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  1. yes I been meaning to watch it, i hope it's one of those prime shows you can just watch and isnt extra paywalled
  2. then you try reminding yourself about it and you forget about the reminder
  3. he is also classically known as the yellow M&M there I go talking about M&Ms again
  4. M&Ms but only in your mouth not in your hand is what I've been conditioned to say
  5. viperxmns

    i get it now

    X97⅔a÷ Lfactor[sine] ≠ parallax⁸⁶/‰derivative
  6. viperxmns

    Pokémon Go

    Gots two of these, one raid one quest
  7. viperxmns

    Pokémon Go

    kekw I reached my goal of 420 meanwhile I know other nyc peeps at over 1k that make me feel nice and casual
  8. leather that eats vegan food
  9. I read there's chemicals in space that are the same that give raspberries their flavor so, space tastes like raspberries
  10. I will use this opportunity to consider other names Fart parlor Dumpster nook Junk hutch Bonerland
  11. thinking on splurging on some matcha powder, never had and by splurge meaning what counts for a decent bargain but still paying a lot for tea, nuts.com has 8 ounces for $19 which seems kinda not as expensive as most
  12. Hell yeah still gotta touch up my shirt again
  13. kick pootin in the balls everybody kick pootin in the balls
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