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discole mayonnaise


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2 hours ago, Ric said:

and in case anyone tries to say it's not a condiment.

More appropriate would surely be on a pulled pork sammich.

I like prepared horseradish, but rarely have any meals it's good with. Deli/horseradish mustard is good on lots, tho.

Wonder how quickly we could turn this thread into a BBQ debate.

Carolina style all the way. Mustard or vinegar, I'm fine with either.

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2 minutes ago, resurrected said:

Smoked butt, pulled. Smoked and fried jowl. 

Put both of those on a sandwich and top it with coleslaw and BBQ sauce. 

Good eating there.

Especially when charred in a toaster oven. It really enhances the coleslaw. 

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