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  1. Wow damn, i wanna tune in though I might be a little lost story wise
  2. to paraphrase Homer Simpson, 'ew, God no, I'll take the crab juice'
  3. viperxmns

    Pokémon Go

    Too crazy not to post
  4. "haha sucker you in an airport but I fly for free, peace out bitches" - Superman
  5. RIP, 2022 isn't bringing much positive energy rn
  6. oh mine looks correct now (directv)
  7. last year ends this one starts with legends leaving the rest of us plebs
  8. A rock eating a cookie
  9. Lembas or various Food Wars foods even though most of those can actually be made but it's stuff I don't normally eat
  10. Now I wonder what the maximum number of pennies per hour the fastest robot known to science could extract from this hopefully unbreakable wallet
  11. in my mind I'm reacting like Homer uttering the loudest profanity Flanders ever heard
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