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  1. Taw, I am breathtaking aren't I. *curls hair around finger*
  2. I just looked them up. So if you're allergic to things like bee stings then you could have the same symptoms as a bee sting from a centipede bite. Millipedes rarely bite. I used to have two giant black millipedes. Super easy to take care of but I've got sensitive skin so if they crawled anywhere other than the palm of my hands they would leave these red trail marks, only last for a couple of minutes. But if an arthropod could ever be considered cute then those guys were of the cute variety.
  3. Vela


    Hah! I guess this would be my upgrade.
  4. Vela


    Waa? I can see it...hmm ... H'bout now?
  5. Indubitably! Or like a telepathic cat and dog who've been reincarnated. (things. *fervently nods*)
  6. I went there as a Girl Scout when I was 12. I remember it being windy. Does that help?
  7. Vela


    I had one of these as a kid 😢
  8. No I'm serious. Ino you drink coffee and tea because of the posts in the food folder so for an avid tea drinker your teeth are in pretty good shape!
  9. Aww, he's got a little frizz going on. I miss my rats too. My big fat cinnamon one was always like, "nuuu don't put me in the water, just hoooooold meeeeee" at bath time.
  10. Yarrr! Honestly though you take care of your teeth πŸ‘
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