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  1. So...uh...there might be an explanation for these anime references...
  2. Oh hey, there was an Attack on Titan reference!
  3. Oh yeah, THIS episode is on tonight. The reference here will be obvious.
  4. It's cool and all, but I wish they picked something a little more recent like, say, Batman Ninja or maybe the TMNT crossover if that was even possible.
  5. 3ngag3


    Edit: *POOF*
  6. Is it me or was Flip doing some DIO poses in his episode? Also, that limbless kid was straight out of Akira.
  7. Nothing like a little flesh eating mold to go with your tea and crumpets.
  8. I'll say this. If the Karens do decide to go after Jojo, they are going to get completely annihilated by the fandom. Ravenous they be.
  9. It's very real. The box art was apparently done by Whilice Portacio, a Western comic book artist who's worked on Uncanny X-Men and Iron Man. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2020-07-31/naruto-triple-feature-collector-edition-blu-ray-features-cover-art-by-comic-book-artist-whilce-portacio/.162435
  10. I'm wondering where those Toonami critics are saying DBZ is a kiddie show now.
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