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  1. You talking about the forum? I mean, we have like 6 people total here now.
  2. Ok time for real talk. Fena is a mediocre show that no one will remember after it finishes airing, similar to the Fooly Cooly sequels. Yashahime is just Boroto level garbage. Pure nostalgia cash grab. It is widely disliked.
  3. Toriyama was so pissed about Evolution and felt it left such a stain on its legacy that he wrote Battle of Gods because he didn't want that to be the final Dragonball ever made. So basically 3 movies and Super all exist because of that movie sucking. Oh and Toriyama offered to help with Evolution but no one involved would listen to anything he had to say.
  4. "The kamehameha is the most advanced of all the airbending techniques" Actual line from the movie.
  5. I heard the ending of Fairytail was pretty embarrassing. Surprised he came back for more.
  6. I think this is only 12 episodes, so they really need to get this plot moving.
  7. Sounds like it was just a "sorry you guys didn't like it apology." It's a bad, campy film but much better than Evolution. At least the Batman movie was actually batman related, the DBZ movie was just some other movie they called DBZ and slapped some character names on.
  8. Whoa now cowboy, Batman and Robin isn't very good, but it wasn't anywhere near Evolution level bad. I can't even think of another movie where the director admits that he took it as a cash grab and submitted a formal apology to the world for how awful it was.
  9. That's like asking Owl if he enjoyed something. So far I'm getting Casshern Sins vibes. An anime where the concept is there, the visuals are there... but it's never able to get going at more than a snails pace. I know they sunk a lot of money into this, but it definitely doesn't need to be the lead show.
  10. Is anyone actually enjoying Fena so far? It's pretty and has good VA's, but after a few episodes of it I don't really see any reason to keep watching.
  11. Well since we just gave the Taliban about 100 billion worth of US military equipment this will only count as the second worst financial decision in the US this month =P
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