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  1. My lucky number is 4 so I think Mista and me might not get along all that much.
  2. This whole thing started because two British guys hated each other.
  3. Shippuden is not airing this week due to the Lupin OVA.
  4. Also, according to my schedule, Scavengers will be airing right afterwards, so that's a thing.
  5. On October 24th, 1971, TMS Entertainment premiered an anime adaptation of Monkey Punch's comic about the adventures of a daring gentleman thief and his crew as they traveled the world committing daring acts of thievery. Now, 48 years later, as the manga celebrates its 50th anniversary, A remake of the very first episode of the anime is upon us. Tune in tonight at 3AM to see how it all began.
  6. I guess we'll have to wait until January to see what replaces Lupin.
  7. So...I don't suppose anyone has read the most recent chapter of the manga, have they?
  8. Trust me when I say you will feel even more uncomfortable next week.
  9. Boichi has done plenty of porn and you can find it yourself because I wanna keep this place clean.
  10. How are you people already forgetting that this is BOICHI we're talking about here? You know, the guy responsible for art like this?
  11. I haven't bumped this in a while, so... Chapter 124
  12. From Toonami's facebook page
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