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RIP Kirby Morrow


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Canada's VA's of his time did the most to elevate countless numbers of classic anime, but Morrow brought alot to the table by making stoic characters more personable and eccentric character more memorable.

Looking through his credits, it's amazing that the same actor that managed to say "bear my children" without making Miroku sound like a mouth-breather or pull off the calm kindness of Trowa was the same guy who voiced Death Note's Delete-gasm. We lost a true MVP with Kirby Morrow.

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I offhand saw this on Twitter when I was checking for something else (which I don't use much as I don't care for the format for interface, much less the discourse,) and did not believe it.

We JUST had the announcement of his return as Miroku and got to hear him there again very recently.  I remember seeing him active on his Twitter recently too.  This is surreal.

RIP to a great voice actor.  So many good memories!

There is more info about it in these articles.  I did not know he was in Stargate.  I loved the Stargate movie but could not get into the series.  I recall that Richard Cox was also in it?  I remember talking to a guy on the ASMB about it eons ago who was an Inuyasha and a Stargate fan.




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18 hours ago, elfie said:

Just found out he was also Goku in the Ocean dub.


.... oh and of course the sequel series of YashaHime hits even harsher now.

He took over Peter Kelamis' Goku in the part of the Ocean dub that never aired in the US (Funimation's dub only aired in Canada and the UK for the Frieza saga, everything else was Ocean).

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Also, fuck this year yet again.

And we were just about to hear him regularly again with the return of Inuyasha content. It'd been too long, an amazing VA. I also remember how cool it was suddenly seeing him somewhat regularly on Stargate back when that was on. He was in so many shows I watched as was expanding into watching tons more anime. Not to mention Gundam Wing was the one that got me into Gundam for good.

On 11/20/2020 at 9:44 AM, PokeNirvash said:

Dammit, I was planning on posting that promo with tomorrow's schedule in the Trunks thread... but you doing it here works too.

Still such an amazing promo! Never fails to make you laugh.

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