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  1. oof was kitty playing too rough or was kitty a bad kitty
  2. http://www.undertheradarmag.com/interviews/george_lowe_on_being_space_ghost_mike_lazzos_texas_accent_and_fighting_with/#
  3. viperxmns

    Pokémon Go

    I didn't buy it, fuck off niantic shiny Mew cashgrab is bad enough, might have to do that one
  4. Yes, many times if it's taking too long to get clean the answer is to sit down and try pooping more because there's probably some left
  5. viperxmns

    Pokémon Go

    nope buying second move won't work either
  6. viperxmns

    Pokémon Go

    It's cool and yeah only stupid elite tms let us get community day moves if you evolved it before
  7. viperxmns

    RIP Kirby Morrow

    fucking hell I always get ninja'd, lmao deleted my own thread, this news sucks
  8. Merged these threads. This is a bummer, I've actually missed a lot of episodes but I enjoyed watching it
  9. The Allman Brothels Band Avett Brothels Everly Brothels going for a theme
  10. he got really fuckin bummed when he heard this news today who is, this guy <<<
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