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  1. It's okay neither do I Unless you're giving money away...then I've been with ya the whole time
  2. I...I was ttly with you until this part. Are you paying bitches to make cookies with you? Or...are you saying only bitches who care about getting money for Christmas like Christmas? Are you not getting money for Christmas but would like to? Or should that have been Fuck Bitches get money...which...I guess is true and very nice of you to contribute during the holidays.
  3. Scat no problem. But phallic fruit, as fun as it is to say out loud *wags finger* There's a distinct difference in presentation too. Watching someone tape a banana to a wall, not performance art. But watching someone poop on their lawn is "Surprise! Look at me!" Banana art be like "I'm here, you must look at me. In fact the person who put me here might be looking at you looking at me right now. How's that make you feel?" Creepy is what, give me snowpoo please.
  4. 😄 It's been a while for me. Bet those cookies are gunna look different than you remember them come tomorrow.
  5. This is a hard question. Hmm, well I know which one I'd back away from faster.
  6. @Ginguy You'll be fine. @Naraku4656 I'LL BE DEHEAD!!!
  7. You guys and your banana walls. Also, is it...is it? lol.
  8. You're like, "This is what I look like at the end of the night," and I'm like, "Fuck'n I wish, lol."
  9. Art that only a select few people might want to see
  10. I can smell that gymnasium, lololol.
  11. "Carnival of Fun" sounds like something of nightmares. What movie after the 60's had a carnival in it where something terrible didn't happen?
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