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AMC Networks purchases Sentai Filmworks, deal includes HIDIVE.


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What was that show on Toonami about assassins that everyone griped about but managed to get massive ratings? I can see AMC doing a LA adaption of that and Chris Hardwick doing a pointless hour show after it....

And yes, Redo of Healer starring Norman Reedus is totally in the works....


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6 hours ago, 3ngag3 said:

I wonder how many people remember that anime once aired on IFC?

I have memories of watching Tenchi Muyo’s first few OVA’s on it without censorship, and the Mihoshi special as well.  Feels like forever ago, because it probably was.

It’s still a weird acquisition because in a lot of these cases, the idea is to get marketable IPs.  Does the world need a LA Lupin III?  The Lupin show on Netflix even forewent a direct adaptation of the novels in favor of a French guy who was inspired by them to pull off his heists (good show BTW).

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I had a feeling that Sentai was going to be bought by somebody sooner or later. I'm just happy it's not by an entertainment megacorp. And yeah, IFC airing anime again would be pretty neat, although I'm not sure how many people would be able to see it since they're usually on a more expensive cable tier. It helps that they're one of the very few TV networks that airs everything uncut.

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