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  1. Via Toonami's Facebook Page. Looks like the rumors of Warner permanently snatching DC stuff from Toonami were a bit exaggerated.
  2. Just as a note, this WON"T be affecting the Rick and Morty anime that's in production as Roiland was never penned in to voice the characters.
  3. Good thing there's a co-creator, otherwise the series would probably get cancelled outright.
  4. So, in my hubris, I believe I might have mistaken King Star King for Kick Heart after watching the latter again.
  5. http://www.thefutoncritic.com/news/2022/11/29/space-age-heroes-return-when-king-star-king-and-ballmastrz-rubicon-unleash-on-adult-swim-february-2023-822414/20221129adultswim01/ I like both of these, but I like that Ballmasterz is going to get a more definitive ending more.
  6. From what I've gathered He wants to dedicate himself to being a V-Tuber...
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