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i work at a large discount store


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thats not walmart but not dollar general either

we sell GOOD stuff cheap.. i think the best deal to cross my register was little girl church dresses for $2.99

we have online pickup and people place orders with us when they cant find stuff anywhere else. i hate online pickup because my coworkers never put people stuff in the right place making me looking inept LOL

we have a garden center and a car key maker and icees.. .its awesome. we have a rewards program that gives cash back. i had a customer buy $500 and get it all for free under the rewards. 

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9 minutes ago, 🍬Candy🍬 said:

thats one thing ive never done....yet

all the guys i work with are either really old or teenagers. and theres something wrong with teenagers these days... they are just ... off

Teach dem boys da ropes. Tell them it's more fun than Fortnite.

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