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  1. I'm out of the loop, why don't people like him or Demarco?
  2. Stories about people, things, and so on that grind your gears. Really just made this thread to share a story about one of the guys at my work place that's a major piece of shit. Story time. My job is union, and there's this one guy that's such a fucking joke, he's been out on workman's comp for 5 years and is never coming back. It being a case where he claims he's in intense pain, saying things like "it's like having acid poured down my back, I just learned to live with the pain". It really pisses me off cause technically I'm not considered hired, I have to wait for a full time position to open up before I can get hired and be part of the union (which finally looks to be happening within the next month), and you have this guy claiming to be too hurt to work, but then streams himself on facebook going to Metallica concerts, or going on trips to other states, (here in Illinois it's pretty much a case where the govt doesn't seem to care about cracking down on people exploiting workman's comp). Apparently it's a case where we have to hold a position for him because of that, "in case he comes back" for around two and a half years, and our previous boss made the mistake of letting him come back to work over 2 years ago, him coming back to work with a walker, doing the job for 45 minutes before leaving, saying he's in too much pain to work, him going out for another 2+ years. It really pisses me off since I've worked with many guys that have been sticking it out and putting in a lot of time and effort to get a full time job, and because of that asshole, that's robbing someone of a job. The only good thing about all this is our new boss is putting his foot down on that, him going through proceedings to fill his position, saying that his new cut off day is coming up in the next month or so, and he's not making the same mistake our previous boss made by letting him come back.
  3. Change DNS to alternate and ipv6 2606:4700:4700::1111 alternate 2606:4700:4700::1001 That being Cloudflare's DNS service, it's faster than DNS servers provided by ISPs by default, and similar to VPNs they don't store logs.
  4. I mean, get it if you want, but considering it is Google we're talking about, you're essentially getting spyware on an ISP level.
  5. back when I was in high school there was this one black friend of mine named Donnell, and when it came to him he loved hearing racist jokes, him finding them funny. that said though, I think he was dealing with depression back then, he'd have days where he'd be full on energy, but many days where he acts drained, physically and emotionally. there was one time he was talking about where things went wrong for him, saying "my first mistake was that I was born black, my second is that i was born from rape" it being a thing where before he was born his dad raped his mom and his sister. i feel for him, i think he ended up dropping out after sophomore year, i've seen his grades and he was getting all F's and one or two D's.
  6. You..... Should shut the hole that you call a mouth
  7. Sooner or later Disney will have it where just mentioning their properties will require you paying up.
  8. Technically they can do whatever, Disney didn't invent Snow White, they just did an adaptation of it. It's like with the Fables/Wolf Among Us series where many characters featured have been used by Disney, but Disney didn't invent them so they're fair use
  9. How can dinosaurs be real when the bible doesn't say anything about them, and that the world is only 3000 years old?
  10. I live on somewhat rural land, there only being 2 other houses within 300-400ft~ of mine. When it comes to cooling, simply put we've been fucked over on that for years. We used to have around 4 big tall trees that gave our house much shade, that helped with cooling our house but within the first 10 years of us all living here they all died (because back in the early 90's when there was major flooding apparently that caused those trees to die a lot sooner than they should have). Without that, our house was essentially just sitting in an open field, baking under the sun. It didn't help that even when our central air did work the unit itself was too small to adequately cool the whole house. For years now we've had to run around 4 window air conditioners to cool the place down, which means during late spring and summer time our power bill gets to around $450 easily. As for heating, we use propane but the problem is around 2 years ago apparently there was a leak in the line somewhere, so over night we lost almost all of our propane, and we've never had it filled since to fill an entire tank around that size would cost around $700 or so. There was one time we arranged to get the thing fixed and propane filled, but whoever it was that came out to look at the tank and the line couldn't figure out where the problem was, and we ended up just cancelling the propane order since we were tight on cash. Needless to say, I can't wait to be rid of this house. If all goes well I'm hoping to buy a new house by Summer 2020, where I'll be free from all this bs.
  11. The heating and cooling in my house are both broken and don't work, I really need to buy a new space heater but I'm way too strapped for cash currently. The space heater I'm currently using in my room isn't enough, I turn it off when I leave for work so I'm not wasting energy, and when I do get home my room is as cold as ice, it takes over an hour for it to fully heat up, and the memory foam cushion on my chair gets completely solid with how cold it is.
  12. it's 2019, men can get pregnant if they damn well choose to. Assuming of course we're talking about women that decided they want to be men.
  13. I've never been to Chicago and if all goes well will never go to Chicago, but living in Illinois one thing I can tell you is not one fucker in this state outside of Cook county thinks positively about Chicago and the rest of crook county, and sure as shit aren't keen on having prickser as governor.
  14. I figured with stuff like anime that all was invented by and made in America by Elon Musk and everyone else at Tesla and SpaceX
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