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  1. Though to be fair, she's not really treating this like a competition lol
  2. Not that someone hating him stopped him a lot of the time though, lol
  3. Annie admitting she'd do that shit again just to get back to her asshole of a dad, but at the same time giving Mikasa shit for being conflicted about killing Eren... Never admits to her own selfishness while poking the bear (that could easily kill her given Mikasa's gained experience while Annie was stuck in the crystal) in the woods. That said, with Levi down, Mikasa's their only fighter of that level left, so she would be right if she admitted that Mikasa was their only chance in hell.
  4. Jeez Annie, Hitch saving your ass and you're still acting like that toward her.
  5. Haha street punks keep picking fights with the wrong people tonight 😄 First Xiuying, now Ryo.
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