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  1. Pics of Desserts You've Decorated

    Plain vanilla cake underneath, both were for my brother in law's birthdays lol, first one is Cincinnati Bengals, second is from the book series Dragonriders of Pern
  2. Pokémon Go

    Lol I have this hundo
  3. whatever happened to naclo

    Oh yeah I think this was the princess I drew for her thread that time
  4. Pokémon Go

    Reportedly Blaze Kick is actually really good, there are stats and it apparently ranks above BB in at least some situations As long as it doesn't get nerfed
  5. Pokémon Go

    https://pokemongolive.com/post/raidsonraidsonraids2019 Shiny Bronzor, Lapras raid day, Ice Shard Ice Beam movesets for catch
  6. Daily spam call voicemail garbage roulette- Someone saying something in English Someone saying something in Chinese Complete silence
  7. Pokémon Go

    Blast Burn confirmed for Blaziken, Blaze Kick new normal move Scored hundo Diglett and Geodude in quest today no shiny Dx
  8. Pokémon Go

    I've gotten a few but my lucky friend luck is rather bad all in all And it also kinda sux if us here ever got lucky with each other we never see each other IRL so that trade would never get done
  9. Not including whoever changed your diapers...

    Dunno, at times it's been available in communal type settings
  10. Genesis games

  11. Pokémon Go

    Hrm Dry spell over
  12. Pokémon Go

    I named him Space Ghost
  13. Pokémon Go

    Grats, I'm on a shiny drought, caught a dumb mareep last event and nothing since A note about Detective Pikachu photobombs- make sure you take the photo the first time you enter Snapshot mode for the day, if you back out without taking a pic you will lose Pikachu for the rest of the day
  14. Birdgirl is Back

    This a surprise