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  1. No? But I come from a somewhat theatrical lot. I guess as an arteest I have a very vivid imagination? I sometimes ask seemingly odd questions when people are telling me about stuff, questions that have very little to do with the experience or point they're trying to convey and more to do with details of their surroundings, what they were wearing etc. I guess because I like to imagine myself in that moment. Like I think I asked you once if your eyes were green or The_annoying_one if his beard grows in brown which had little to do with what either of you were saying at the time. I just wanted a visual of who I was chatting with 😅 Because even though those kinds of details don't have much bearing in the particular conversation they are the sort of things that have shaped someone into who they are whether it's how they view themselves, how they're treated by others or maybe it'd give me a sense of preferences they might have which spells out a lot about a person. Aaaand I just keeping typing...K I'm done.
  2. One is heavier than the other and the one on the right is wearing false eyelashes that give her eyes an entirely different shape, so agree...they do look very different.
  3. @hornedlizardman Oh no you don't. You can't react with a laughing emote and continue to post nice things about me like I'm not RIGHT HERE! You, Sir, have been CUT OFF from under-the-table compliments, PROBATION FOR A WEEK! And no your sentencing is not too harsh because I know you know better not to do it...you're just using The_annoying_one as a meatshield, I'M ON TO YOU!!! Tehnoying1 gets a pass because he would never teeter right. on. the edge. OF DESTRUCTION!!! @The_annoying_one It's okay, everybody's okay, we're all okay here. Noth'n to see.
  4. Right, they're not identical twins. They just share similar features or characteristics. Are you talking about the people in the video? Or just the two blonde girls on the title sequence?
  5. On the contrary I'm completely convinced we are. Oh! Orrrrrrrr
  6. I just imagined finding you passed out in some rich persons pantry with all matters of food content crushed, smeared, sticky-stuck all over your clothes, in your hair, opened snack-size bags of cheetos sticking up out of your sweatshirt, out of the waistband of your pants because you didn't have pockets to put anything in, everything's saturated in something, soda? Yup, four empty liters of...ew Brisk? Oh I see, the five liters of ginger ale have gone untouched, makes sense. No I just found it funny because I've literally been told throughout my life that I'm "too much".
  7. I. AM. ROBOT. ::proceeds to sing like an angel::
  8. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TOO MUCH IS ANYMORE!!! ::looks around. Points at self:: You're asking me?
  9. As a true pessimist at heart this sounds incredibly optimistic!
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