raised with the mindset of “clean the mess that you make”, so any time you make a mess in the kitchen you should clean it after, even when it’s dinner. My fiancée was raised with the mindset that it’s expected to be a communal effort, that everyone should take part in the clean up process. What are your thoughts?
  12. This lady was freaking out about having to wear a mask (she wore a face shield instead) because she has asthma, and was trying to bring up state and federal guidelines about it to the manager. Lady I have asthma too and you don't see me complaining, I have to wear a mask AND a face shield. But state/federal guidelines are being followed, as well as a store policy being implemented. Health issues don't give you special treatment and it's not as if you're constantly wearing an oxygen mask. She also refused to let me or anyone else touch her groceries and wanted them to be scanned in the cart, but we couldn't let her do that because of store policy either. Everything has to go on the conveyor belt. We had her put it on the belt barcode up so I could scan everything (thank goodness she didn't have too much) and then she put it back in the cart. So tedious. The kicker though is that despite all that shit, she still touched the credit card terminal with bare hands, easily the one part that has more people's germs on it than anywhere else.
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