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Party like it's 1999


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  • 1 month later...

I was in 12th grade about to graduate high school since I graduated in 1999.

I still wasn't into anime yet.  Didn't start watching anime until I took my step nephews to see the first Pokemon movie.


My parents just got the internet that year so I was just starting to learn how it worked.

Joined Yahoo groups and had a online friend that I chatted with.  He introduced me to Fanfiction.net so I've had a fun time

reading stories there since that year.


I stopped playing new video games when the Nintendo 64 came out so I was buying used Super Nintendo games at Game Stop

and enjoying the ones I already had.  I think I was close to beating Super Mario World after playing it since October 1992.  Might have beaten it earlier than that.

I just know I beat it sometime when I was in high school. 


Was just starting to enjoy Marvel comics.  Amazing Spider-Man was really good that year.  I think I read the old issues of The Hulk and X-Men also that year.

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