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  1. As someone in the comments said after watching the dub sample for this new show, sounds like Tanjiro's coming back as a Demon (Vampire) Slayer again in a few hundred years after his current adventure.
  2. That reminds me, I loved that the first part of Levi fighting back after his soldiers get turned uses the amazing theme music from back with Erwin's legendary speech.
  3. I could see it, that was...damn. So much unlike his old self, even just before the time skip (even after he'd experienced Grisha and Krueger's memories and got a little depressed), so hopefully he's up to something with all this cold, brutal, and calculating behavior, like trying to outmaneuver Zeke, and that's why we've been left in the dark like this, just like Mikasa and Armin. Because that was tie-severingly brutal those deep cuts at his former best friends. Still trying to hold out hope for that in his totally changed behavior and trying to consider everything he's been saying or not saying so far. Addition: Like I'm still not buying him actually hating Mikasa despite his sudden insistence here, I feel like/hope he must be lying for some reason, since I also read a great callback observation as well. If the Ackerman's were actually blind followers to the host like Eren said then there would have been no need for the royal family to have them persecuted and wipe them out, and yet we've learned (though Mikasa doesn't know) that they had to because they actually went turncoat (as Kenny put it when we learned his and Levi's backstory) and they could not manipulate their memories to control them since they were immune.
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