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  1. I heard Fox already ordered a couple seasons of it, likely since it's a Harmon show, so if it fizzles wonder if it'll change that
  2. hm, no official cast info is up yet but watched the trailer again, you could be right been too long since I watched the end of Alternative, didnt catch the rerun
  3. Pet peeve- when jingles from prescription drug commercials lodge themselves in my brain
  4. makes me wonder if this new girl is 'the new Haruko' just for Shoegaze, since Kari Wahlgren voices her, or if it's Haruko in disguise for some reason
  5. some might say I'm a walking noticeable injury ZINGSELFOWNAHAHEHOHEHOHEHOHEH
  6. I would think if you're able to eat out of your garbage you're probably throwing away too much food
  7. Chopper has been confirmed for season 2, good luck to them figuring out exactly how they're gonna work it
  8. I never had a mind to begin with ohohohehehohehohehohe
  9. Hopefully I can finally catch some of it when I'm by family that has Netflix Still kinda crazy to me how they hella managed to pull it off, actually interested to check it out to get in the loop sorta says to me the showrunners/writers for Bebop just didnt have the mojo, don't remember if Watanabe or anyone besides Yoko Kanno was involved from the original show because some of those cringe moments we all know just should not have happened if they knew what they were doing
  10. The human body: I need to sleep in order to not be fucked up Also the human body: if I am already feeling fucked up in any conceivable way this will become impossible
  11. I wonder if Middle Eastern or Asian pets drink right to left instead of left to right
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