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  1. Yes...thank goodness. Nighty night luv. sleepysleeptime.
  2. My GENES, my genes are so...spread... ...I'm so very tired
  3. Oh I'm a lot of a lot of things, it's so spread out it doesn't even count anymore
  4. Idk, I'd deal with patronizing for good food >.> Also it's like, alright Mom, get it out, get is ALLLL OUT right now, like ripping a band-aid off instead of having to hear it trickle out of you throughout the year. lol.
  5. WellokaythisI'mttlyonboardwith100%
  6. WHATEVER you do...DON'T offer to buy Hawaii...I understand it's a nice place to retire too...but just don't.
  7. What, how come? Is there something you're not telling me...are...ARE YOU NOT GOING TO MAKE IT THROUGH THIS HEAD COLD?!?!?
  8. Man Idk if Cuba or Costa Rica want to be bought 😄
  9. Maybe he meant the "collective 'you'". Seems like something you'd yell at a collective 'you'.
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