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  1. See? He's gonna let bygones be bygones. What a reasonable chap.
  2. I'm sure this guy will just let this go and not seek revenge.
  3. https://www.tomsguide.com/news/hbo-max-could-be-dead-discovery-plus-rumored-to-take-over HBO Max might not be existing much longer.
  4. Frylock not watch Toonami? Is this your first time meeting Frylock?
  5. Is this Toonami's version of the hit show, "Now it's just getting Sad?"
  6. It's very hard to get that type of wacky humor right. Even ATHF had some episodes that were real duds. Also, you need someone to be the straight man in a comedic situation. It felt like watching Seinfeld but every character was Kramer.
  7. I think they got in the habit of giving them awards and it's just a hard habit to break. I was a huge Simpsons fan and I tried watching a new episode last year.... it's just awful. Don't think I even made it all the way through. New family guy episodes are better than new Simpsons eps.
  8. I won't say that it sucks, I just feel like we're not the target audience. I mean it's a show about two birdwomen and their friendship and their relationships and insecurities. Naturally, it's receiving rave reviews from critics. No, that's not sarcasm.
  9. Well if the information I'm reading is correct, it's a top 4 anime in Japan and has more viewership than One Piece. Say hello to 500 more episodes.
  10. Is it though? All joking aside, it's.... bad... real bad. But marginally watchable I guess. It's not an outright crime against humanity like Boruto. There's that.
  11. Peter Grill is a masterpiece. After decades of dense harem protags that somehow find a way to not get laid despite women desperately fighting over them, along comes Peter who POUNDS every last one of them. While having a steady girlfriend who he loves deeply. AND he pounds women of all different species, promoting interspecies harmony. They would be fools not to get this anime!
  12. That was really good, and better than 95 percent of Super.
  13. Damn, you really want Frylock and Owl's hearts to explode? So mean!
  14. I was tempted to make a joke thread titled "Toonami Canceled" but I figured one or two people wouldn't see the humor in it =P
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