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  2. I like Buddy's solution to this. The whole point of calling it a challenge is the fact that it's supposed to be something you can't ordinarily do outside of a competition. On the actual Survivor, you don't get to pick the challenges you compete in but, if it's something you're bad at, your teammates will carry you through. That's why the next iteration is going to have teams and where the team works together. I'll explain more once the rules are released.
  3. I mean, you could still play....in fact, I'm pretty sure you did....but you just won't be in the voting
  4. I missed the first challenge for….personal reasons, and because I know absolutely nothing about creating AI. I assumed that took me out of the running for the next 2 challenges. Am I right in that? Still learning the rules here.
  5. How is that logical if the goal is to win. Now maybe you just want to be involved casually, or maybe you just want to watch...idc, but the idea is if you start, you'd probably want to finish, otherwise, what's the point. So if you just wanna play random challenges but don't want to be included in the voting shit, fine. Just make a submission and I'll just omit it when voting time comes.
  6. Sorry.... I mean logically, not everyone is going to want to compete in EVERY challenge.... Also I'm lazy. I took a pic of something for the no salt challenge, but I was too lazy to transfer the pic from my phone to my comp. Yes, I am too lazy even for phone posting.
  7. I’ll collect the various rules, codify them and then let you guys tell me what you would like to amend.
  8. I really thought the no salt thing could be handled from the cabinets, but it seems some people had to actually leave to do it ... The first challenge (now that I remember it...couldn't even remember what it was when I made that post) I was really proud of but doomer kinda buzzkilled me and I was like "damn, well I guess I have to read minds" But that all old now, it's what the first run was for, now I know what to fix.
  9. I just wanna go on record and say that if the next challenge has anything to do with shit posting, y’all are all going down……
  10. Which challenges did you think was too ambitious? It wasn’t like you told us to go outside and walk barefoot in grass, posting pics as proof we went outside. Now had you done that….😬😆
  11. So I'm gonna rework some thing before starting another round...Pooh can host if she wants as winner but if not I'll do it. I feel like my challenges may have been too ambitious for the group...I should keep inind that most of us are here largely because they don't really go out much....I think we're all recluses in some way so mthors challenge was much easier and no one had issues with it. So until then, just shit post.
  12. Alright... I probably ought to close the poll and lock this thread.....Congratulations to Pooh!
  13. Celebration time and thank you guys Winnie the Pooh in GTA San Andreas ftw you’re welcome
  14. I mean we already have that one guy's threads.
  15. We have a winner, the single person not consumed by the beast will be returned home...this is where we would have a ceremony and bring back old players, then do that reality show reunion thing where we all roast each other and a fight breaks out....good times. Imagine all that happened
  16. As it is now, I see the people but it's dark, to make them lighter and clickable, I have to make votes public.
  17. I’m on mobile and the silhouette person is the button
  18. I think everyone has the shilouette, but not everyone has the little button that appears when you go over it. It looks like he can only see results if he edits his poll to be public.

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