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  1. I watched 2 episodes. It wasn't bad... just not good. It literally left no impression on me at all and I'd be hard pressed to mention anything pro or con against it. In other words, it's the mediocre fare that Toonami has always thrived on. It's perfect!
  2. That really sucks. But man.... if I saw my beloved creation get that kind of CGI treatment my heart would explode too.
  3. To be fair, SAO does have good music.
  4. "It's always the final butthole that breaks the camels back." Sun Tzu
  5. Following ratings is pretty pointless at this point. The networks are all pretending that they don't know how many people are watching their shows. They know.
  6. Remember when they made the word paradigm a thing? I think you have to avoid saying anything. If you say anything... you might get in trouble.
  7. I got them on camera
  8. It's just a chess tournament. It's oddly misnamed. You come for the dicks. But you STAY for the Sicilian dragon. (that's an actual chess opening)
  9. Oh wait, the hot load in the face is next episode. God damn they drag this out.
  10. On this episode... man blasts massive hot load into faces of barely legal teens.
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