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  1. Not sure what women you've been around but it's basically been scientifically proven that a woman's face ages faster than a man's.
  2. Women age better than men? What planet do you live on? It's pretty universally accepted that the opposite is true, lol.
  3. You really think they couldn't get something no one has heard of before like ... say..... Codebreaker if they made an effort?
  4. I mean she's a cute character and all so fanservice is a given..... so why not just do a beach episode instead of "LOL HER CLOTHES FELL OFF" and "LOL HER BOOB FELL INTO HIS HAND!"
  5. They're so forced and ridiculous though.
  6. Screen rant finally did Dragonball Evolution
  7. Inuyasha was basically One Punch man by the end of Inuyasha. I wonder how they write him out of the story so the kids can fight stuff without his help?
  8. I still find it hard to believe that there is no company out there that wants any of their old anime from 10 years ago shown on Toonami. Not one company thinks one of their old anime could benefit from exposure on Toonami? And there wouldn't even be work involved, you just send Demarco the DVD and say "Here play this."
  9. How is he retired? He was just Darkseid in Harley Quinn and was Sam Fisher in Ghost Recon from 2019.
  10. Pretty sure they can just buy him out if he's willing to sell the rights and property. He can refuse to sell but he'd have to know no one is going to work with him again.
  11. Oh and ask him if he even tried to get RE Zero at the height of its popularity.
  12. Also could someone tweet Dimension W at him and ask him what he was thinking? And Tokyo Ghoul.
  13. Ha ...that lightning in the bottle phrase is the exact phrase I used to describe the original FLCL when I said there was little chance they would be able to recapture that glory.
  14. Think how many they'd have if it weren't for all the free sites like Otakustreamers and Kissanime.
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