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  1. been rereading LOTR too, rip
  2. viperxmns

    Pokémon Go

    Did you check that you physically had one remote pass left after the raid? We can hold up to 3 at a time, so see if it actually uses more than one up. It may ask for a second pass but it won't use it up, but yea that's broken if you already have one left and it's like forcing you to buy another, you could email for free pass, they've given remotes to ppl Zekrom is the new best electric type, managed to get a fundo Reshiram but not much luck for Zekrom atm
  3. Why do all charging cables suck ass If you're on the go these things never last Use it for a few months maybe and then they barely work no matter how "tough" they are Fucking stupid
  4. viperxmns

    Pokémon Go

    There was a weird bug where you need a second remote pass to re enter, but a raid will only consume one pass
  5. On the topic of fruit, although banana peels have nutritional value I kinda gave up on consuming them since they're not fun to eat However I will eat an entire kiwi, that also has value in the fuzzy skin, and don't mind eating all parts of a lemon I have also eaten a beet like an apple
  6. There is drama in the stands in one game Sonic and Amy were sitting together and in the next they're apart maybe too many chili dog farts
  7. I've been partial to Achla brand
  8. Filburt's preferred choice for imaginary house construction material
  9. Seems like there's a rule all cartoon characters of a given era need to look the same, is my take on this redesign Shares vibes with some recent cartoons, dunno who designed it
  10. viperxmns

    stale bread

    French toast
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