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I don’t get the hype for Nagatoro


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I do find it somewhat interesting that so many delicious brown anime girls as of late are getting cast by way of the "POC should voice POC" process, but as they say, if the voice fits, then you can't acquit.

Really, I'm just glad that my prediction for Nagatoro's VA came true, even if I kept it to myself until literally just now. I was hoping Zach Aguilar would voice Senpai, but an Erik Kimerer is fine too.

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The first episode is the worst the bullying gets. Once you get past the point where she tears into his wish fulfillment manga, she tones it down quite a bit and the show starts having more fun at her expense. 

The tone shift helps because she ends up being pushed to be kinder while a fire is lit under his butt to have more confidence in his abilities. 

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So I read all the currently available English translated manga volumes (9 on Bookwalker) and I feel like a story like Nagatoro’s works better on page than as an anime. It grew on me eventually like ya’ll said and I do appreciate the story more. But I can’t stand the voices of the anime for some reason.

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