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  1. The first season was pretty cool, especially in the second half, lots of potential. Hopefully it keeps it up.
  2. Damn, the way they did this moment was awesome. These gifs are even too fast to replicate how badass it felt.
  3. Yeah, I'm thinking about it and I think at the beginning was the one time we got to hear him again so far. So yeah that was probably it. And yeah, just a guess but I could imagine them each doing their lines for more eps at a time, or maybe even sometimes out of order, back in the old days when we used to not get our dubs until the DVDs (or Toonami would get a show after the Japanese airing was completely finished), but now with the shorter turnaround I've got to imagine they mostly do them as they come, not to mention since sometimes they're even dubbing only like a few weeks behind nowadays. So it wouldn't surprise me if the next eps of Yashahime probably weren't even ready to be dubbed yet when he did the first ep.
  4. I dunno, the pacing kinda reminds me of the old 26 episode shows so rather than dragging it feels like there's still so much potential stuff left to do. Like it feels like things would get bigger after they reach Eden, not just end there. But we'll see maybe they can make a satisfying ending in just 4 more eps.
  5. LOL says that and leaves him unsupervised. Fortunately it's just Itachi giving him an ultimatum.
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