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  1. The ending sure wasn't.
  2. Everyone has gotta watch School days once. Do it!
  3. Shina I'm starting to think you don't understand this thread.
  4. That is true, any sweat he has on his hands would probably combust from the friction. The real question is.. if you're boning invisible girl... does it just look like your dick disappeared? Like.. you look down and there's just nothing there? Scary.
  5. The fact that he acts like such a tool is probably because he's under tons of pressure because things aren't going well. Or he's just naturally a tool.
  6. The first two pics yet, the last pic is from something else that people use an example of lazy off model art, like bad animation goku.
  7. I bet I know. Goblin Slayer... Shield Hero.
  8. Shoot we did? What was it, I was half asleep during the episode. The Udder Joke I mean.
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