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are fish sticks cool


are they?  

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  1. 1. fish sticks: are they cool or what?

    • well, if you don't cook them, sure.
    • you mean, as a measure of popularity? nobody really says cool anymore.
    • mmm. fish sticks
    • kanye west loves fish sticks

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I don't really care for fish, so fish sticks are a no for me.

Also just yesterday I found out about a movie called Padak.  It's a South Korean animated movie from 2012 where an ocean mackerel is caught and sold to a fish market and kept in a tank with other fish and plots an escape because the fish in this tank are kept and served alive to patrons.  So it's like a really traumatic ass movie like Watership Down or The Plague Dogs or Felidae.

Ask me for more opinions on random bullshit.

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