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  1. You know what, it just hit me, I don't think we've ever gotten Part III in English at all? At least I don't think I've seen it anywhere. So I guess main series dubbed we've got Part II (1-79), Part IV, and now Part V dubbed. Also pretty sure some of the OVAs and Movies we're still missing (probably a bunch not even just subbed either) so far. But I don't know them all lol. Looking at the wiki there's so much and I've mainly just seen ones that have made it onto Toonami, Fujiko Mine, Cogliostro, and a couple of the recent OVA releases that have started getting dubbed with this crew I'm guessing thanks to the success of Part IV on Toonami. Like I'm pretty sure that the Lupin and Case Closed crossover movie(s?) haven't been dubbed.
  2. Yeah it was freaking crazy when I first saw it. I still remember being edge of my seat through this part and "how can you stop now!" at the cliffhangers the first time through.
  3. I agree. That's what I think of from that description too. This also just came up when I searched that but I think lava's much more likely to have made it into that book of the outside world: https://metro.co.uk/2017/02/16/once-a-year-the-sunset-lines-up-to-make-yosemite-national-parks-waterfall-glow-like-its-on-fire-6451629/
  4. A Titan smart enough to grab the cable. DAMN that's brutal and unlucky. There's the bearded one we only just recently learned about.
  5. THOMAS (The one Titan Eren rages about later)
  6. Epic ODM gear shots! And then the shocker!
  7. Love this music and briefing, so damned good
  8. This is probably the full list https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lupin_the_Third#Anime_series Don't think part 1 ever got dubbed. A couple more of the OVAs recently got dubbed and released on blu-ray (and dvd?) by Discotek. I know Discotek's been releasing Part II on DVD too recently. Edit: Yeah, like CorbeauKarasu said, looks like HULU and VRV have the dub for Part II. Looks like they dubbed through ep 79. Though I've only seen what Toonami got through too.
  9. He won't play down his skill another day of sloth and tranquility lmao
  10. Yup! The battle begins and shit goes sideways fast! This music makes it super gripping
  11. Pretty sure her frown face at this has made me laugh every time.
  12. The shot a bit after this where he points like "let's go" after they're done, with a smile was a really fun shot.
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