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Everybody knows the plot of Taken


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...but when I point out that there were two girls and Liam Neeson only saved one, they either don't know or they don't care about the second missing girl.



- "What do you mean? He had two daughters?"

- "No, he had one daughter, but she had a friend who was also kidnapped."

- "Didn't he go back for her in Taken 2?"

- "No, that was his daughter again."

- "What about Taken 3?"

- "No, it's always his daughter. It's always going to be his daughter."

- "Well, i'm sure he tried his best."

- "No, not really. If you remember, in that famous phone exchange he had with the kidnapper, he only bargains for his daughter. He doesn't mention the other girl once. His actual words were "if you let my daughter go now, that'll be the end of it." Like, he was on some "you can take that other bitch, i don't give a fuck" type energy."

- "Shit"

- "Yeah"

- "Wait, was she black?"



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Heihachi knocked up a little kid who had the devil gene and his sexual deviancy is never explored any further, but this means his descendants all posses this gene. 

Hehachi seeks to end his son and his entire bloodline to make sure none could overthrow him.....now add 73 comic relief characters..... Tekken

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