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1 minute ago, Doom Metal Alchemist said:

How the fuck ever in your life did you get any non-porn jobs?

My first job my friend got the manager to give me an interview bc she had giant tits

At the chinese place I think I was the first or only person to inquire about the help wanted sign written in sharpie on printer paper stuck to the window

At target I filled out an application

At the pizza place he said he hired me bc I looked italian which I am 1/4

That's all I ever did before porn

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Do you have a Job Services thing in your area? I'm not saying you need to go there physically but they might have an online thing that you can use to create a resume, store it on your hard drive and be able to work / edit it as needed. That way you could have a few versions ready to print that emphasis different skills for different jobs you might be applying to without having to re-write it every time. 

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