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  1. Cool, yeah, it sounds familiar to me too that he's said that. And I expect he would be too, so I just hope they actually do it.
  2. LOL Fangmei called it that he'd be back, so she cleaned the room in advance.
  3. Dinner date and unexpectedly gets the first answer! "Tough cats don't show their claws out in the open"
  4. "So, you wanna hang out for a bit? I can show you around" "No thanks" 🤣
  5. LMAO sudden reveal that they'd been going out 🤣 🤣 🤣
  6. "Ahhh I'm not above playing dirty!" STILL GETS HIS ASS KICKED!
  7. Damn, those just wrecking the shit out of all of them. Just the leader left.
  8. Ryo: "Father" Meanwhile Chen's VA sounds like Hohenheim.
  9. Looks like Vash got his foot caught in another rope trap 🤣
  10. The music was pretty awesome in the trailer. Looking forward to learning who's composing. Would really like to hear some classic music tracks brought back but hard to tell what to expect given the Japanese recast and everything unlike here where Trigun was a huge hit.
  11. The animation itself looks pretty smooth. (Shoulda spiked the hair in current time though at least, easy fix, pointless to change, and something people will obviously bitch about even aside from early judgement on the CG since it's the iconic look that they really should have kept) Some actually rather expressive face animations for series CG. I'm ready for some new hype shootouts.
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