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Do you have a movie that just grounds you mentally?


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I have been thinking on this...

There are go tos for me, that just calm me down and I stop thinking about shit.

Clerks, the music the commentary,  the black and white.. it just settles me.

Interstella 5555, the music. All Daft Punk.

Vanilla Sky..... at a point in my life, I was David.


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The Matrix and Terminator: Short sci-fi films that introduce a larger world but on the smaller scale of a 2-ish hour movie.

Clerks: It easy to chill out and watch the characters shoot the shit while they try to make the work day pass by.

Black Dynamite: A fun goofy comedy that helps tune out anything I was worried about beforehand. Austin Powers has that similar appeal to me, but Black Dynamite has better jokes.

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