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  1. I didn't even notice that Luffy wears shoes instead of sandals in this but apparently it was a practical change made for the sake of performing stunts safely
  2. Groundhog day is so dumb all those poor manhandled groundhogs
  3. Whole heads of lettuce last a lot longer in the fridge than packaged pieces of lettuce
  4. never thereisnofourget never 5get
  5. oh yeah, got mixed up between Tom Petty and Dwight Yoakam for some reason
  6. I'm have five Ws W W W W w The last one is a juvenile
  7. they should do a thing where every time somebody likes the post Luffy's arms get longer
  8. those random times you imported a cd into the computer and somehow a track managed to skip as it was importing or some shit so now every time you listen to it you hear the skip because you're too lazy to get the disc and reimport it just for that one song
  9. suddenly had a hankering for Space Ghost messing with George Santos but only if Santos is in drag during the interview
  10. Qatar tourism ads on tv never stopped after the world cup ended Nobody wants to go to your country stop it
  11. viperxmns

    Pokémon Go

    Look at that smug piece of shit Nah articuno more smug
  12. Reminds me of when Jason Biggs left TMNT 2012 and Seth Green took over voicing Leo, they wrote Leo's voice change into the show, maybe they will do something like that here lol though yeah Squidbillies acknowledged that too
  13. viperxmns

    Pokémon Go

    yea I didn't buy Keldeo, I mean are they gonna have everyone pay again for a shiny one or would people who got the original one not have to pay again will likely end up throwing 5 dollars at them for the guaranteed shiny Jirachi, the paid shinies I expect beyond the 'free taste' that was Celebi still waiting for free Shaymin heard their profits were down compared to previous years, makes me wonder if all the shitty boxes in the shop really didnt help matters, whales gonna buy good boxes moreso than bad ones amirite
  14. viperxmns

    Pokémon Go

    it's really stupid, I know someone who had a level one bird even run on them catching them is literally random some have speculated that tossing pokeballs makes them easier to catch since legendaries are supposed to get 'easier to catch' in a raid the fewer balls you have left but also seems kinda anecdotal
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