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  1. Thanks, good to know you saw it in the main there too. I thought so and therefore was very confused when the show started and suddenly it was gone and then saw it in the Archive section so in the moment I figured somehow I messed up. Oh good to have confirmation and thanks for realizing it.
  2. Yeah and even outside of this ep I think the show mainly only used the guitar riff at the beginning part and then the action music part at 1:45 for fights from these two tracks.
  3. Yeah my mind is definitely latching onto the first time with an early sudden pull like incredibly soon after they started it too, but you're right I do feel like there was indeed also an attempt at a double Bebop run. That might have been the time the HD run got somewhat far for the first time, but pretty sure it then still got pulled again before finishing, same as other reruns around that time that weirdly kept getting pulled late in their runs rather than just finishing out.
  4. Yeah, now that you mention it, it's crazy I don't think we've ever gotten a full run of Bebop HD, have we? They've ended it early both(?) times since announcing they'd finally gotten the HD version right? And GITS was great and long and varied enough that it's always quite rewatchable to me.
  5. Yup, hell give us a new run of GITS and Bebop, it's been quite a while now lol.
  6. Surprised it doesn't seem like we'll ever get a full rerun of both seasons of Yashahime back to back, which would have been cool. S2 is still on AS so they haven't lost it yet.
  7. They should add at least one more rerun anime with some length that hasn't even been repeated much to at least get us to 3AM, like both seasons of Fire Force if they still have it, or Black Clover which they do seem to still have since it's still streaming on Adult Swim.com.
  8. Not enough of THIS Karin in this flashback ep. You'd think her fantasy would have more of her aggressive side
  9. I don't think they've ever shown her mother or her actual past outside of her describing them, I think this is the first time.
  10. Yup, ever since he went rogue and we got that run of Sasuke protagonist eps waaay back they've been using this track for him. He also got a new action track at the same time too.
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