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  1. Yeah, you're right, that makes it even worse! Sounds like pretty much the equivalent of completely shitting on Sakura with the whole poison knife vs Sasuke thing. Couldn't even give her the pointless victory of pulling off a stealth knife strike to show some of her close range combat skill. No Kishimoto had to have him both stop it with fucking ease effortlessly and then shit on it by being immune to poison anyway.
  2. That's a very Harribel looking underboob top Interesting alien-looking design.
  3. Hmmm, I'm going to guess that with him dead he's smiling and thinking it now virtually ensures war now that the Zabi's think they have a huge combat advantage with Minovsky dead and unable to even the playing field. Since they don't suspect Dr. Ray's Gundam.
  4. Throwing the pros under the bus guess they really do suck given how little we see of them lol
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