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  1. Daddy didn't want us anymore so we have a new daddy waj
  2. viperxmns

    spoopy stories

    "Please, don't make me run! I'm full of chocolate!" cried Uter. "Silly child, that is exactly why I shall pursue you to the ends of the Earth", replied Count Chocula. "How do you think I got to be this way?" Uter ran onward through the brambles, though he was exhausted and in much pain. The first rays of sun were still hours away, and the night was cold. He desperately searched for a hole or grotto to hide in. The ruthless vampire was gaining on him, a dark shape in his peripheral view that would not abate. His legs, scraped and bloody, were altogether laying a path for the hungry Count to follow. "All this running is making me hungry", Uter thought to himself. He searched his pocket for another piece of the very candy that put him in such a predicament. He found one. But it fell. "Oh no!" Uter halted, torn between two desires, to eat and to live. "Living now lets you eat more candy later", he wisely thought. So he ran on. Soon Uter came to a lake. The count was right on his heels. "I've got you now, you delicious fat morsel!" He crowed. "Water is very harmful to draculas." this knowledge passed down through generations suddenly came to the forefront of Uter's young mind. He ran right to the edge of the water. He stopped and turned. Count Chocula was all too eager for his prey. Tunnel vision closed in. He could not see the lake in front of him. As he dived in for the kill, Uter dodged. SPLASH. "NOOOOOOOO!!", Count Chocula cried, as he slowly dissolved into oblivion. Heaving from the effort, Uter collapsed. He had won. Now to search for that candy he dropped...
  3. viperxmns

    spoopy stories

    Here you can tell a spoopy story Spoopy story A man walks into an establishment. "Hello, I am interested in a haunted ventriloquist dummy for my trailer park." " I am sorry sir, we are sold out." "Oh, is that right". "Yes sir, I do apologize" This is very important to me. Please tell me when they will become available" "I cannot do that at this time sir" "Why" "Because I am dead sir" [Skeleton creak] "Oh. He was a skeleton"
  4. https://amp.tmz.com/2020/10/06/eddie-van-halen-dead-dies-cancer-65/?__twitter_impression=true Uuugghhh
  5. It's the little things that can be absolutely enraging, like someone spilling out your coffee before you're done with it
  6. viperxmns

    fuck it

    Just load that sucker full of M&Ms or some ish
  7. viperxmns

    fuck it

    If you put candy on the inside of the mask you can eat candy hands free
  8. How much are they? Haven't checked I don't decorate for Halloween and still kinda want one
  9. Bruce Timm's name has both Batman and Robin in it
  10. I had some a long time ago when I wasn't prepared for it but I think I'd go for it more now but I never think to buy any and I also need beer beer
  11. Venture Bros. comics maybe? :/ damn this is disheartening
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