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  1. Vic Mignogna is in Trouble

    As I just said, you probably can't convict him of the dozens of statutory rapes he's likely committed, but you can sure fire him and never rehire him.
  2. Vic Mignogna is in Trouble

    No, he apparently has a habit of grabbing underage girls asses during his "hugs" He also has probably banged countless underage girls, since rumors of him disappearing into his room with an under aged girl at pretty much every convention go back at least a decade. He cultivated an entire fan club that consists of mostly underage girls and basically preys on his fans at every single convention. There's probably not enough evidence to convict him of anything, but there's no reason any company should want to employ this guy.
  3. Could *Insert shitty show here* be headed to Toonami?

    Getting silly? The entire thread started with Angel Links. It's almost like you think Kiss x Sis has a better chance of airing on Toonami than Netflix shows.
  4. Vic Mignogna is in Trouble

    Even his fiance broke up with him over his behavior “My 12-year relationship [and] engagement to Vic Mignogna ended in May 2018. Very soon after, information about Vic’s previously unknown behavior began to surface, and has continued to do so over the last several months—each revelation more shocking and painful than the previous, spanning the entirety of our time together. I have had to face the reality that the loving, monogamous relationship I believed in and was devoted to never existed. “This pattern of egregious behavior is so linked to his position of power that the voices of those stepping forward with allegations need to be heard clearly, and their claims taken with the utmost seriousness. And I extend whatever remains of my broken heart to every one of them.” Also there's hundreds of stories just like this from years ago. "a friend of mine took me to a con once and introduced me to him. i was new to anime and didnt really know who he was. when we all went to get a picture with him, he pulled me really close without permission and it was super uncomfortable. my friends and i were given a chance to have lunch with him and a couple other va's, and i recall him making very crude passes at my friend. (all of us were minors at the time, only freshmen in high school)"
  5. Vic Mignogna is in Trouble

    You've got hundreds of witness accounts of this guys behavior over 20 years, including from other VA's. Are you really refusing to believe he deserved to get fired unless there's an actual video of him doing illegal stuff? You can actually find posts detailing this guys behavior from 5 years ago, way before this whole thing blew up. fireinthemountains 9 points·5 years ago·edited 5 years ago Vic has habit of getting drunk and trying to pick up fan girls to go back to his hotel room. It's happened quite a few times and you could probably google it at this point. I was talking with him over email once and he got kinda creepy, it turned into a "I look forward to meeting you on Friday Lets talk more at the con, let me know at the autographs." After a series of strange messages. My creep radar exploded especially when I actually got to the con, the way he held fangirl's hands when doing autographs and the way he looked at the young girls was just too much. I got the autograph, he tenderly caressed my hand when he gave my book back, and I got the hell out of there without ever telling him who I was. Luckily my story isn't like my friend's. She went to a con with a girl who ended up in an elevator with shitfaced Mignogna. The girl refused to go back to his room with him, but damn, he tried pretty hard. I don't disagree that he's a chill guy. But he's got some weird stuff back there. Our emails were great until it started to sound like an internet hookup. Just sorta ruined the guy for me forever. This was also 6 years ago, so I don't doubt that he's changed since then. Edit: it wasn't my friend's friend in the elevator, talked to her about it yesterday. It was herself. She went on about how she was ready to punch the dude in the face if he puked on her and that it was disgusting just being by him while that intoxicated.
  6. You've never seen him say anything unreasonable? Half the stuff he says is either untrue or just flat out ridiculous things that have no chance of happening. They're detention camps, because they have to be detained while their parents are being processed. Using loaded words like "internment" camps or "concentration" camps is just a dishonest assessment of what they actually are. Also, the exact same thing went on under Obama. https://lidblog.com/illegal-immigrant-mexican-kids/ Trump is probably the least anti gay Republican I've ever seen. And even Mike Pence, who is incredibly anti gay would not support forcing gay people into camps. https://www.nytimes.com/2016/04/23/us/politics/donald-trump-gay-rights.html
  7. Fairy Tail Anime Discussion Thread

    You know, the first couple of seasons had a certain magic to it. For all the predictability and lack of character development it was still a fun show and very entertaining. The main strength of Fairy Tail was they knew how to hype a fight, and the fight scenes were actually pretty good. This final season is just kind of.... bad. The magic is gone at this point. The fights are ridiculous, the power scaling is ridiculous. The animation is almost... non existent. Their's no suspense because you know Mashima doesn't have the balls to let anyone die. It's a big bag of meh at this point.
  8. Yeah you do kind of have to take stuff Mochi says with a massively large grain of salt. I believe he said Trump was going to put gays into internment camps at one point. And he's consistently wrong about anime stuff =P That pic of Asuna is so well done I'm not sure anyone could complain about it. Now if I post the pic of Sinon drinking sperm out of a condom and don't get into trouble, maybe he's got a point. Seriously, that pic always shows up when I search for hot SAO pics.
  9. My Hero Academia Episode #46 (308) Discussion

    But they're not rushing into a fight. They're specifically trying to avoid a fight. Iida did the complete opposite.
  10. My Hero Academia Episode #46 (308) Discussion

    Hot underage teens with huge tits are always the best PR.
  11. My Hero Academia Episode #46 (308) Discussion

    Don't try to reason with Mochi. He gets stuff wrong constantly =P Saving your friend is not remotely the same as trying to get revenge on the guy that hurt your brother.
  12. My Hero Academia Episode #46 (308) Discussion

    None of them are gay so Mochi can't like em.
  13. My Hero Academia Episode #46 (308) Discussion

    Momo's goto should be that big cannon she made to blast that robot away at the start of S2.
  14. My Hero Academia Episode #46 (308) Discussion

    Just a reminder that Momo can literally do anything with her power. She could make the same substance that Bakugo sweats and have his power.