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  1. A lot of people have disappeared. Even I only pop up ever few months now it seems
  2. I've known a lot of people get into car wrecks lately. Strange
  3. Because anything is more interesting to watch than Football. Also, puppies
  4. Wigs work wonders, but for others. I've never worn a wig in my life And yeah, get those handles away from me >~>
  5. Just poke your head over the stall and see whats happening. Let me know how that goes
  6. Remember. Wigs are amazing
  7. Just a Pansexual Vampire, at ya service
  8. And the shit costs way too much like wtf
  9. I mean, its not Monday so thats cool
  10. I envy women who can just be slutty and bam, got tons of money. It's a lot harder for men
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