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Ants on my pants

Le Guignon

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7 hours ago, Sawdamizer said:

Posting this here now.

I had the reply open and I was going to type "fuck you" when I saw the silhouette of a tiny half dime sized long leg spider above my phone a few inches from my face.  I screamed and threw my phone down.  I cannot locate the spider and I keep feeling crawling sensations. Fuck.

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17 minutes ago, Raptorpat said:

it's not a spider, it's ants

ok le guig, it was probably karma and i should probably apologize

just got up to go to the bathroom. while doing my business, I notice a spider walking across the bathroom ceiling. i look away briefly and then it's just gone, nowhere within the perimeter of where it could have walked within that time. then my eyes defocus and suddenly I see it - it's mission impossibling a few inches in front of my face while i am most vulnerable.

so there, i am sorry for the spider comments and please don't make it happen again

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