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  1. The man has a very particular set of skills....
  2. Hey it USED to be a decent Shonen at one point. I still have to force myself to watch the final 15 episodes of that crap.
  3. It's not? Are you saying that she isn't going to call him Onee chan and get jealous when he talks to other girls and then try to give him a boner by dressing like a total slut? And I thought this was gonna be a good show =(
  4. It isn't. Whenever you introduce a character like that you have to find an excuse for them to go somewhere far away for most of the show, like they did with Gildarts.
  5. Well it's already killed like 20 people. Unlike cigs which take decades to give you cancer and make you die.
  6. What's happening now? I'm not used to seeing anime with animation I'm disoriented.
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