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  1. Went to a Halloween party last night. Dressed as a hippie. This was taken before I left the house to go there. Don't have any pics from the party itself; otherwise, I'd post some for you. Not one of my best selfies, though; came out blurry and I didn't have time to retake it.
  2. Felt cute, put on a dress and cardi before going out with my dad and aunts yesterday.
  3. Golgo 13 is my shit. I have both The Professional and Queen Bee along with some of Viz's manga volumes.
  4. Communist Manifesto all the way. As for the girl reading it in the photo, I like her drip.
  5. Of course I have other clothes. But it's not every day I take a selfie. And my wardrobe upgrades are still a work in progress. I already purged my masc clothes in June; donated them to a thrift store. If I knew any trans men or nonbinary mascs, I'd have already given them those old clothes. Many of my femme shirts are more for fall-spring than for the summer. That's why you've mostly seen me in short sleeves or sleeveless tops to date. But I still stand by the turquoise blue. That and the steel blue tunic top shown in my most recent pics have always been my colors. My mom is the same way and I take after her in that department. The biggest problem has been shoes. I've looked online and only Amazon, Walmart, and Shein seem to have plenty of options in my size. I'm a U.S. women's size 11W, and many shoe manufacturers top out at a women's size 10 to 10½. Anything bigger is harder to find and what is most commonly available is often sold as crossdresser-style. Women's shoes also run narrower than men's shoes and I started with my mom's big feet, so I need a wide width for some manufacturers' products. Trans men who started with small feet have it far easier than us trans gals when it comes to buying shoes as they simply have to buy theirs from the young men's section of the shoe store. But whenever I've gone online to look at shoes, most of the shoes the online stores have either isn't available in my size or I don't like them.
  6. No. I shut my ass, wore a mask, washed my hands, stayed the fuck home, and got vaccinated.
  7. I don't use the condiments that fast food restaurants provide except for barbecue sauce. Their hot sauces are never hot enough. Whenever a fast food joint comes out with anything they claim is made with ghost peppers or anything similar, you know it's always going to be the watered-down shit. That stuff's for wimps who can't handle heat. Every time a fast food chain plugs a new hot sauce, I laugh in Carolina Reaper.
  8. Fena: Pirate Princess episode 9 My Hero Academia S5 E22 Yashahime episode 14 Black Clover episode 168 Food Wars! S5 E7
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