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  1. viperxmns

    Pokémon Go

    I slapped myself
  2. Preferably freshly ground n black No particular brand or roast
  3. "the dream will never die"- SoulCalibur guy, I think
  4. It takes a lot to make a stew A pinch of salt and laughter too A scoop of kids to add the spice A dash of love to make it nice Then you eat that stew and you've got Too many poops too many poops Too many poops
  5. On my old phone I went thru the process of replacing the glass myself But I used double sided tape with no conductive glue so I was often pressing it back down again 2.5 stars
  6. Just noticed MHA Two Heroes is gonna air on one of those Starz channels gonna record it
  7. have a wacky birthday wacky I hope it is wacky in the best of wacky ways
  8. viperxmns

    Pokémon Go

    Beasts complete <3
  9. I loved Gammell's art, have one of the books in my room but not sure where the other one is dunno bout the movie here's a thing I drew once inspired by his work
  10. Maybe he was doing a warm up rant about cigarettes or not
  11. Tired but still drawing trying to finish this thing while music keeps me going pondering snacking some more Edits point to my t ired
  12. viperxmns

    Pokémon Go

    lmao the first Whismur I encountered at that step was a Ditto
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