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  1. I'm not scared until the Virus from the Last of US jumps to humans.
  2. Seasonal Flu has a 10 percent mortality rate? Did you mean .01? Also, the Death rate in other provinces was lower. "the death rate for COVID-19 varied by location and an individual’s age, among other factors. For instance, in Hubei Province, the epicenter of the outbreak, the death rate reached 2.9%; in other provinces of China, that rate was just 0.4%. "
  3. I agree with everything that man said despite never seeing the show or knowing anything about it other than it involves racing in the future or something.
  4. Fury showed up in shape and even more massive than last time. Beat the crap out of Wilder in a great fight. Bye bye toonami ratings!
  5. Also.. how do they have under 100 people in 3000 years? And coming from a genetic pool of 6 people? 70k years ago humanity may have dipped to 1000 people and almost went extinct. So we went from 1000 to almost 8 bil in 70k years but they went from 6 to 100 in 3000? EH?
  6. Yup a rare good decision from Demarco. Well lets face it he just picks anime out of a hat.
  7. Fair use allows it for a short time I'm sure. You'll notice it didn't look exactly like him, just well enough so that we knew who it was.
  8. It is seriously hard to find SAO pics that are clean. What a perverted fanbase. If you yahoo search "SAO hot" literally the second pic is Sinon drinking sperm out of a condom. Tons of stuff with Silica and Asuna going at it. And Yuuki and Asuna. And just in general all the girls covered in goo. Come on SAO fans clean it up a bit. Keep this classy.
  9. Yeah you can't bring math into this when Lucas didn't even know what a parsec was.
  10. While I did enjoy hearing that they wimped out and retconned everything from TLJ to the point where you wouldn't even miss anything if you skipped the movie...... you definitely can't retcon a movie and then relaunch the entire trilogy with a bunch of new stuff within the span of one movie. They should have just stuck to their guns and tried to build on whatever they had from TLJ. At least someone would have liked it. Might as well have gone with the "it was all a dream!" ending.
  11. Wow if that script is real I can see why Disney canned Colin Trevorrow. It's bold and actually takes chances. It even manages to salvage the first two dumpster fires and end on a somewhat satisfying note. But nah we need Rey blowing up ships with force lightning, Star Destroyers that are mini death stars and we ALL know Palpatine survived being thrown into the Death Stars core and then having it blown up.
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